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Publication numberUS26725 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1860
Publication numberUS 26725 A, US 26725A, US-A-26725, US26725 A, US26725A
InventorsJohn C. Wilkins
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US 26725 A
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Specification of LettersPatent No. 26,725, dated January 3, 18u60; il l To all 'whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, J. C. WILKINS, of Fox Chase, county of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful Improvements in Kraut-Cutters; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and eXact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

The nature of my invention consists in an improved construction of kraut cutter as hereinafter specified.

wTo enable those skilled to make and use my improvement, I will proceedto describe its construction and operation, referring by letter to the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification in which,

Figure l, represents a top view of my improved kraut cutter.` Fig. 2, represents a side elevation. Fig. 3, represents an end ele-` vation. Fig. 4, represents an end elevation, and Fig. 5, represents a detail section of shaft standard. l

Similar letters denote the same `parts in the different views.

A, represents the frame of the machine from which extend upward two posts C, C, which supportthe driving shaft c,` and four standards b, which sustain the trough or hopper B. y

D, is the cutter, which consists of aface plate having arranged in it a series of radial `knives f, which are adjusted by means of adjusting screws d. The knives are arranged as illustrated in cavities g, in the rear `face of the cutter plate D.

E, is a simple crank connected to the outer extremity of the cutter shaft c, and on which is secureda suitable handle F, by which `the said shaft may be readily rotatedin its bearings; the bearings of said shaft c, are formed in the posts C, and it is retained inits said bearings byholder block C', (see Fig. 5,) secured by means of wedges e. s

`be cut up are place `The hopper orhorizontal `feed boxi` ,lji l will be observed,`isofsu`h formin across: section that although itl readily receiv x holds the heads to be cutyetxhasl that at which the last `partoi'theycut is ma (by the knives f) angular lor square to` vent draggingof the materialbythe y It will also be seenthat :with the construe#l tiouof cutter `D,.as representedthe severa. knives can be adjusted to make any desire( cut, either all` alike `or progressive s each, and that bymeans `ofthe simpleI holder block C', and securing k ye,thelshaft `c,"i rendered capable of, being `unshipped `or eX-j` tricated from "the machine `very speedily, in L' order thatthefkni maybe taken` out for sharpening or"`r`e [L 3' The operationof my y mproyed kraut` cut-` tel` will be perfectly understood, and "s simply as followsnThe heads or material in thehorizontal fee y trough B, and fed'uptoward` the cutterD, 1 s t which is causedtolrotate :rapidly by "turn-` l ing the handle/F, of the crank Eg: f f l When the knives` f, requiresharpening, the keys e, are knocked out, the holderblocks C', extracted, and the knives extricated from the: cutter plate D. f Having described "the construction and, l operation of my improved machine what 117,5` claim therein as newl .an esire tosecureby Letters Patent, is l L l t l The movable holder vblocks C' andsecur ing keys c, in combination withwtheadjust able radiating knives"` 7, "rotary face `plate and horizontal `hopperwB thel` whole structed to operateas andforfthepu p0 s set forth. i i In testimonywhereof I `have h e1 hisfth da f my hand and `seal t JOHNC Witnesses: 5


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Cooperative ClassificationB02C7/06