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Publication numberUS2669273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1954
Filing dateJun 12, 1950
Priority dateJun 12, 1950
Publication numberUS 2669273 A, US 2669273A, US-A-2669273, US2669273 A, US2669273A
InventorsCharles W Keirsey
Original AssigneeCharles W Keirsey
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Brief case
US 2669273 A
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Feb. 16, 1954 cw, KEl EY 2,669,273

BRIEF CASE Filed June 12, 1950 INVENTOR 0/1424 5.5- W/(E/ESE) ATTORNEY Patented Feb. 16, 1954 UNITED STATE PATENT? orrlcs BRIEF CASE Charles W. Keirsey, Ponca City, Okla. Application June 12, 1950, Serial No. szssv ic'laiiii. (c1. iso re) The present invention relates to brief cases and more particularly to an improved form of brief case embodying novel features not present in the conventional form of brief case.

The conventional form of brief case of the top opening type is generally provided with gussetted or bellows-type ends in order to provide for expansion of the bag. This is objectionable since the overall width of the interior of the case changes depending on whether or not the case is "in expanded or retracted position thereby interfering with the smooth removal or entrance of papers.

A primary object of the present invention is the provision of an open top brief case which eliminates the aforestated objection. The present brief case embodies a case having smooth ends and. a cover mounted on a bias to enable ready access to the interior of the case. The capacity and size of the brief case remains unchanged and forms a substantially rigid casing for the contents.

A further object of the present invention is the provision of an all leather brief case formed of relatively few parts, which is attractive in appearance and economical to manufacture. A specific feature of the invention is the arrangement whereby the material of the bag, preferably of leather, forms the hinge about which the closure opens.

A still further feature of the present invention resides in the provision of a pocket for containing various accessories such as pencils, ruler, erasers, etc., said pocket being attached to the bag closure so that convenient access to the pocket is obtained upon opening of the cover.

Other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent as the disclosure of the specification proceeds.

With the aforesaid objects in view, invention resides in the novel arrangement of parts hereinafter described, pointed out in the subjoined claim, and illustrated in the annexed drawin wherein like numerals designate like parts in the two figures.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved brief case in fully closed position.

Figure 2 is a like view in open position.

, Referring to the drawing in detail, the major portion of the case comprises a single sheet of leather or equivalent material Ill forming the top walls ll, l2, the front wall I3, the bottom wall l4, and the rear wall IS. The top wall [2 and the upper portion l6 of the rear wall form the hinged cover of the bag. The end walls comprise complementary portions IT and I8 which are suitably joined by stitching to the top, bottom, front and rear walls. The meeting edge between portions l1 and I8 form a diagonal line l9, the section I 8 forming the end walls of the hinged cover.

As seen in Figure 2, zipper strips 2t and 2| are attached along the top edge of the bag and along the top edge of the cover. A pair of conventional zipper slidesrs 22 are provided for opening and closing the bag. In the closed position of the bag, the sliders 22 are midway of the top of the bag as seen in Figure 1 for a purpose to be described.

A pair of reinforcing strap members 23 and 24 extend completely around the body of the bag to form a firm support for the handles 25 and 26 secured to the ends of the straps by means of rings 2?. Locking means is provided for the bag in the form of a strap 28 secured to the cover and having its free end cooperating with a conventional type of bag lock 29 mounted on the front wall of the bag. It will be noted that the strap 28 covers the sliders 22 when the bag is closed thereby insuring against ingress of dirt or water to the interior of the bag.

As seen in Figure 2, a pocket member 30 is attached to the inner upper edge of the hinged cover. This pocket may contain paper clips, erasers and the like, and the outer face may be constructed to receive pens, pencils, rulers and the like. It will be noted that opening of the hinged cover brings the pocket into position for ready access thereto.

The material from which the bag is made is preferably leather but any equivalent material such as composition leather or textile fabric could be used. If desired, reinforcing boards can be incorporated in the bottom and side panels although such reinforcement is unnecessary when using a heavy leather such as cowhide. It will be understood that a suitable lining for the interior of the bag can be provided.

Thus, it will be seen that the present invention is well adapted to accomplish the objects and advantages set forth. It will be appreciated that various changes and modifications may be made in the device shown in the drawing, and that the same is submitted in an illustrative and not in a limiting sense, the scope of the invention being defined in the following claim.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is:

A top opening brief case formed of leather or the like comprising a bottom wall, side and top 3 walls forming a continuation of said bottom wall, end walls connected to said bottom, side and top walls, said end walls being flat and of substantially rigid material, each of said end walls being separated into two unequal sections along a line extending downwardly and laterally from the top of the corresponding end wall adjacent one side wall to the opposite side wall at a point substantially lower than the top wall, the upper portion of the second side wall together with the separated portions of the end walls and a portion of the top wall being pivotable along a hinge line in said second side wall extending between the aforesaid points and forming a cover for the case, detachable fastening means between the cover and the case, and handle means adjacent the top of the case for carrying same.


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