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Publication numberUS2672124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1954
Filing dateApr 27, 1950
Priority dateApr 27, 1950
Publication numberUS 2672124 A, US 2672124A, US-A-2672124, US2672124 A, US2672124A
InventorsMccrary Murray J
Original AssigneeMccrary Murray J
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Nipple for calf feeding buckets
US 2672124 A
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March 16, 1954 J MccRARY 2,672,124

NIPPLE FOR CALF FEEDING BUCKETS Filed April 27, 1950 (Ila/ha r/ 11/ "Gm/y attorneys Patented Mar. 16, 1954 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,672,124 NIPPLE FOR CALF FEEDING BUCKETS Murray J. McCrary, Weatherby, Mo. Application April 27, 1950, Serial No. 158,438 1 Claim. (01. 11971) "This invention relates to a calf feeding bucket, and more particularly to a bucket having a nipple secured to a lower side edge to facilitate the feeding of suckling calves. v

The principal object of the present invention is to provide a feeding bucket having a nipple simulating as nearly as possible the condition of feeding a calf from a bucket as it would by nursing its mother as nature has provided. In practically every instance it is very diliicult to teach a calf to drink from a bucket after it has been taken away from its mother and even after it has been taught to drink from a bucket it will usually drink so fast that the milk has an undesirable effect on the calf. The present invention is designed to overcome these undesirable results.

Other objects of the present invention are to provide a calf feeding bucket having an opening in the side wall near the bottom thereof adapted to receive a coupling device; to provide a ball valve in said coupling member; to provide the coupling member with an annular flange around the outer perimeter thereof; to provide a nipple having an annular flange on the inside near the open end thereof adapted to engage over the flange of said coupling member; to provide means for securing said coupling member in the opening in the bucket so that the end of the nipple will engage against the outer wall of the bucket to prevent leakage of milk from the bucket; to provide a valve constructed so that suction by the calf on the nipple will prevent an undue amount of milk from passing through the nipple;

to provide a device of this character in which the nipple will stand the strain of pushing and pulling natural to the suckling calf and periodical lunging as is often the case with such calf satisfying its hunger; and to provide a device of this character, having few parts, simple, economical to manufacture and efiicient in operation.

, In accomplishing these and other objects oi. the present invention, I have provided improved details of structure the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings,


Fig. 1 is a vertical cross section through the bucket showing the nipple attached to the side thereof near the bottom.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal cross section through the nipple and coupling member shown attached to the bucket, but not in taut condition.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal cross section through the nipple showing the coupling member and nipple in assembled condition for retaining the nipple thereon.

Fig. 4 is a longitudinal cross sectional view of the nipple and coupling member shown attached to the bucket without a sealing washer.

Fig. 5 is a longitudinal cross section through the nipple shown attached to a bucket illustrating a modified form of the invention.

Referring more in detail to the drawing:

l designates a bucket embodying the features of my invention having a side 2, bottom 3, and hail 4 attached to ears 5 as is the usual practice. Secured to the rear side of the bucket by welding or other visible means is a hook or strap 6 adapted to engage over a supporting member 1 to hold the bucket slightly at an angle to present the bucket to the calf in as nearly normal position as possible and so that if the calf should lunge at the bucket, there will be a spring or resilient action to prevent spilling of the milk from the bucket. It is desirable to have the bucket attached considerably higher than the normal position of the calfs head in order that the calf will not be in such a position to incite butting or lunging at the bucket.

An opening 8 is provided in the front side of the bucket opposite the supporting bracket 6 near the bottom 3 thereof, and a tubular coupling member 9 is adapted to engage in said opening. The shank of the coupling member is threaded as indicated at It] and the outer end thereof is enlarged providing an annular flange H and a shoulder l2 providing a throat or valve member l3 in the coupling member in which a ball or outflow valve [4 is adapted to engage. The outer end of the tubular member is crimped or otherwise bent inwardly on its outer edges as indicated at [5 to retain the ball therein. The ball may be glass, metal or other suitable material.

The nipple or teat It has an open end adapted to engage over the coupling member on the outside of the bucket. Spaced a short distance from the open end of the nipple on the inside thereof is an internal annular flange or rib l7 and on the outside of the nipple substantially in alignment with the annular flange I! is an annular groove iii. The outer open end of the nipple has an annular lip I 9 slightly larger than the main body portion I 6 of the nipple. The threaded shank portion of the coupling member extends through the opening 8 of the bucket and a threaded nut 20 is adapted to engage said threads to hold the coupling member shoulder and the rib in close contact. The nut 20 has a knurled edge as indicated at 2|.

In assembling the device constructed as described, the open end of the nipple is placed over the valve end 22 of the coupling member 9 so that the annular flange l1 engages against the shoulder 23 formed by the annular flange H of the coupling member. The shank or threaded end of the coupling member is then inserted in the opening 8 of the bucket and the nut 20 engages on the threads 10 inside the bucket. Tightening of the nut will cause the lip iii to' engage against theside wall of the bucket as indicated in Fig. 4 and continued tightening of the nut 2t. will form a complete seal between the bucket and" the nipple, the lip being pushed-"backwardlytto ward the body of the nipple and the annular groove 18 causing the inside annulawfia'n'ge'di of the nipple to fit securely against :theshoulder. 1

23 to retain the nipple on the coupling member.

The outer end of the nipple is provided with the usual opening 25 so that milk will flow therethnough from the.-bu'cke.t In..Figs-. .2 211(11'3 a washer 25 made of pliable material rnavbein-v serted between the lip endiii-otthe nipple the wall-of thebucket if desired;

In Fig. 2 the/nippleis shown attached to the coupling memberbeforet-he nutv 25 is fully tightened In Fig. 3 the nipple is shown after the nut has been tightened down-whichdemonstrates the cooperation between the lip 19, the annular groove is thenipple to holdthe nipple securely against the shoulder 23-of thecoupling member to retain the nipple thereon.

In Fig.4 the coupling. member is shown attached tothe bucket without the-washer .25, the lipdle servingas a .sealingmeans against the side-of the bucket .as above described.

When thecalf -is-using the feeder as. above described, it will take hold of theznipple 5 with its .mouth andworking ofits jaws as nature'has taughtwill cause a suction on the-nipple-and the ball M willmoveback and forthin'the chamber- ZLof the coupling memberand such-movement willlimit flow of milkfrom the bucket through the throat l3 pumped through the nipple by working thereof by the calf. Ordinarilythe ball willv remain seated so. as. .to retain the: milk in theioucketwhen the calf is not working the nipple.

InFig. 5 I have illustrated a modified form of theinvention wherein the threaded shank 28 of the coupling. member 9 is provided with'an integral flange 29. on its. inner. end adapted to engage against the inside. of the bucket and the outer end or valve containercompartment 30 E isv slightly smaller. thanthe threaded shank portion 28 to allow a threaded nut 3.!v to be insertedhoverntheavalve portion 30' and engage the threads of the shank. The nut 3!. forms an annular flange around theshankior engagement of the nipplelthereover.

In assembling the. device of th-isform ofthe invention, the valve container portion/W. and shank ZBis inserted through the opening. in. the wallet thebucket from the inside, the open ,end of the nipple is then inserted overthenut 3 luntil' the internal-annularfiange 11 passes over and annular flange ii on-the inside of due to the: air being the nut and engages against the side face 82 thereof as illustrated in Fig. 5. The open end of the nipple and nut is then inserted over the valve container portion 30 and the nut engages the threaded shank 28 and turning of the nipple and nut will tighten the same on the shank until the lip l9 engages against the side wall of the bucket to obtain a seal of the nipple against the bucket. If desired the washer 26. may also be used between the bucket and lipzj Thevalve arrangement in this form of the invention is the same as that shown in Figs. 1 to 4 inclusive, except that it will be obvious there need be no shoulder theicontainertportion indicated at 12 (Fig. 2), the .throat it of the coupling member acting as a stupor-shoulder against which the ball M will rest.

It will be obvious from the foregoing that I have=-provided an improved calf feeder bucket having a removable coupling member to facilitate assemblysof the bucket and to providea connectio for. thernipple whichv will tend toeliminate excessivevvear andireplacements when'in use.

What I claim and de ire to secureby Letters Patent is:

Apparatus for attaching a; flexible nipple having an open end and provided with. an internaln-ane nular rib adjacent-said open end and-forming an annular lip on the outer. edge ot the open end'of thenipple fto a feeding'bucket having an; opening one side adj acentthe bottom thereof comprising, a tubular coupling-having a threadedportion at one end: thereof which extends through the opening in the bucket; said couplingbeing'elongated andhaving its end on side the bucket en:- larged fcrmingan annular 'fiangeportion providing a valve chamber in the coupling exteriorly-of the bucket, an outflow valve in the chambergasaid chamber being'slightly larger than saidthreaded portion and'said annular fiange'portionzbeingreduced atthe open end; thereof forretaining-the valve thereinysaid enlarged endremovably re.- ceiving trie -flexible nipple'sleeved thereonwith theinternal annular rib between the bucket wall and the'annular shoulderand the lip engaging the outerwall of the bucket around said opening, and aninternally threaded nut engaging the threaded portiorrof thecouplinginside said bucket for retaming-said coupling'in' said opening and drawing-said lip against the :wall of the bucket to form a seal around said-opening in the bucket and exerting pressure on the annular rib to retain-the nipple on the coupling.


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