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Publication numberUS2679285 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1954
Filing dateApr 30, 1952
Priority dateApr 30, 1952
Publication numberUS 2679285 A, US 2679285A, US-A-2679285, US2679285 A, US2679285A
InventorsLuckhardt Johannes
Original AssigneeNorman P Martin, Otto L Walter
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Lounge chair
US 2679285 A
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May 25, 1954 J. LUCKHARDT LOUNGE CHAIR Filed April 50, 1952 INVENTOR JOHHNNES LUCKHARDT BY ATTORNEY Ratented May 25, 1954 LOUNGE CHAIR Johannes Luckhardt, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, assignor, by mesne assignments, to Norman P. Martin and Otto L. Walter, as trustees of Beta Trust, Lake Worth, Fla.

Application April 30, 1952, Serial No. 285,098

4 Claims. (01. 155-116) FFICE This invention relates to articles of furniture and more particularly to lounge chairs.

An object of the present invention is to provide a lounge chair with a link system including a movable hack-rest and a movable sitting structure which may be readily and conveniently brought into different positions.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a lounge chair with a movable back- One end of a guiding link 38 is pivotally connected with the controlling member 26 at the point 40 spaced from the pivotal connection 28 between the controlling member 26 and the bar to of the support it. The other end of said guiding link 38 is pivotally connected at 32 with an intermediate portion of the sitting structure i8. According to the embodiment shown in Figs. 1 and 2, this pivotal connection 2 is located in rest and sitting structure which may be readily the seat portion 2:) of the sitting structure It. manufactured at low cost. The pivotal connection 3 of the controlling Another object of the invention is to improve link 32 with the controlling member 26 is spaced 0n the construction of lounge chairs as now from the pivotal connection ill of the guiding link customarily made. 38 with said controlling member 26.

Other objects and structural details of the in- When the person resting on the chair leans the vention will be apparent from the following deweight of his body against the back-rest, the scription when read in conjunction with the acmovable members of the lounge chair may be companying drawings forming part of this readily brought from the sitting position shown specification, wherein: in Fig. 1 into the reclined position shown in Fig.

Fig. 1 is a side elevational View of a lounge 2. On the other hand, upon slight pressure with chair according to the invention, and the legs on the leg-rest 22, the person resting on Fig. 2 is a side elevational View of a lounge the chair may readily return the movable mem- Chail' Similar to that Shown in Fig, l, h ein, bers of the chair from the reclined position shown however, the back-rest and sitting structure of in Fig. 2 into the sitting position shown in Fig. 1. the l un c i r n a r l d p i io I have described a preferred embodiment of my Referring HOW to Figs- 1 d 0 er ly invention, but it is understood that this disclosure ind fia s a pp h v Side frames connected is for the purpose of illustration, and that various with each other by transverse bars i2 in any omissions and changes in shape, proportion and Sui a mannerarrangement of parts, as well as the substitution A b c i ii is swingably mounted on the of equivalent elements for the arrangements upp '9 all Hi shown and described may be made without de- I8 generally indicates a sitting structure comparting from the pirit; and sggpe of t invenprisi a s at p t 20 d a -r portion tion as set forth in the appended claims.

22 integral with each other. The rear end pof- For example, stopping means may be arranged tion of the Sitting Structure is pivoially on the chair for limiting the end positions of the nected with the back'rest M at movable members of the chair, 1. e. the sitting on each Side of the lounge chair a disk-like position and the extreme reclined position.

controlling member 26 is swingably mounted at Furthermore, locking means could be arranged 23 on a bar 39 rigidly connested with the from on the chair for holding the movable members portion of the support It. Of course, it is an 40 of the chair in any desired position.

obvifi'us expedient to make said bar in integral What I claim with said support It], thus incorporating said bar A lounge chair, comprising in Combination; 0 into the front portion of Said Support a support, a back-rest pivoted to the rear portion O e d of a Controlling link 32 is pivotally of said support, a sitting structure including a connected with the controlling member 26 at the seat and a. leg-rest rigid with each other, the Point 34 Spaced from e pivvtal Connection 23 rear end portion of said sitting structure being betw e e Controlling e b d the b pivoted to said back-rest, a controlling member ri i Wi h h pp r I he oth r end f pivotally connected with the front portion of said controlling link is pivotally connected at 36 said support, a controlling link pivoted at one of with the front end of the sitting structure It, its ends to said controlling member at a point 3 spaced from the pivotal connection of the latter with the support, the other end of said controlling link being pivoted to the front portion of said sitting structure, and a guiding link pivoted at one of its ends to said controlling member at a point spaced from the pivotal connection of the latter with the support, the other end of said guiding link being pivoted to a point of the sittin structure intermediate the ends thereof.

2. In a. lounge chair as claimed in claim 1, the pivotal connection of the controlling member with the controlling linkbeingspaced from the pivotal connection: of the controlling member with the guiding link.

4 3. In a lounge chair as claimed in claim 1, said pivotal connection between the guiding link and the sitting structure being located in the seat portion of said sitting structure.

4. In a lounge chair as claimed in claim 1, said support being in the shape of a rigid unit.

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