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Publication numberUS2681655 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1954
Filing dateJun 24, 1952
Priority dateJun 24, 1952
Publication numberUS 2681655 A, US 2681655A, US-A-2681655, US2681655 A, US2681655A
InventorsSchade Frank Stanley
Original AssigneeNat Blank Book Co
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Index sheet for coil wire binders
US 2681655 A
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June 22, 1954 F. s. SCHADE INDEX SHEET FOR COIL WIRE BINDERS Filed June 24, 1952 iNvEN'roR STANLEY SCHADE @ffld A TORNEIYS FRANK F'I GJ Patented June 22, 1954 INDEX SHEET FOR COIL WIRE BINDERS Frank Stanley Schade, Holyoke, Mass., assignor to National Blank Book Company, Holyoke, Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts Application June 24, 1952; Serial No. 295,275

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a removable index sheet for a pack of sheets secured together as by a coil wire type of binding. In this type of binder pack the sheets are provided with a series of spaced marginal perforations along one edge through which the coils of a single spiral wire are wound or through which other types of ring wires are passed, such as wire coils arranged perpendicular to the axis of the binder element and usually connected by wire portions parallel to the axis.

An object of the invention is to provide a bound sheet pack of the type indicated with an index sheet which may readily and easily be rearranged for positioning between any two of the sheets of said wire bound pack.

Other features and objects of the invention will be best disclosed by a consideration of the following description of an embodiment of the invention as shown by the drawings, in which,

Fig. 1 is a plan view of an open wire bound pack of sheets with the index sheet of this invention mounted therein and shown with its inside marginal extension spread open;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary plan view similar to Fig. 1 to show steps in removing or inserting the index sheet on the coil wire binder element;

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view similar to Fig. l with the index sheet turned on the wire coils from the position of Fig. 1 with the sheet lying against said edge extension; and

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary end edge view of the sheet pack in closed position.

The pack of sheets is indicated by the numeral I, being bound along one edge by a usual wire binding element as the spiral wire element 2 having the individual coils 2' wound in the marginal perforations 3 of the sheets. The usual stiff outside cover sheets are indicated at 4.

The index sheet 5 of this invention is preferably provided with a tab window or pocket 6 of any of the usual types at an outer edge of the sheet for ease in turning the pages of the pack to the section divided or partitioned off for particular subject matter and to be identified by sheet 5. A replaceable tab insert in pocket 6 is indicated at 1.

At the inner binding margin of sheet 5 an extension 8 is provided. This extending portion is adapted, as best shown by Fig. 3, to be folded flatly against the marginal portions of sheet 5 in face to face relationship. A marginal fold line is indicated at 9 (Figs. 2 and 3) between the sheet and its extension and defines the inner edge of sheet 5. Lying transversely of edge 9 are spaced openings cut as slots ID for registration with the spaced coils of the spiral wire 2. The con-- necting portions l I between the slots are inserted between the spaced coils in interlapped relation, the centrally disposed folded parts of said connecting portions forming a spacing or pocket through which a retaining rod member [2 may be passed longitudinally of the axis of the coiled wire element.

The rod member I2 preferably extends substantially the entire length of the .interlapped portions of the sheet 5 and in operative position is removably interlocked with the binding element as by the snap hook arrangement of the rebent portion I3 at one end of the rod. In Figs. 1 and 3 the rebent portion is shown with a loop having a restricted entrance at it formed by the angled tip end E5 of the wire. It will be evident that the wire may be inserted between the interlapped parts of the coils and the portions H of the index sheet as indicated by Fig. 21. The end It is then snapped over the outermost coil 2 to maintain its position in the binder.

From Fig. 3 it will be seen that the wire rod member l2 provides a metal bearing contact for the turning of the index sheet on the wire rings. It also supplies a brace or supporting element for the innermost marginal binding edges of the adjacent sheets of the pack when the binder pack is being opened to a section identified by the index sheet 5. In the end edge view of Fig. 4 the rod member l2 furthermore maintains a slight but well defined spacing on the wires between the pages on opposite sides of index sheet 5 and assists the initial turning movement of a plurality of pages on the coil wire by manipulating the index tab of the index sheet.

Preferably as shown by Fig. 1, the top and bottom edges of sheet 5 do not extend to the top and bottom of the sheets I. Rather the edges of sheet 5 terminate inside the top and bottom wire coil 2. In this manner the index sheet will be less subject to wear and tear at said edges and as will be noted from Fig. 3, the looped end of the rod [2 extends beyond the edge of sheet 5 thereby making the rod the more easily accessible for removing sheet 5 and rearranging it in the binder.

What is claimed is:

In a coil wire bound pack of sheets, removable index sheets, each insertable and removable between selected pages of the bound pack and comprising a sheet with the outer side edges thereof in inserted position of the same being 3 inwardly spaced from the adjacent edges of said bound sheet pack, one of said outer edges having an index tab extending beyond the outer edge of the pack, the inner edge of said sheet having a marginally extending portion turned back in folded relation against the marginal edge portion of said sheet and terminating adjacent said marginal edge portion, spaced openings cut transversely of said folded edge and registrable with the coils of the binder element of said pack, the folded edge portions between said openings interlapping said wire coils, and a removable retainer rod slidably inserted between the inside fold of said edge portions and said coils, said rod having a rebent hook end releasably snapped over an outermost coil and loosely embracing the same inwardly of the marginal edge of the. sheet pack at the end of said binder element, said binder 4- element at said end being open for access endwise of the axis thereof.

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