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Publication numberUS2678724 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1954
Filing dateMar 30, 1953
Priority dateMar 30, 1953
Publication numberUS 2678724 A, US 2678724A, US-A-2678724, US2678724 A, US2678724A
InventorsJr Lawrence J Andriot
Original AssigneePuritan Cordage Mills
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Cordage package
US 2678724 A
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CORDAGE PACKAGE May 18, 1954 Filed March 30, 1953 IN VEN TOR.

"ranged in the form urther provides a.

Patented May 18, .1954

-' poration 7 tiddfiyilleikyzfassigifor turn tanwm A pncationfrarnto', iasal'seriafnoiaiaeas z ciaims. (c1.-stM-'= "er This-invention relates to. a: package f01,0H-.- taming-and handling. cordage'such'- as clothesline, sash cord or. the like. whichmay be generallwarof a. painof iranks jfiiH6d?t0- gather by an intermediate looped-portion;

in the-sale and use of =such-cordage-;ti: 1e--confleeting looped portion of theha'irfiis may by the purchaser to: eterota double length comprising both erally 100 feet.

It is the purpose of this invention to so package the pair of joined hanks of such cord-age they 'may be-sold, handled and carriedin a single unit. But in event that -the purchaser desires only a single hank, by merely severing the joining loop the carton may be readily separated i into two complete individual container units or cartons, each containing a single hank. Thus a double hank package may be offered or a single hank package, complete in itself and comprising a severable unit of the double hank package.

A further feature of the invention resides in the arrangement of the end flaps of a double hank package or carton whereby the intermediate loop portion extending between the pair of hanks may protrude outwardly to serve as a carrying handle for the package or carton as well as provide an exposed section of the clothesline for inspection and convenient severance into single hank units.

The full nature of the invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the following description and claims:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the double hank clothesline package showing portions thereof broken away to expose the contents.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the double hank package illustrating the severable clothesline container units and the openings provided in the end flaps through which the looped handle portion of the hanks may extend.

Fig. 3 is an end plan view of the package with the end flaps in open position.

Fig. 4 is the same as Fig. 3 showing a modifled form of single unit package for receiving a pair of clothesline hanks with the end flaps formed to provide openings through which the looped carrying handle may extend.

In the drawings there is shown a clothesline package comprising a pair of separable clothes line containing units or cartons. one unit conthejclotheslinefrom the pair of The hank A is'contain' 'd" within a separable con: tainer unit "0 anda hank V "a" front wall" My "Thefiinner'wall 1 3 term-inates i-n cured'tox'tlie' inner surface'of rfd-closime flap indicated atiB. Said hafnksAand 1B are joined bya'rfexposed lo'op" l0 comprising an: extensiorrof' hanks *A aridEB'.

Bis contained inja companion adjacent complete container unit Di unit-C providedwithabackwaH Hf,

a-s'ealing flap 1 which is e similarly the front wall I 4. The D isisimilarly 'formed with a" backwall 6, "outerside wall I1, inner side wall rte-5mm wall l9 and inner securing flap 20. "At"'each-"end of 'the si'de wall [2 of the unit Cthefe is arr-inner 21 hinged thereto havinganotch to provide an aperture at its forward outer corner portion as indicated at 22. At each end of the unit D there is a similarly arranged flap 23 having a corresponding notch 24.

The front walls [4, IQ of the units are joined together along the line 25 so as to provide a common front wall for the entire package including both units. Preferably the front walls may be of integral board perforated as at 25 whereby they will be joined as a single common front wall for the package, but readily severable through the medium of the perforations 25 so that the two units may be separated into complete individual hank carrying cartons.

Each end of the front wall I4 is provided with outer end closure flaps 26 and 21 extending from the front wall l9. Said outer end flaps are joined together as a unit for providing an end closure for the combined unit package, but are severable along the perforated line 28 extending from the perforated line 25. Thus when the double unit package is employed the front and outer end closure flaps are in effect of one piece joining and holding the units together for providing the single two hank package, but are readily severable along the lines 25, 28 to provide complete end closure flaps for the respective separated unit cartons.

The end flap 26 is notched out at 29 and the end flap 2'! is notched out at 30. The notches 22 and 29, and 24 and 30 are arranged in mating relation, respectively, adjacent the front outer corners of the package to provide spaced apertures in the upper end wall through which the handle loop IQ of the clothesline may extend as shown in Fig. 1, and for the purposes heretofore set forth.

outer side wall {12, an inner side walk {*3 In Fig. 4 there is shown a modification of the invention wherein there is provided a single carton package having a back wall IIG, side walls 1, H8 and a front wall N9, the side wall II'I terminating in a securing flap I20. Hinged to each of the side walls there are inner end closure flaps IZI and I23, said flaps being offset inwardly to provide openings at I22 and I24 respectively when said flaps are folded over in position- The outer end flap I2! is scored to provide a hinge connection with the front wall I I9 adjacent which its lateral edges are curved inwardly to provide recesses I29, I30.

The carton shown in Fig. 4 is adapted to contain a pair of hanks A, B withthe joining nandle loop I0 extending outwardly through the openings or apertures provided between the inwardly folded end flaps wherein they are spaced apart at the notches I22, I24 and I29, I30 respectively.

The invention claimed is:

1. A package of rope hanks comprising a sheet folded upon itself to provide a pair of parallel open ended cells connected side to side by a continuous front wall, an outer end closure flap hingedly connected to said front at one end thereof and extending over theends of said cells, the said closure flap having notches in its side edges, saidfront wall having a, weakened line extending longitudinally thereof between said cells from one end to the other of said package and across said closure flap midway the side edges thereof, and a rope hank in each cell and a rope loop'extending from one end of one of said hanks to the corresponding end of the companion hank through said notches.

2. A package of rope hanks comprising a sheet folded upon itself to provide a pair of parallel open ended cells connected side to side by a continuous front wall, inner end closure flaps extending over the end of each of said cells respectively, each provided with a notch in a side edge thereof, an outer end closure flap for said cells overlying both of said inner end closure flaps, each side edge of said outer end closure flap having a notch therein to register with the notches in said inner end flaps, said front wall having a weakened line extending longitudinally thereof between said cells from one end to the other of said package and across said outer and closure flap midway the side edges thereof, and a rope hank in each cell and a rope loop extending from one end of one of said hanks to the corresponding end of the companion ,hank through the said registering notches.

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