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Publication numberUS2673008 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1954
Filing dateJul 26, 1950
Priority dateJul 26, 1950
Publication numberUS 2673008 A, US 2673008A, US-A-2673008, US2673008 A, US2673008A
InventorsRyan Richard W
Original AssigneeRyan Richard W
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US 2673008 A
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March 23, 1954 G. w. RYAN 2,673,008

DISPENSER Filed. July 2e, 195o F.OZ -E'' 20 /r le -Z 6 M@WMQHM\ 6 i) z is; www f /6 V l v f 4r l I /7 u IIL ii -V.

w f2 .'m-

, t /9 l' Z i i v f l 1 L @f s 5` 6 s 1 s s QI s 5 l @eli l* i ,w a I g J i i L 5 a n 1 I a l l l l 4 l n I(IIII'IIIII'IL 8 E 7 4 7 INVENTOR l l BY 1 f ATTORNEYS.

Patented Mar. 23, 1954 U N ITED STATES PATENT GFF ICE DISPENSER Richard-'W'. Ryan, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Application July- 26, 195i), Serial-v No. 175,993,

3- Claims.; 11 This.r invention relates to. a receptacle mountable, upon the wall of a. closet or room, and adapted to'support a container inwhichisa sup.- ply of a deodorant, moth preventive, air Sweetener, orother substance maintained in said container under pressure and adapted to bereleased aspray jetupon opening of `a valve with which be speciiically adaptedto. support valved containersof well known make and design; and will permit` the swift and easy insertion or removal of a container.

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds,

thefinyention consists oi certain noveldetails of constructionv and combinations of parts hereinafter more fullyV describedk and pointed' out in the claims, it being understood that changes may be made inf, the construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the spiritof the iro/.ention asl. claimed.,

Referringv to the drawing Figure. lf is a perspective View, portions being broken away,. of. a. wall. receptacle formed in ac- 'cordanceiwith the, present invention, a container of well known make and design being shown in proper position therein.

Fig. 2 is a vertical section through the wall receptacle constituting the present invention, the container being shifted to valve opening position.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the wall receptacle includes a supporting bracket preferably of molded construction, and formed with the flat plate-like body I adapted to be positioned against any vertical surface such as a closet wall, not shown, said flat body I being formed with the parallel vertically extending inturned guide flanges 2 extending from top to bottom of opposite sides of said body.

In the present instance, the body l is formed with the vertically spaced openings 3 adapted to receive screws or other fastening elements, not shown, whereby said body l is adapted for mounting upon a wall surface. I believe it will be readily apparent that instead of the openings 3, other means for attaching the bracket to a Wall surface can be provided, it being mainly important that some suitable means be utilized 2. for supporting the. bracket upon a. wall surface at a locationtfhere it will be readily accessible to a user.

At their lower ends, the guide flanges`v 2 may be pinched together or formed with end; abut',- ments 4, so as to narrow or close completely` the bottom ends of the guide flanges so as to precludev the accidental' dropping of the container support` 5 to be engaged by said flanges.

The container support 5' may be, of any cross sectional configuration, so asv to correspond gerrerally with the cross sectional coniguration. of a container to be mountedl therewithin. In any event, in the present instance a cylindricallconf tainerv is illustrated, and accordingly, the., con,- tainer support E. is of approximately half Around cross, sectional shape,` being formedV with anopen back so that the container can be inserted. i'rl Said container support from thel back there@ prior to dropping ofthe container support into,- place upon the supporting bracket, Obviously, aiter the container support is dropped into, 111328,. the normally open back portionthereof'will be, closed by the flat plate-like body lj.l

Extending vertically of its oppositesideaat. the back of the container suppmzt,I are the1v outturfned longitudinal flanges. ii, proportioned to be received in the slideway dened by the inturnedc guide flanges, 2.

Thus, when the container support istolbepositionedv upon the bracketv as in Fig. Lthe.A flanges ci or said; support, are inserted, inthe upper ends ofthe guide flanges 2', andthe container support is then slidably lowered into proper position.

The container support is formed with a closed bottom "l, on which the dispensing container is normally positioned, and the closed bottom is formed medially and forwardly thereof with a small slot or opening 8, receiving a tiltable pressure lever including the tongue 9 normally supported between the bottom of the container and the bottom 'l of the container support, said tongue being at right angles to and integral with a depending portion It that projects downwardly through the slot 8 so as to be readily accessible to a user who, in tilting or pivoting the lever, presses his thumb T against the depending portion, thus to tilt the lever to the position illustrated in Fig. 2.

At its upper end, the container support is formed open except for the provision of a cross bar or abutment Il integral with the container support and extending across the back portion thereof as readily seen from Fig, 2. Intermediate its ends the abutment Il is formed with the spaced apart depending guide projections I2, so as to insure proper positioning of the upper end of the container I3. At this point, it will be understood that the container i3 does not per se constitute any part of the present invention, the present invention being mainly directed to the provision of a wall support for said container that is particularly adapted for meeting, with respect to the particular make of container, the several purposes hereinbefore announced.

In any event, the container I3 is provided at its upper end with the upstanding yoke I4 of inverted U shape, open at front and rear as at I5 and formed with the opening IE that opens upwardly through the top portion of the yoke. Slidably positioned through the opening I6 is the plunger II of the valve mechanism I8. Normally, one using the particular dispensing container I3 would press downwardly upon the plunger I'I with his or her thumb, so as to cause a spray jet to issue from the container. By use` ofthe wall support constituting the present invention, however, the same result is achieved by pressing forwardly upon the depending portion IIJ of the bottom lever, thus to impart upward movement to the container I3 within the support, thereby causing the top end of the plunger II to be engaged by the under Side of the cross bar or abutment il. As a result, the plunger I'I is depressed, the valve is opened, and the spray jet is directed forwardly through the large front opening I9 formed in the container support at its upper end.

When it is desired to replace an empty oontainer, the container support is simply slid upwardly off the supporting bracket, thereby exposing the open back portion of the support and permitting easy removal of the empty container through the open back of said support. A new container is then properly positioned by insertion through said open back, and the support again returned to place upon the supporting bracket on the wall.

What is claimed is:

1. A well receptacle for a dispensing container having a depressible valve plunger at its upper end, comprising a wall bracket including a flat plate-like body, guide flanges extending down opposite sides of said body, a container support including side flanges receivable in the irst named iianges for removably attaching said container support to said body, said container support being proportioned to receive a dispensing container and having an open back through which said container is insertable and removable, said open back being closed by the flat plate-like body, an abutment at the upper end of said support, and a tiltable lever mounted at the lower end of said support and adapted to be pressed upwardly against a container positioned within said support for forcing said container upwardly into engagement with said abutment for depression of the value plunger.

2. A wall receptacle for a dispensing container having a depressible valve opening plunger at its Lipper end, said receptacle comprising a vertically disposed wall plate, a container support detachably carried by the wall plate, a bottom Wall carried by and closing the lower end of the container support, a plunger engaging abutment carried by the container support adjacent the upper end thereof, and manually actuated means carried by the bottom Wall and engaging the bottom of a dispensing container mounted in the container support for elevating the container and causing the depressible plunger thereof to engage the abutment and Ibe depressed into the dispensing container.

3. A wall receptacle for a dispenser having a valve opening plunger at one end thereof, said receptacle comprising a wall plate, a container support detachably carried by said wall plate, a wall carried by and closing an end of said container support, a plunger engaging abutment carried by the container support adjacent the opposite end thereof, and manually actuable means carried by said first mentioned end of said container support engaging the dispensing container remote from said valve opening plunger for moving the container in said container support to engage the plunger with said abutment to be moved to valve opening position.


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International ClassificationA47J47/16, A47J47/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47J47/16
European ClassificationA47J47/16