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Publication numberUS2672827 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1954
Filing dateNov 22, 1949
Priority dateNov 22, 1949
Publication numberUS 2672827 A, US 2672827A, US-A-2672827, US2672827 A, US2672827A
InventorsMcgowen Jr Harold E
Original AssigneeSid W Richardson Inc
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Gas lift valve mechanism
US 2672827 A
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March 23, 1954 H, E. McGOwEN, .1R

GAS LIFT VALVE MEcmmsm 4 Sheets-Sheet l Filed NOV. 22, 1949 INVENTOR. M. E. MCGOWEN, JW.



l .CT-II. i... .I M.. uw

AT TCRNEY March 23, 1954 H. E. McGowEN, JR

GAS LIFT VALVE MECHANISM 4 'sheets-sheet 2 Filed NOV. 22, 1949 FIG-3 FIG.6


AT TORNEY March 23, 1954 H. E. MCGOWEN, JR

GAS LIFT VALVE MECHANISNI 4 Sheets-Sheet 3 Filed NOV. 22, 1949 a lNcHr-:s

Fl G. "B




41.91; .the .vali/estan actes.smalliiuidmrts.

testenv. Opening orlpsine attionwill haeuser;

ioned` andgthere will be,nojarring or lvibration @fthepenmmeutmagnetsf t i A'Ihepvalve stem is` of non-.magneticmaterial soi,

that there is no uxleakagez through the core Oihe magnets. On the other. handthemasnet.

housing is of a permeable material which willL readily conduct the `flux from the ,magnetsmandj make a complete circuitas indicatedin the idottedlines. i i

The primary use of the magnetsis to obtain a wide open port so as to admit high pressure..

gas,A without `pressure losses .due tolgcholiing .l .So fari as I know/this can not be done with only "a 4bellows under pressure for power, or. .with

which would waste gas and also cause other valves to open, adding to the gas waste.

The described magnets for snapy action andla wide opening of the valve port are useful with (l) a spring for power, (2) a bellows under pressure for power, (3) a combination of a spring and a pressured bellows for power, (Li) well-luidcon trolled and operated automatic valves, 5) a surface controlled and operated valve, and (6) any combination of the above named valves.

All the valves in a series or string will be set to open at the same gage pressure because when they are placed in a well the static head of the gas will cause the lower valves to open first as the gas is injected into the casing and the pressure begins to rise. Initially there is fluid in the casing well as in the tubing and as gas pres-- sure is applied to the casing this iiuid passes through the valve ports and rises up in the tubing in a U-tube eiiect. Valves immersed in fluid in the casing will not be contacted by gas, and thus the lowest exposed valve will open iirst (as explained above) any fluid which rises due to the U-tube eiect above this lowest available valve will be lifted out of the well. As lower valves are in turn exposed by removal of the uid. they will open in turn and gas flowing through them into the tubing will lift fluid above the level of each valve to the surface. Ultimately a level oi operation is reached where new fluid comes into the tubing from the well as fast as it is lifted to the surface. This is the static operating point in the well and is determined by the amount of iiuid the well will make, the type of liit valve, and the available gas pressure.

It is to be understood that the apparatus will Work if the iiuids are reversed, that is, if iiuid is in the casing and gas is in the tubing. Therefore the foregoing description and descriptive terms in certain of the claims are to be taken as merely explanatory and illustrative and not as limitations.

Obviously znany changes may be made in the construction and arrangement of the parts of the lift valve; also some omissions and additions may be made; hence I do not wish to be limited to the particular embodiment at present preferred by j 6i. the appended.,.claimslinterpretedrinfthe-liebt ofn thepriorart. u WhatIclaimis: l. A gas lift .valve comprising@,Ya;1ve.,b dy.` having a gas port and aavalve As eeat;aya i adapted when seated to `closesaid port;` a springt, within the body resisting unseating ofjthey.valve'p4 and permanent` magnet means whollywithin,the` body connected and arranged `todoppose,by 1 nag.,,- netic iux `movement of the valve toward open position; said permanent magnet means conn` prising a hollow magnet housingwhich is mag-a, netically permeable; a permanentmagnet secured to and wholly enclosed bythe.magnet` housing; a `second `permanent magnet. placed pole-to-pole to the first magnet; means connecting the second magnet with the valve so that theL valve when unseated moves. the second magnet i away from the first; said connecting means consisting of a `valve stem of nonfmagnetic material; a washer of magnetic material on the :valve stem and in contact with `the second magnet and; also in contact with `the inner walls of `the holv` low magnet housing, and a nut securing' the" washer and second magnet'upon the valve stem; the magnet housing, the two magnets and the` washer together forming a closed path for lines', oi magnetic ilux. 1 i l x 2. A gas lift valve comprising a body having a inlet port; a gas discharge port;` a valve adapted when seated to close the inlet port and .f when unseated permitting free` iiow oi" gasl f through the inlet port and outtheV discharge port; means to close the valve automatically, said means yielding to predeterminedigas pressure` outsidethe inletport; bellows means` fixed to`the"` valve and acting to yield readily` upto a certain, point and then positively prevent further" valve"` movement away from its seat; said body having.` a tubular extension housingluid communicat-- ing with the interior of said bellows means, said a housing being composed of material permeable to magnetic lines of force, a Ystern portion car-' ried by said valve and projecting into the tubular extension, a permanent magnet carried by said stem and closely but slidably fitting said` tubular housing, and. means providing a passage connecting the tubular extension with` thev inte` rior oi' the bellows. i 3. A gas lift valve comprising a body having a gas inlet port; a discharge port;` avalve adapted when seated to .close the `inlet port; spring means acting to hold the valve seated normally but yielding to predetermined gas pres-` sure outside ofthe inlet port; a valve stem secured to the valve and being of non-magnetic material; said valve stem having flats and extending axially of the body; a sealed bellows surrounding the i valve stem and secured thereto at one end; a magnet housingoi material-permeable to magnetic lines of force and having a central bore through which passes part of the Valve stem with the iiats; a permanent magnet-secured to the end of the valve stem; the magnet housing having an interior chamber for lluid and said chamberbeing in communicationwith the interior of." the bellows by way of said central bore;` another permanent magnet secured to the magnet hous ing and in magnetic circuit therewith; the two` magnets being' constructed andarranged so as to attact each other; the rst mentioned magnet l being in magnetic circuit with the. magnet bons-1 ing but constructed so as to permit`.flo.w past it Yintoor out of the chamber. 1

fllThe invention defined inf claim 3 the valve "stem fis screwfthreadediate the end* ree: mote from the valve, a washer of magnetici-mamv terial is mounted on the valve stemfand vha's'its periphery `in sliding'- contact with the* `interior walls of themagnet'y housing and. provided with' grooves 'permitting iiuidl to o'w past the Washer either direction, and a nut is screwedffonl-'thef washerto hold-the washenin` contact with the' first mentionedl magnetgsofthat'the two magnets; the Washerl and' the` magnety housing are all Ain2- thesame magneticcircuit.

5. A gaslift 'valve-comprisingavalve bodyhaving a gas port anda valve seat, a valve adaptedI when seated to closesaidi port;` a spring within the 'body` resisting unseatingof vthe `valve,- and permanent magnet means `whollywithinl the body andA constructed and arrangedv to opposeA by magneticux movement of the valve toward open position, said permanent magnet vmeans including a permanent magnetv connected to the valve and slidable Withinl the body,A said valve' being secured to -a sealed bellows mounted within` the body and containing an incompressible fluidA and a partial vacuum, the bellows mounting and securement being such that opening of the valve effects partial collapse of thel bellows, the Huid and partial vacuum in the bellowsH being' so selected thatwhen the` valvemoves a small fraction of an inch the Vacuum disappears and the bellows then has a solid non-compressible uid support on the inside which prevents damage to the bellowsinv the event of extreme pressure, the

areas of the bellows 4and ofthe valve -port being substantially the same:

6.' A gas lift valve comprisinga valve bodyhavf ing a gas port and' a valve'seat; a valve adapted when seated .tocl'ose said' port, a spring within' the body resisting.. unseating of the valve, andl permanent magnet means wholly within the body',-

said rnagnetichousing,` said two magnet'shaving adjacent ends of opposite polarity and being adapted toseparate: when the valve is unseated.

7." A gas lift valveas dened in claim 6 wherein the two magnets are separated by an air gap" on the order of one one-hundredth Aof an inch" when the valve is seated.

8. A gas lift valve comprising an elongated body having a gas passage therein provided with" sure to' permitthe valve to open,v a valve stem" extending. axially of said body, a magnet housingv carried by the body, a permanent magnety carried by Said stem and closely but slidably tting.

saidV housingranda second permanent magnet secured to the housing and coacting with the :first 'toproduce snap action' of the valve.

9. A gas liftvalve comprising .a body portion having. a 'gas flow passage therethroughanda valve seatith'erein, a reciprocating ,valve memr.. ber" adapted when seated tov .close saidi passage,...

resilient means .normally acting to hold',.isaid" valve'seated 'but' yielding Vto predetermined' gas pressure-torpermitl thevalve toiopenfpa valve l'stemj extending axially of the/body; a -sealedbellows surroundingv the stem.' and -secured' theretoT 'at'- one end, a magnet housinglcarriedbysaid bodyi ofmaterial'permeable to magneticlines of fforce andvhaving `central -f-bore-l through which Ithe`v valvefstemis .'adaptedlto passy-a permanent mag-f net" secured f to n saidstem: and,` movable '-withinlimitsLlwi-thin said housing,l saidmagnetI housing havinganiinterior chamber. for fluid; vand meansA providing interconnecting fluid passagewaysJbe-f tween :saidn chamber'` and the interioroff'fsaid bellows.` f

10. A gasliftlvalve comprising'a tubular bodyf havinga gaslpassageway-housed therein, a valvef seatfin saidzpassagewayfand' a reciprocating valve'f coacting with said seat l and .controlling flow off gasathroughl said!` passageway; said-.valve having a stem extending axially of.` the body, sealed'belloWssur-rounding said stem-and secured thereto' atv one endfa permanent magnet secured to thel end: of thestem oppositesaid valve-said body including. a magnet vhousing surroundin'g'ssaid' stem yand closing the end of said body, said-mag net housing being formedv of material permeableto magnetic lines of force and=having-aninterior chamberzior fluid, `and meansv providing. interconnecting uid passagewaysf betweenlsaid, cham.- ber andv the: interior'of saidbellows. t

il. A gas; lii't. valve as^-.setzforth .intclaim; l0.

whereinthe magnetzclosely ts saidimagnethous-f ingmandis provided `with fluid passageways 'ex-y tending lengthwise therethrough.;y

12'. A 4magnetic gaslift valve .comprising an elongated bodyfhaving'a gaspassage therein pro'- f vided with a valveseat, aI reciproeatingvalve c0- acting with Asaid seat `for controlling the` flow through said gaspassage, said valve having a stem extending axially of thefbody, a .sealed 'bellows surrounding'the stem and secured thereto at one end, a permanent magnet secured: to the stem at a point remote from'the' valve-and beyondv the point of attachment of the-bellows; anda magnet housing carried' by the body/and formedl of magnetic material,` said magnet .housing being chambered` to enclose Huid,` and means providing longitudinal--passageways betweensaid chamber por-1' tion` and' theinterior ofthe bellows.

13; A `gas-lift valve comprising a bodyhaving a Agas. inlet' port; a gas discharge port; a valve adapted-When seated to close the inlet port; resilient means acting to holdV the valve seatednormallybut yielding to predetermined gas pressure' outside of the-inlet port; a valve stem secured to the valve and being ofrnonemagnetic material;

said'valve'stem'havingfiats and extending axiallyv otth'ebody; a sealed-'bellows surrounding theI valve stem andsecured thereto at one end; a magnetf housingv of' material permeable to magnetic lines-of forceand having a central bore'th'r'ouglfit which passes part'of thevalve stem with the Hats;

a permanent magnetsecured to the endlof the valvefstem;i thel magnet housing having an in-'- teriorchamber'for fluid and' said chamber being' in communication with the interior'oftthe bellows by Way ot said central bore; said'magnet being in magnetic circuit `.with they magnet* housing fbut constructed so as to permit fluid to iiow pastfritl' intooiaout of the-"chambers 14; A gas-'liftvalve comprising anelongated body having'a ilovv passage therein providedwith` a vvalve seat, -a .reciprocable valve ceac-ting'- with` said seat. .and vadapted when' .seated to-close-said passage, resilientlneans. )normally actingry to. hold n the valve seated but yielding to predetermined pressure to permit the valve to open, said Valve having a stem extending axially of said body, a plug member carried by said body and having a central bore to permit passage of said stern, a sealed bellows connected at one end to the stem and at the other end to said plug, said body including a tubular portion extending beyond said plug and serving as a fluid chamber, an enlarged member carried by said stem closely fitting and slidable in said housing, and means providing guide passageways through the enlarged stem portion and plug to permit fluid to pass between said uid chamber and the interior of said bellows.

15. A gas lift valve as set forth in claim 14 wherein the iuid chamber is of material permeable to magnetic lines of force, and the enlarged stem portion slidable therein comprises a permanent magnet.

16. In combination with a well casing, well tubing within the casing and spaced therefrom, a casing head closing the top of said casing, means intermittently supplying pressure fluid to the space between the tubing and casing under gradually increasing pressure, ineens comprising a valve body forming a pressure fluid passage between the tubing and casing, a valve seat in said passage, and gas lift valve means controlling flow of pressure fluid through the passage, comprising a valve member slidable within said body and coacting with said seat, resilient presm sure means within said body urging the valve member against the seat in a direction to oppose the force of pressure fluid in said passage acting to open the valve; the improvement wherein means comprising a permanent magnet connected to the valve member and slidable there with in said valve body is provided supplementing said resilient yielding pressure means and acting until the pressure of said pressure fluid nally overcomes the combined effect of the resilient pressure means and of the permanent magnet, thereby fully opening the valve and permitting full flow of pressure through the passage without pressure loss to effect lifting action upon liquid within the well.

17. The combination as set forth in claim 16, wherein the resilient pressure means acting on said valve member includes a spring.

18. The combination as set forth in claim 16, wherein the resilient pressure means is fluid actu ated.

19. The combination as set forth in claim 16, wherein the resilient pressure means utilizes a combination of spring and bellows power.

20. Well pumping apparatus comprising, in combination with a well casing, well tubing with in the casing and spaced therefrom, means comprising a valve body forming a passage connecting the interior of the tubing and casing, a valve seat in said passage, and a gas lift valve slidable in said body and coacting with said seat, means supplying lifting fluid under gradually increasing pressure to said connecting passage in a direction tending to force said valve from its seat, resilient pressure means within said body urging the valve against its seat, and means comprising a permanent magnet connected to said valve and movable therewith in said Valve body supplementing the action of said resilient pressure means, until the combined effect of the resilient pressure means and of the permanent magnet is overcome, thereby instantly and fully opening the valve and permitting full flow of pressure fluid through the passage without pressure loss to eiect lifting action upon liquid within the well.


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