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Publication numberUS2672621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1954
Filing dateDec 29, 1950
Priority dateDec 29, 1950
Publication numberUS 2672621 A, US 2672621A, US-A-2672621, US2672621 A, US2672621A
InventorsDrain Herbert D
Original AssigneeWalter E Selck And Co
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Sink mounting
US 2672621 A
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H. D. DRAIN SINK MOUNTING March 23, 1954 Filed Dec. 29, 195ov INVENToge. He/jbefZfcZz/a,

, Fig. 2 is a bottom view shown in Fig. 1;

Patented Mar. 23, 1954 SINK MOUNTING Herbert D. Drain, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Walter E. Selck and Co., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Application December 29, 1950, Serial No. 203,319

6 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in sink mountings for installing a standard flat flange type sink in an opening in a drainboard, cabinet top or similar supporting structure.

It is a general object of the invention to provide an improved mounting means adapted for rigidly securing a flat ilange type sink in an opening in a drainboard or cabinet top which mounting means comprises a sealing ring or molding strip of generally T-shaped cross section which is adapted to be positioned between the edge of the sink ange and the edge of the drainboard in overlapped relation with respect to the sink flange and the top of the drainboard and a plurality of adjustable clamping members which are adapted to be positioned beneath the sink and the drainboard to rigidly secure the sealing ring in such relation and to provide a watertight seal between the sink and the drainboard.

It is a more specific object of the invention to provide a sink mounting means of the type described wherein a plurality of clamping members are provided for initially clamping the T- shaped sealing member in overlapped relation with respect to the sink frame, prior to installation of the same as a unit in the aperture in the drainboard.

It is a still more specific object of the invention to provide a sink mounting means for combination with a flat rim type sink which comprises a molding frame of generally T-shaped cross section having a top portion adapted to overlie the sink rim and the edge of the apertured drainboard or cabinet top structure in which the sink is positioned and a plurality of clamping elements for initially securing the molding frame to the sink rim whereby the sink and the molding frame may be installed as a unit in the drainboard or top, the clamping elements each comprising an elongate plate-like portion having an adjusting screw in threaded engagement in an aperture adjacent one end thereof and having a groove extending along the other end thereof which is adapted to receive in interlocking relation a shoulder formation along the lower edge of the molding frame.

These and other objects of the invention will be apparent from a consideration of the preferred form thereof which is shown by way of illustration, in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. l is a top plan of a sink installed in a drainboard with a mounting means which embodies the principles of the invention; v

of the sink installation Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1, to an enlarged scale;

Fig. 4 is a perspective View showing, in inverted position, a portion of a molding frame and one of the clamping elements initially securing the same to the rim of the sink;

Fig. 5 is a section on the line 5-5 of Fig. 1, to an enlarged scale; and

Fig. 6 is a perspective view showing a portion of the molding frame secured to the sink rim and the drainboard by one of the clamping elements.

Referring to the drawings there is illustrated a sink Ii! having a flange portion II which is positioned in an aperture I2 provided in a drainboard structure I 3 and which is secured therein by a sealing ring or molding I4 and a plurality of clamping elements I5. The sink I0 is the standard type having an outwardly directed top rim or flange structure II which is rounded at the corners of the sink. The drainboard I3 is a conventional linoleum covered plywood structure which may be a cabinet top or other supporting surface. e

The sealing ring or molding I4 is a one-piece member, preferably of extruded metal, which is adapted'to be positioned around the periphery of the sink flange I I with one side or top portion I6 extending in overlying relation to the top surface of the sink flange I I and with the other side or top portion Il extending in overlying relation to the adjoining top surface of the drainboard I3. The sealing ring I4 includes a depending web or stem portion I8 which is adapted to be positioned in the space between the outer edge of the sink flange I I and the edge of the drainboard I3 which surrounds the aperture l2. The sealing ring web or flange I8 is provided along its lower inner edge with a thickened portion or shoulder formation I 9 extending inwardly thereof and providing bottom 2li and an inwardly facing side edge 2 i. The top edge 22 on the shoulder formation I9 extends'at a slight downward angle towards the main portion of the web i8 so that there is provided a hook-like formation along the bottom edge of the same. The depth of the web I8 is sufficient to bring the bottom edge 2!) approximately'on the level with the bottom edge of the drainboard I 3 in which the sink is mounted and below the bottom surface of the rim II of the sink I0.

In installingfal sink of this character in a drainboard it is convenient, particularly in the case of cabinet tops, to first attach the molding or sealing strip I 4 tothe flange II of the sink I0 and then insertor position the sink and molding as aunit inthe aperture I2.

2I defined by bottom surface 28, side or verticaim surface 29 and top surface 30, the latter bei-ngfin-w-'- clned slightly toward the bottom surface 28K The attaching elements 23 arelinitiallypositioned f2 on the sealing ring I4 withitheshoiiildereieinen gaged in the grooves 21 and arranged at the four corners of the sink I0, assndicatedi irl-.Figs The screws 26 are then drawn up to engage with the bottom of the sink ange II to securewthe"` sealing ring I4 firmly iii-:position on the sink I0. The .attaching members 1723 'extend linwardly'aof the sealing ring I4 and are locked against 11cm/rr# Ward rotativef movement :relatiwelto xthe `ssealizng ring Il, sotha'tthefzscrews-QS'operatetociamp; the' sealing ring.: |441 to fthe fsirrkLrimz .1 if Eby'. .engage-` ment of the surfaces Ziand-'TS'IB or themembers 23 withlthe .surfaces-r2!) and 22 atthelbottom ofthe web I8 0f the sealing ringfM'.

1I'hef-Islamp'iiigf-felen'ientsf' l5`- whi'ohsecure the in lasserribledirelatiorr;feachifcomprisefa generally rectangular plate- ;or lfbody 'portion' I';= The one endof thef'ipiaie 3'lvfi's'jprov`de`d Witii-I a threaded aperture 32 and`-fa clamping; scr'ewf33-v 'is seeured in'adjustabl relation therein. Intermediate the ends'fof fthe-.plateflthere is provided anupstand; ing hook-'like formation -345 )the| '-undersurface 35 of y*the hook end ofvvlrieh;N is loeweil-d or-down- Wardiy sloping for cooperation with'the'ftopsur-` faoef' 22 f 'the Shoulder '-I9 'onvthe bottomioflfhle Wb-5li8 "f Uhe'rnoldirig-"Mf 5 A piraity 0f "theele ments -I-5 --are arrangeddn l`spaced "relation around the web I8 of the molding I4 With the opposite endsrof-th'e plate portion 3"I extending beneath the clra'inboa-rd (Band flange II-of-'thei is'inl'rl as illustrated-in-Figs; 75 aind *The hooktor groove formations 3'4 on'fl the" elements W5. are l so constructed 'that' the' 'elements pivot-f about "the shoulder -orx rib *I9 Sm-'the bottom of thei webl `I8 when "engaged: therewith. The' clamping elementsA I5 v'arepositionedwith"the apertured' end extending'beneaththe- Vflange' II @of the'sink t0 and with theI opposite end beneath the drain-,t board;A Thereafter the Vadjiis'tirg screws 33"are taken up toclamp thef'elements imposition: The

screws33 tendtwforce the'.fiange"lI ,into 'snug relation .with the. inner top portion Ipfthe sealing ring I'IIand also toforce theoppos'ite ends of the elements 'IEinto clamping relationlwith the bottom ofthe drainbo'ardl'3' and the outer top portion 4IIV of the"molding'.I4"int'o tight` engageme'nt with-the top of vthe .drainboard I3.

'The 'molding frame .I 4 and theattaching-- and clamping members .23.andiJ5 are provided as a kit for usettvhe'n thelsink MI is installedinthe aperture .I2 ofthedrainboard I3.. `Thenro1ding or sealing ring .I4"i`sflrst secured'to-ith lflangeLLI of thesink .IIS bymeans of the attaching .elements 23. 'This maybe conveniently accomplished by positioningthe moldingV4 r-I4wth1the flange inupstandrig .relation and settigthesink II) Within ,theimoldirg Mihimiertedrelationmith thean'ge. II lengagn'e the inner ltopfmrtion.I5 of "themoldin'g 14. elements .231"{pigeierably .at least 'four' 'in number ,lareengagediwitn .the

4 shoulder I9 on the bottom edge of the web I8 and the screws 26 are then adjusted to clamp the molding I4 into tight engagement on the sink riange II. Thereafter the sink is positioned in the opening I2 either in upright or inverted relation. In this position the other top portion I'I of the molding I4 is in engagement with the top sitrfaiCe-l'ofiJ the? -rainboardr I3;. Thereafter the clamping-elements I5 i are.1 positionedsson the shoulder I9 of the Web I8 and the screws 33 are adjusted to clamp the members into tight engagement.

While specific details of construction have been refernedfto describing the illustrated form of vthe inventio'nwill be understood that other details may befresorted to within the spirit of the I claim:

1. *InE combination with a flat rim type sink adapted to be mountedi. within an opening in a s-uppontirigestmctime; a moldingzframeaofrgenerallyrT-.shapeucrossnsectiow )havingY artopfpmtion: adapted to overliefthe sinkfrim-:andfthe marginal' edge of said strnctnrefaroundi said vrugeriingr'ramiY` a vertical' portion .-,eidiending:therehetween;L said verticalportion. `haring'a hook-like; shoulder sad'- jacent .zthezlower iodgeftheneotfxa pluraihtwof @les ments'. Lf or `r attaching: fthe: rramer .to ithe'ssirrk. said. attachingxelementsi each having :interlocking enr. gagemenft; with Lsaid shoulder aand. r`having Lani-:ade instable ymember'engagingsaid sinlsirmgf-and a plurality'of clampingielements-.eachmavingintenmediate Ithe endstheneof a hookslikeiformation for fpivot'a'l engagement `tvithifthelshoulder' :.oncsafid vier-ticalv4 portion-'vof Isaidtmo'ldiirigr frame; esaidf clamping elements having `the opposite@ ends thereofxtendfirfgbeneath the# sii-ikrimandhthe supporting structure, andsaidfolampmgfelements. having an adostabie'meansfdor .clarin-ping;'en'-` gagernentfwith-saidlsinlsrimw '2. 'Mounting means; if or supporting 1 a fiatrinr typeisfrrlmvithin lan' opening in er1-supporting structure; xsaid 'mounting-means comprisingfsa. moiding" frame-:of rgeneraliy iT-shaipecross section havinga Vtopfportion adapted'eto-foverlie the and the* -adgi oiningf supporting r`structure and a verti-i. cal portion extending therebetween',said'vertical portion havingi 'a ledge-forming -rib 'fmerriher ad.- jacent theflovver fedgtthereof; 'a 'plurality of ele! ments i ifo= linitiiali-ly 1 atta'ehingfi-the lframe `to f -the' sink; said attaching 1 -elements V-eac'lfi'l having* la grooved yend lfo f *interlocking* engagement with said-ribfmember annelies/mg aneadustable niem-4 ber fro' engaging beneath said?` sink4 rimanda plurality. of seeuringseler'nents having interme2 diate ilthe/ends:thereof a transverse -grooverformation for' engagement with the rib 'member on said vertioal portion Joi saidmolding-*frame with theoppos-iteends thereof ext-ending'benea-thth sink rim --and the support-ing st-ruct1 ne,`A said se-l curing'elenents having, an'adjus'tabl means for clamping `engageinent`with: the" bottor'n-of said sinkrim 3. .lMeansQforFV iholdin'g a sink #having 'a gener-- ailyflat1periphralrimfwithinifafframeftopermit downward insertion' of 'the isfinkiandffrramefasf a unit irrtoanfnpening ina-generally that .horizontal Suppen@ n g srstrucmne; fcomprisirrgmtheaoombinas tion f :with a :mounting dramewoff: generally:tiri--` shapedprossfsectionharingra topfnortionswinch is adaptedto oyerlie both-fithevrimofi thefzsink and theedgeaofuthe-opening and-.fa verticaxlvweh portion which 2 is Vadapted :to extentdownwandly hetweemsaidtrm and :edgewf .a plurality of holding devices 'for coaction with themimmf thereof and on each element adjacent the outer end thereof, which formations interlock with each other against tilting movement in one direction to secure the element to the lower part of the web portion and prevent the inner end of the element from moving downwardly, and a screw mounted in and projecting upwardly from the inner end of each element for adjustably clamped engagement with the rim of the sink.

4. Means for initially holding a peripherally rimmed sink within a surrounding frame to permit downward insertion of the sink and frame as a unit in an opening in a generally fiat supporting structure, comprising the combination with a mounting frame of generally T-shaped cross section having a top portion which is adapted to overlie both the rim of the sink and the edge of the opening in the supporting structure and a vertical web portion which is adapted to extend downwardly between said rim and edge, which web portion is provided adjacent its lower edge with an inwardly and upwardly directed hook' formation and with a downwardly facing abutment surface spaced below said hook formation, y

a plurality of holding devices for coaction with the rim of the sink and the web portion of the y frame, each of said holding devices consisting of an element which is adapted to extend ine wardly from said web portion and which is pro'y vided adjacent its outer end with an outwardly` and downwardly directed hook formation and with an upwardly facing abutment surface spaced ,d

below said hook formation, which hook formation and abutment surface are adapted respec-f tively to intert and positively lock with the hook formation and abutment surface on the web portion of the frame to hold the inner end of the element against downward movement, and a screw carried by the inner end of the element for adjustably clamped engagement with the underside of the rim of the sink.

5. A mounting for positioning a flange type sink in an apertured supporting structure comprising,-v

a mounting frame having a top portion adapted to" extend laterally over the top surface of the sink rim and the adjacent edge of the supporting structure and a stem portion adapted to depend between the sink rim and the edge of the supporting structure, said stem portion having an upwardly directed hook-like shoulder formation adjacent the bottom edge thereof projecting lnwardly of the stem portion toward the sink, and a plurality of fastening elements for securing the frame to the sink rim, each of said fastening elements having a screw mounting portion at one end adapted to be positioned in inwardly extending relation beneath the sink rim and an abutment forming portion at the other gnd adapted to be engaged with the bottom edge of the stem portion of the frame below the hooklike shoulder formation thereon, and each of said fastening elements having an upstanding hooklike formation spaced above said abutment forming end portion which is adapted to be positioned in interlocking engagement with said hook-like shoulder formation on the frame whereby to lock said elements on said frame against rotation in the downward and outward direction relative to said frame.

6. In a mounting for supporting a rim type sink in an apertured supporting structure, a molding frame adapted to be interposed between the sink and an edge of said structure, said molding frame being characterized by a vertically ex'- tending flange positioned in the space between the sink rim and the edge of the supporting structure and a, laterally extending top portion adapted to overlie the edge of the sink rim and the adjacent edge of said supporting structure, said vertically extending flange having a laterally projecting longitudinally extending shoulder formation adjacent the lower end thereof providing downwardly facing bottom and upwardly and inwardly facing top abutment surfaces, and a plurality of attaching elements for rigidly securing said molding frame to the sink rim, said attaching elements each having an outwardly opening groove in one end edge for receiving said shoulder formation on said ange, said groove providing oppositely disposed upwardly facing and downwardly and inwardly facing abutment surfaces for engagement with the bottom and top abutment surfaces, respectively, on said flange, whereby said attaching elements are connected in interlocked and rigid relation on said frame with the other end of each of said elements extending beneath the sink rim, and said attaching elements each having an adjustable clamping member adjacent the other end for engaging beneath the rim of said sink to rigidly clamp said frame thereto.


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