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Publication numberUS26719 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1860
Publication numberUS 26719 A, US 26719A, US-A-26719, US26719 A, US26719A
InventorsPatelsft william D. Titus
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Medicated pad
US 26719 A
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i Specification of Letters Patent No. 26,719, dated anuary`3 i To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM D. TITUS, of Brooklyn city, in the county of Kings, in the State of New York, have invented a new and useful Medicinal Compound Fashioned or Formed in the Shape of a Pad, the same forming a part of a belt or girdle; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to `the, accompanying drawings and to the letters of reference marked thereon which letters constitute and form a part of the specification.

l To enable those skilled in the art of compounding medicines and in the manufacture of bandages, pads, &c., to construct, and apply my invigorating medical belt or pad, I will describe it as follows. l

Figure l, is designed to represent a human figure, provided with a belt or girdle, having my medical pads attached `in such a manner that they (the pads) are brought immediately in contact with the parts affected as shown at (A, and A,) which represent the pads of the belt as being `placed against the stomach and across the loins and vertebra. This belt, and `pads (A,1A,) are lined with some woven fabric, such as red flannel, or other loose web that will allow a a belt provided withmedical pads I will now proceedwithfthe proportion y t parts, of the dierentnmedical agentsem` Ziel ployed by me intheconstruction offmy `iii-*1` vigorating pads formedinthe shapeof belt or otherwise.;` y Takefour] parts ofiPe-` ,i l ruvian bark, to it add two parts `of` myrrhy (both in a pulverized `statefthenadd two parts of bitter root, "onelpartsaof:,rhubarb (in a pulverized` state) lonepart ofglsulfur, n one part of camphoratedl tar,onefpartjof;`

carbonate of soda, `"onepart iof carbonateyofi iron, and one partfof mustardy` Whenthe aforesaid ingredients `aret"proportionediasgl i above and incorporatedgin the forml sofia@` pad, in the shape ofa belt(A,A",) `or other" suitable shapes,and applied tothe outer sur face of the humanbod ,they lare foundltof produce a beneficial an `healthful resulti`n y l casesof dyspepsia, feveriandrague, liverland t chest affections` and their attendants; they l also actas disinfectingagents, in contagious pidemical `diseases whether byinhalal] and tion or absorption.

I dolnotnpretendtohave,` invented i or bandage, but smplyfcla. i l

Filling the pads `\(A,A",) of a `belt orf? girdle, with the above compound,` propor- J tioned and applied in the manner `and *for :1 the purpose substantially, as described and@1 shown in thedrawings. x

1 In testimony whereof Ihereuntosubscribe l` my name in the presence of two witnesses,`

Witnesses i l l y `JAMEs PMCLEAN,

C.E.`S0PER. i



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Cooperative ClassificationY10S430/168, A61F13/12