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Publication numberUS2679575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1954
Filing dateJul 20, 1950
Priority dateJul 20, 1950
Publication numberUS 2679575 A, US 2679575A, US-A-2679575, US2679575 A, US2679575A
InventorsHaberstump Alfred Henry
Original AssigneeDavid D La Vine
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Portable reading lamp
US 2679575 A
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May 25, 1954 A. H. HABERs'TUMP 2,679,575

PORTABLE READING LAMP K Filed July 20, 1950 availibiv//me Patented May 25, 1954 rre 4SAT-MES PATENT :oFFICE PORTABLE READING LAMP :Alfred Henryfltlaberstump, Detroit, Mich., as-

.signor'.`;to.;DavidyD. La' Vine, :Grosse Pointe,


Application July 20, 1950, Serial No. 174,893

(Cl. Z110-6.4)

books and similar articles.

It is an object of this invention to provide a portable reading lamp of the' class-'described which may be quicldy and easily attached to a bool: or similar article in such position thatfthe reader will have adequate light directly von'the matter without interfering' with the mal 'tons in the vicinity.

object to provide a portable lamp d which requires nooutside power source but An tv iich the lamp and its power source a seli-contained unit when. not inxusewith no exposed wires and with the slamp .bulbrprotected from breakage.

It is a further object to provide a portable-lamp as described in which the cover for the self-contained unit also serves as a .mounting means and' as a reflector when the lamp is in use.

In the drawings:

Figure l is an elevational View of the unit shown when not in use, with parts being broken away for clarity;

Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line 2-2 of Fig. l;

Fig. 3 is a plan View of the unit with the parts being broken away for clarity; and

Fig. 4 is an elevational View of the cover assembly and a portion of the container assembly shown in cross section, the assemblies being in their separated condition.

The unit comprises, in general, a cover assembly I I and a container assembly I2 which, when the device is not in use, are in interntted relation as shown in Fig. 1. The container assembly comprises a casing I3, preferably of rectangular shape, which may be constructed of plastic or similar insulating material. Resting within the casing is a battery I4, the dimensions being such that the battery ts between front and rear walls I5 and I5 respectively of the casing and against one side wall Il. A cable storage space I8 is provided between the battery and opposite side wall I8. The bottom 2l of the container may have integral therewith an upstanding ridge 22 to retain the lower end of the battery in its proper position, and walls I5 and I6 may be provided with elongated raised portions 23 to hold the adjacent sides of the battery flush therebetween. A battery retaining plate 24 is provided immediately above the battery to retain it against upward movement. This retaining plate is held in position by means of lugs 25 on the inner .tion of the pages and without disturbing' surfaces of casing walls i5 and It, and the retaining plate is provided withrecessed portions 2S so that it may be removed from its locked position by a leftward sliding movement as shown in Fig.` 3. The plate is also provided with. an

. apertured portion 2l for access to the `battery terminals. Recesses 23 arefprovided in the side walls adjacent the upper edge of casing AI3 to wretainfthe cover unitrwhen in-its inoperative position, aswillbe later described. The upper edge of rearwall I5 is further provided with an elongated recessed portion '2Q for receiving portions of. the cover assembly.

Cover1 assembly H is movable betweenv an inoperative position surmounting the casing and an operative position attached to a book or similar article. This assembly comprises a shellflike member 3Q having a dome SI oi slight downward concavity, front and rear walls 32 and 33 respectively, and side walls Elfi and te. Wall S3, of greater height thanthe other. Walls,.has pivotally mounted thereon a pair of clips 36 and. 3'.' `by v such means as rivetsii .and 3Q. These clips .are

preferably of springlilre material and are movable between an inoperative position as shown in Fig. l and an operative position as shown in Fig. 4, substantially normal to the dome 3| and in which the cover of a book or similar article may be rmly engaged between the clips and wall 33, the wall being in underlying engagement with the article. Intermediate the two clips is a lamp bulb socket 4I, which holds a bulb l2 in a position spaced below the dome 3 i, The socket may be held in place by means oi a bracket 43 and rivet 44. Plates d5 and t6, separated by insulators 47 and d8, serve to connect the lamp socket to electrical conductors is and 5I respectively. These conductors are part of a cable 52 to the other end of which is attached a plug having a handle 53 and prongs 54 for insertion in battery terminals 55. Bracket d3 may be pro vided With a cable grip 56 for preventing strain at the ends of the conductors. Cover member 30 is further provided with a shelf 5l between the dome 3l and the walls, the shelf being adapted to rest on the upper edge of the casing when the two assemblies are united. Side walls 34 and 35 are provided with projections 58 which snap into recesses 28 when the cover member is placed on the casing.

The device, when in its inoperative position, will be assembled substantially as shown in Fig. 1. As will be seen when in this condition, cable 52 will be coiled and will reside within space i8 adjacent the battery, and the plug will also be casing and the clips or the lamp socket when the' cover is put on.

When it is desired to use the device for reading or similar purposes, the cover assembly Il is removed from container assembly I2, clips 36 and 31 are swung downwardly, and the cover assembly is mounted on the cover of the book or other article by means of the clips, as heretofore described. Cable 52 and its attached plug are removed from space I8 by means of handle 53, and prongs 54 of the plug are inserted in terminals 55 of the battery, thus energizing the lamp. It will be observed that in this condition the container assembly may be remotely positioned from the reader if desired. It will also be noted that concave dome 3l of the cover member 29 will serve as a reflector for the reading lamp, and that front and rear Walls 32 and 33 and side walls 34 and 35 will serve to coniine the rays from the lamp to the immediate vicinity of the printed matter, thus preventing disturbance of persons who may be in the vicinity.

What is lclaimed is:

1. In a device of the class described, a casing of rectangular form for supporting an electric power source, a cover for said casing made from sheet metal having a continuous central dishshaped portion presenting inwardly toward the casing when the cover is attached thereto, a downwardly extending flange about the dishshaped portion for receiving the casing, the flange at one side of the cover projecting a substantial distance beyond the ange on the other three sides thereof, a receptacle for a lamp supported on the extended ange, a cable connecting the lamp to the power source Within the casing, and a pair of ngers pivoted on said extended flange for securing the cover to a book in position to have the lamp within the cover direct the light thereunto, said cover being releasably attached to said casing for completely hiding said ngers, lamp and cable from view.

2. In a lighting device for illuminating the pages of a book, comprising a rectangular casing for supporting an electric power source, a cable also supported within said casing, a cover of rectangular shape having a continuous central portion from which a flange extends downwardly on all sides for extending over the open end of the casing forming a closure therefor, the ange on one side of the cover being of substantial length as compared to the length of the ange on the other three sides thereof, a lamp socket secured to said extended flange, a lamp in said socket, connecting means between one end of said cable and said socket in a manner to be in series with the filament of said lamp. and a pair of ngers pivotally secured to said extending flange by which the cover may be secured to a book, said fingers and lamp being enclosed within the casing When the cover is applied thereto.

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U.S. Classification362/99, 362/387, 362/194, 362/191
International ClassificationF21L14/00, F21V17/00, B65D35/02
Cooperative ClassificationF21L14/00, B65D35/02, F21V17/00
European ClassificationF21V17/00, F21L14/00, B65D35/02