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Publication numberUS2669350 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1954
Filing dateFeb 9, 1953
Priority dateFeb 9, 1953
Publication numberUS 2669350 A, US 2669350A, US-A-2669350, US2669350 A, US2669350A
InventorsRailton Richard S
Original AssigneeRailton Richard S
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Combination packaging and display unit
US 2669350 A
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Feb. 16, 1954 R. s. RAILTON COMBINATION PACKAGING AND DISPLAY UNIT Filed Feb. 9, 1953 Y 7 7M WVW Patented Feb. 16, 1954 COMBINATION PACIAING AND DISPLAY U I Richard S. Railton, Berkeley, Calif.

Application February 9, 1953, Serial No. 335,677

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a new and improved combination packaging and display unit.

The present invention has been found to have particular utility in providing a novel combination package and display device for relatively fiat articles of merchandise, such as, for example, phonograph records. The package unit constructed according to the present invention may be arranged and utilized so as to provide a protective retainer or package for the article, in which form the package may be shipped or stacked in the usual manner in flat package form; or alternatively, the unit may be readily converted and arranged so as to provide a neat and attractive self-supporting display stand whereby the packaged article can be attractively exhibited as a counter display.

The particular embodiment of the invention which is illustrated in the drawings, and which will be hereinafter described in greater detail, is formed of an integral substantially rectangular length of foldable sheet material, such as cardboard, chipboard, or the like. The length of sheet material is formed with at least two spaced transverse fold lines delineating the sheet material into three sections, sometimes hereinafter called the display section, cover section, and tab section, respectively. The con struction of the device is such that the cover section may be folded into flat overlying position with respect to the display section and with the tab section folded around in back of the display section so as to form a relatively flat package unit. The length of sheet material can also be folded to form a self-supporting triangularshaped stand with the display and cover sections defining the supporting sides or legs of the triangular stand, and with the tab portion forming a base support for said triangular stand.

It is a principal object of the present invention to provide a combination package unit which may be selectively converted to function either as a flat protective package for an article of merchandise or, alternatively, as an attractive self-supporting display stand for the packaged article.

A more specific object is to provide a device of the character briefly hereinabove mentioned and which incorporates means for protectively enclosing and retaining a packaged article when the device is employed as a flat package unit, and other means for supporting a packaged article in visible display position when the device is converted to function as a display stand.

Other advantages and objects of the invention are to provide a unit of the character mentioned above which may be manufactured out of relatively inexpensive material and with a minimum of waste in material.

Other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent upon reading the fo1lowing specification and referring to the accompanying drawings in which similar characters of reference represent corresponding parts in each of the several views.

In the drawings:

Fig. l is a plan view of a blank of sheet material out of which the unit maybe fabricated.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the device folded in the form of a triangular self-supporting stand.

Fig. 3 is the same as Fig. 2 showing the manner whereby articles of merchandise may be supported in display position.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the unit folded in the form of a flat package.

Referring now more particularly to Fig. 1, it is seen how the entire unit may be preferably formed out of a single integral blank of sheet material, such as cardboard, chipboard, or the like. In the embodiment shown, the length of material is formed with a plurality of transverse fold lines, indicated at HI, I l, and 12, respectively, delineating an envelope forming section l3, a display section I4, a cover section [5, and a tab section it.

Section 13 is formed with an enlarged cutout I 7 extending inwardly from its terminal edge I8. An integrally formed parting tab l9 may also be formed to project outwardly from cutout IT, for reasons to be explained hereinafter.

Display section 14 and cover section I 5 are each preferably formed with laterally extending flap portions, indicated at 2| and 22, respectively, which are adapted to be folded inwardly along associated fold lines 22:? and 24 in overlying position relative to their respectively associated sections [4 and I5. Moreover, sections l4 and [5 are of equal length-4. e., fold lines w and [2, respectively, are both spaced equidistantly to opposite sides of fold line H. Tab section It is made preferably about one-half the length of section [4 and I5. The sides of tab section I6 may be beveled or inclined inwardly, as at 26, and the terminal edge of section 16 is formed with an outwardly projecting integral tab or ear 21. The blank of sheet material is also incised to form a slit 28 extending along fold line [0, a transversely extending display article supporting slot 29 disposed adjacent the middle transverse axis of display section l4, and an arcuate slit 3| located between slot 29 and fold line H.

In assembling the device, section I3 is folded along fold line I into overlying position with respect to the obverse side 14a of display section l4. Section [3 may be permanently secured in overlying position with respect to section M by applying adhesive 32 to flaps 2|, which, in turn, may be folded inwardly" into overlying, perma; nently adhered} engagement with" the marginal side edges of section [3. It is seen that when the foregoing named elements are assembled in the above fashion, section l3 and M establish; in effect, an envelope type opening or pocket into which may be inserted a relatively fiat article to be packaged, such as a phonograph record oi 'tlie like, indicated at 33. An adhesive coating is also applied to flaps 22 of section I'S whereby said flaps 22 can be folded inwardly into adhesive engagement with the obverse side edges of section and thereby provide marginalrigidity 110,; and reinforcement of,.-the marginal-side edges of said cover section. V H

As hereinabove explained, a unit constructed in accordance with the invention-in y be converted to function either-as a-relatively fiat-protective package, such; asshown in Fig. 4,- or,- alternatively, as a self-supporting; display stand, such as indicated in-Figs. 2-;-and 3.- g

More specifically, theunitmay be folded into its fiat package form with cover section folded along foldline l lintoflat overlying position with respect to the obverse side Ma ot display section l4; and with tab section It f olded'around the terminal edge of" section l4 into overlying engagement withrespect to the reverse side Mb of section MI The unitf-may be releasably inter: loclied' in its package form-by inserting ear 21 of tab section |5-into engagement with arcuate slit 3| formed'throughsection M. It is understood, of course, that priorto foldin'gthe unit into its packageform, the article to be packaged, such asphonograph record-33", would be insertedwithin the envelope opening or pocket defined by sections l3" and II.

Figs. 2 and3" illustrate how'th'e unit may be foldedand arranged into aself-supporting dis play stand generally triangular in end elevationwith the display and cover'se'ctions F4 and- 15 defining the supporting" sidesor legs of the triangle, and the tab section I6 defining the sup porting base piece forthe'sta'nd; Mere specifically, in this latter 'embodimehtthe' cover section 15 is foldedbackwardlyalong fold'lin'e' I l toward' the reverse side of display section I4, and with the tab section lfi'folde'd along'fold line l '2"t'o'- ward" display" section M; Ear 2110f section 16 may be inserted upwardly in slit 28 to reieasatly' lock the unit in its display'stand for'r'ii.

Fig. 3 shows how 'the'di'splay stand'ma'ybe em ployed to attractively support and exhibit" pack: aged articlesas'a store counter display; or'the' like. More specifically, it is seenho'wa pheno graph record or similar item may bes'upported in display position simply byinsertin'g theflower" extremities of the'record within slot] 29 formed through display section [4: Fig. 3"alsodisclose s how descriptive literature or pamphlets,- asindi cated-at 34 and 35 ,-respectively'; relating to the packaged merchandise article may I be sup o'rtee within the pocket openingl In theembddimehf or the invention shown, parting tab" Wmay be esampierbrpurpessor clarity of understanding,

it is understood that certain changes and modificaucus maybe made within the spirit of the invention as limitedonly by the scope of the claim appended heretb.

I claim:

A combination package and display unit formed'of foldable sheet-material comprisingzan integral, generally rectangular length ofsheet material formed with first, second and third spacedparaileltransverse fold lines defining: said sheet into contiguous irst; second,' third; and fourth transversely delineated sections; the re spective lengths of said second and third sections being substantially equal and-the length of said fourth section being substantially less than the length of either said second or third sections'; said first sectionfolded along said first fold line into overlying: position with respectto the obverse side of said second-section; the mar' ginal side edges of said firstsection secured to the obverse side edges ofsaid second section; said first and second overlying: sections defining a pocket opening; said length of sheet material foldablealong: saidsecondand third fold lines intoa-relatively flat package'unitwitlrsaid thirdsection flatly overlying the obverse side 'ofsaid second section and-with said-fourth section extending around the terminal edge" of said-secondsection into fiat overlying position against" the reverse side of said second section; said length of sheet material also foldable along said second and third fold lines into adisplay-stand generally' triangular in end elevation, and-with said-third section folded-bacicover toward the reverseside' of saidsecond section at anacute angle withrespect thereto; whereby said =second-and= third" sections define supporting legs-of the triangular stand, and with said" fourth section folded toward 'the terminal edge of said'second'section defining a supporting base for said triangular stand; means for releasably locking said folded sheetmaterial in its'package form; andnmeans" for releasably locking said folded-sheet materialin its display stand form.-

RICHARD s. RA'iLToNi References Cited in the file of this patent--' UNITED STATES PATENTS"

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