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Publication numberUS2679685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1954
Filing dateJun 3, 1950
Priority dateJun 3, 1950
Publication numberUS 2679685 A, US 2679685A, US-A-2679685, US2679685 A, US2679685A
InventorsAustin James M
Original AssigneeAustin James M
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Razor blade changer
US 2679685 A
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June 1954 J. M. AUSTIN RAZOR BLADE CHANGER Filed June 3, 1950 Patented June 1, 1954 UNITED STATES TENT ()FFICE 7 Claims.

This invention relates to razor blade changers.

It is an object of the invention to provide a blade changer of inexpensive construction, but which is adapted to performing an automatic blade change with certainty and simplicity of operation.

With this and still other objects which will appear in the following full description in mind, the invention consists in the combinations and arrangements of parts and details of construction which will now first be fully described with reference to the accompanying drawing and then be more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a blade changer with new and used blade magazines and a razor in place thereon;

Fig. 2 is a section in the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a plan view of the blade changer of Fig. 1, with magazines and razor removed; and

Fig. 4 is a section on the line 44 of Fig. 1.

In my application Ser. No. 159,038, filed April 29, 1950, for Blade Changer, I have disclosed a blade changer, razor and magazines for use therewith. The present invention is an improvement thereon, the objects being to simplify the razor construction and provide a blade changer of simple construction which is adapted to mounting on a wall and requires no box or housing. The details of the magazines and the movement of parts in changing blades are disclosed fully in my said previous application and will be repeated only to the extent necessary to a full understanding of the present invention.

The complete equipment includes the blade changer frame A, razor B and new and used blade magazines and D.

The frame A is formed from a sheet metal blank by stamping and similar power press operations. Projections l, 2, 3 and 4 are struck up for holding the magazines, as indicated. Aperture 5 accommodates a tongue 6 on the magazine, the tongue 6 fitting under the plate A for holding down the magazine. Projection 4 is formed as a clip which snaps over an extension I at the other end of the magazine. The end wall 8 of the magazine is firmly held against projection I to position the magazine with reference to the razor B.

Razor B comprises a handle ID in which are fixed the back member H and guard member I2, the parts being held together with handle I0 and ferrule it, as by a rivet I 4. Projections or lugs IE on the guard extend through apertures 16 in the back so that when the razor is positioned as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 the supporting plate A will engage the lugs 15, forcing the guard 12 away from the back I! so as to release the blade. A tongue H is formed on the back and passes through an aperture [8 in the guard, hooking under the upper edge of this aperture as shown for holding the guard in position at this point. When lugs l5 are engaged as shown in Fig. 2 the upper end of the guard will pivot on tongue ll, so that the corner lugs IS on the guard disengage the blade 20, permitting sliding of the blade out of the razor by movement parallel to its cutting edge and reception of a new blade by a like sliding movement. It has been found that, if the guard I2 is made of sufficiently springy metal, a separate spring element for urging the back and guard together may be dispensed with. There is thus produced an exceptionally simple razor having only two parts, apart from the handle structure.

The means for holding the razor on the blade changer plate A comprises hooks or ledges 2| fitting over the cap portion 22 of the back ll; clip 23 passing through aperture IS on the guard and a registered aperture in the back so as to snap over tongue I! and hold the back down on the plate A; and an abutment 23 for supporting the back ll down toward the handle Ill. The razor is inserted in the blade changer by placing the cap under ledges 2| and then forcing the handle down until clip 23 catches. The razor is removed by reversing these movements, first lifting the handle to disengage from clip 23 and then sliding the cap out from under ledges 2|.

Brackets 26 carry a rod 21 on which is slidably and pivotably mounted a pusher 28. Pusher 28 has a tongue 29 adapted to enter a slot in the magazine C and to engage against the back end of the top blade of a stack of blades. Details of this structure are fully shown in my above mentioned application and will not be repeated herein. Part of the pusher is struck up at an angle, as indicated at 30, to facilitate operation by the thumb or finger.

Each time the pusher is operated from right to left, a new blade is injected in the razor B from magazine C, pushing the used blade from the razor into magazine D. When the magazine 0 is exhausted and the magazine D is filled with used blades, the latter is discarded and the empty magazine C is placed in the position previously occupied by magazine D. A full new blade magazine may now be placed in the location previously occupied by new blade magazine 0. The slot razor and, in the position of magazine D, the

slot 24 is in line with the blade in the razor.

In order to provide space for the extensions 6 of the magazines and to stiffen the plate A and arrange it at a proper angle, a rear flange wall 3| is'bent' down'from the' plate as'wel1 as 110 end flange walls"1122. The latter are made triangular in form, as shown, for locating plate A and a razor carried thereon at a. desired angle.

The plate A, may be held in the hand or.rested-- on a table while the blade change is being made, but is intended for mounting on a wallras ima bathroom. Screw holes 33 are iormecLin .the plate to accommodate screws 34"bi'means of which the plate is fastened to a wall 35 ashindii cated in Fig. 2. Assumingfthe wall 35 to be vertical, the upper end of th e plate-A will be -'pGSi- 1- tioned outwardly and-the platewillslantsbackr wardly toward .-the wallgas shown-a. This-brings." the handle- I ll of the razonintoward the. wall 35:

The plate A may. also befastened toia horizontal 1 surface-where desi-1 ed,..and inthis caseithe. slant ing of theplatea1sobrings. thehandle oft-the razor closeivdown to thesuria'cew To assist in maintaining blade alignment, the

pusher tongue 2 S is locatedicloser. to the cutting edge. ofthe bladelthan .to its back edge, as-in dicated in Figure 4, this arrangement-tending. to holdthe back edge of the bladeagainst the wall of the magazine-during,ejectionWThe same re sult can beachieved-by-slanting the? blade enblade magazinein aligned .position. fora .bladed change, with the. backof.theirazonagainstthe plate and the. .cap .at substantially. ,right.. angles thereto, and. a slidablepushnarranged. forpush a ing the topblade ofra stackiinthe new-blade magazine into the, razor toi-efiecta-bladechange 2.-.-A. blade changer comprising a plate .ad'a'pterL-i. forwall. mounting,-and-ihaving aintegral= parts. struck up-to. form means for-holdingha new blade.. magazine, a razor. and..a used-blade magazine. in..-.

aligned position .for, a. blade change,.-.and-.-a .slid.-; 1 I

able pusherarranged ion-pushing the top blade of-a stack "in the. new blade magazine; into. the razor to effect. a blade. change. I

3.'A blade changer. comprising a plate adapted for wall mounting and having means for holding a new blade magazine, a razor and a used blade magazine in aligned position for a blade change, and a slidable pusher arranged for pushing the top blade of a stack in the new blade magazine into the razor to efiect a blade change, the plate also having apertures for receiving magazine positioning elements and permitting insertion thereof under the plate and means on the back of the plate-to'LSpace it from a walla 4. A blade'changer comprising a plateadapted for wall mounting and having means for holding" a new blade magazine, a razor and a used bladevmagazine in aligned position for a blade 15 change, with the blades at substantially right anglest'o the plate; and a slidable pusher arranged for pushingthe-top blade of a stack in the new blademagazine into the razor to efiect a blade changeiztand means for holding an edge of the 0 plate away from a walli to slant the plate for bringing.themandle-ofarrazon heldson the plate closer.toflthe-wallw 5 bladetchanger comprising a plate adapted for wall. mounting.- andihaving. means for holding a new blade-magaziney-a razor and a used blade:

magazine in aligned position for a blade change, with-the.:bacle;of-.-the razor-- against. theaplate' and the cap at substantiallyi'right angles thereto, and.-

a slidable pusher. arranged for, pushing the :top blade of-a stack: in .thennewbladevmagazine into 1 the razor to-effect a blade change, and means for I I holding an edge-of the plate-i-away. from a wall. to slant the, plate 'f or bringing nth-e handle of. a Y

magazine, a razor and a used blademagazine irraligned-lpositionsfor aablade change andva slid- 0 able pusher-arranged forpushingv thetop blade oft a stackminather new :blade magazine 1 into 'the 1 razor-ta effect a blade change, the plate also having.flangeedgesstruckdownwardly-tosupport the same in spacedrelation from a wall.-

7..- A. blade.changeraccording. to claim :6, in.

which- -the.-said flangeedges. are: proportioned to hold. the. blade change-r imslanted: position. ion-1a Y wall for bringing .thet handlerofi the. razor. held thereomcloser tothe wall..

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