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Publication numberUS2679373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1954
Filing dateMar 24, 1950
Priority dateMar 24, 1950
Publication numberUS 2679373 A, US 2679373A, US-A-2679373, US2679373 A, US2679373A
InventorsHenley Arthur E
Original AssigneeHenley Arthur E
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Curtain rod hanger
US 2679373 A
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y 1954 A. E. HENLEY 2,679,373

CURTAIN ROD HANGER Filed March 24, 1950 Arthur E. Henley INVENTOR.

Patented May 25, 1954 UNITED STATE? 2,679,373 @ATENT OFFICE CURTAIN ROD HANGER Arthur E. Henley, Morrisville, Pa. Application March 24, 1950, Serial No. 151,588

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to improvements in curtain rod hangers.

An object of this invention is to support a conventional curtain rod by means of an improved hanger which is adapted to fasten to a relatively stationary element, as a part of a window encasement, by means of conventional fastening devices, as nails or screws in addition to a suitable adhesive material which is placed on the rear surface of the hanger.

Another object of this invention is to provide a curtain rod hanger which may be secured to split woodwork without further substantial damage thereto or may be used without marring the face of uninjured woodwork.

Ancillary objects and features will become apparent in following the illustrated form of the invention in the drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a fragmentary part of a stationary window casing or the like, with the improved hanger supporting a curtain rod thereon;

Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view of th improved hanger and a part of a conventional curtain rod;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the hanger, and;

Figure 4 is a sectional view of a part of the window casing or other analogous elements together with a part of a curtain rod showing the method of attachment thereto.

A stationary element H] which indicates a window casing or other elements in the region of a place where it is desired to hang a curtain, is shown. It is apparent that the element I6 need not be indicative of a part of a window casing but may be any element in any location where it is desired to hang a curtain, a shield or ony other item normally hung by conventional means.

I have provided an improved hanger for the conventional curtain rod 12 shown in Figure 1. This improved hanger consists of a substantially L-shaped bracket having a longer leg I4 and a short leg it. At the outer edge of the short leg [6 thereon are depending teeth ill adapted to pierce the wood of th easement or stationary element H]. A hole 20 is provided adjacent the lower end of the longer leg I i and a hole 22 is provided in the short leg 16. These holes are adapted to accommodate screws 26 and 28 or nails, depending upon the prerogative of the purchaser of the device.

A curtain rod receiving keeper 39 rises from the edge of the long leg 14 to be fitted in a curtain rod as disclosed in Figures 2 and 4.

In Figure 2 there is shown a slightly modified version of the invention. The differentiating features are the omission of the teeth l8 from the short leg 36. The short leg 36 extends at right angles from the long leg 38 of the bracket.

Another important feature is the addition of an adhesive #19 which is of conventional description. This adhesive may be glue of any type or may be a cement of the type which is maintained in usable condition so long as a covering tape is retained thereon. If this type of cement is used, it will be provided with a protective covering tape until it is about to be used by th purchaser. Then the tape will be pulled ofi the cement coating 46 and the bracket simply thrust upon the stationary element It). This will obviate the necessity of holding the bracket with one hand while atempting to put the screws 4|, 42 in place in the stationary element. It will also assist in retaining the mounting bracket firmly in place on the stationary element.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

A one-piece curtain rod holder comprising an elongated metallic strip of material of uniform width throughout its length, said strip consisting of an L-shaped attaching bracket having a short horizontal leg and a longer vertical leg, said legs each having an aperture therein for the reception of fasteners extending through th legs into horizontal and vertical surfaces of a structural element to secure the bracket to the element by attachment of the horizontal and vertical legs to the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the element, a depending vertical flange on the end of said short leg which is remote from the longer leg and which flange has notched and cut-away portions to provide a single pair of anchoring teeth parallel to said longer leg and spaced from each other and from both of the ends of said flange and adapted to penetrate the horizontal surface of a structural element to which the bracket is secured, said flange having an unbroken marginal upper, horizontally extending edge portion between said teeth and its junction with said short leg, said longer leg having an outer longitudinal vertical edge extending the full length of said longer leg, a flat arm internally formed with the outer edge of said longer leg having fiat horizontal upper and lower ends each terminating in vertically spaced relation to the upper and lower ends of said longer leg and having its lower end terminating above the aperture in said longer leg, said arm having an upper straight flat, unbroken horizontal edge on its upper end extending to the longer leg and a lug formed on the upper edge of said arm and extending upwardly therefrom at its remote end and in spaced relation to the longer leg, said longer leg having a smooth unbroken plane upon its inner side whereby smooth sliding contact with the vertical surface of a structural element is effected.

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