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Publication numberUS2682667 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1954
Filing dateNov 9, 1950
Priority dateNov 9, 1950
Publication numberUS 2682667 A, US 2682667A, US-A-2682667, US2682667 A, US2682667A
InventorsMichelstetter Donald L
Original AssigneeMichelstetter Donald L
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Method of making windowed articles of wearing apparel
US 2682667 A
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y 1954 D. L..MICHELSTETTER 82, 67


DOA/H4. D Z. MIGHA'L .5 rzrrme (Ittorneg;

July 6, 1954 0. L. MICHELSTETTER METHOD OF MAKING WINDOWED ARTICLES OF WEARING APPAREL 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Nov. 9, 1950 VIII/drill r/l/l/dI/I/I/A WW "h h WW O Zhwentor .24? 00NHLD Alf/cue snsrree "(Ittornegs Patented July 6, 1954 UNITED STATES ATENT OFFICE METHOD OF MAKING WINDOWED ARTICLES OF WEARING APPAREL Donald L. Michelstetter, Milwaukee, Wis.

Application November 9, 1950, Serial No. 194,908

1 Claim. 1

My invention relates to improvements in weather protective wearing apparel.

More particularly stated my invention relates to improvements in a head dress whereby the sensitive portions of the face of the wearer may be protected and visibility may be unimpaired; whereby a head dress including a facial covering may be provided with a windowed opening to provide clear vision; whereby the window of a windowed opening for a weather protective facial covering may be attached to the facial covering in a satisfactory manner; whereby a window may be so mounted in a knitted stocking cap that the interior surface of the window is exposed when it is in a retracted position above the eyes of the wearer; whereby a window incorporated in the construction of an extension for a helmet head dress is marginally inserted in the extension.

My invention further relates to a method whereby a windowed facial protective sub-assembly may be attachedto a head dress, and whereby the actual window material may be secured to the material of an article of wearing apparel.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 illustrates my headdress as it appears upon the head of a person when the face protective windowed band is folded in retracted position.

Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. l but showing the windowed band in face protecting position over the face of the wearer.

Fig. 3 is a front elevation of my head dress with the face protective band foldably retracted, a portion of the side wall of my head dress being broken away to show the fold in vertical section.

Fig. 4 is a front elevation of my head dress with the face protective band in fully extended position.

Fig. 5 is a perspective of the window sub-assembly including the window material, and the tape mounting means secured thereto, a portion being broken away to show a section illustrating my flange construction.

Fig. 6 is a section on line 6-6 of Fig. 4.

Figs. 7, 8, 9 and 10 illustrate in vertical section successive steps in my new method of mounting a window member on a garment, each of the figures showing in section the sub-assembly of Fig. 5 juxtaposed with the head dress material to which the sub-assembly is attached.

Fig. 11 is a view similar to Fig. 3 but showing an alternative form of window and windowed opening in a head dress.

Fig. 12 is a view similar to Fig. 4 but showing the alternative window and window opening in accord with the Fig. 11 construction.

Like parts are designated by the same reference characters throughout the several views.

I shall describe below the incorporation of my invention in a stocking cap made of suitable wearing apparel material and particularly the typical rib knit cap. Such a cap [5 is generally tubular and the top end is drawn together and closed, as by sewing or stitching. The end is puckered and is concealed by a pompon l6.

As shown in Fig. 2, the tubular body portion of my cap is of such length, when extended, that the rearward part of the lower margin I1 is drawn down snugly upon the neck of the wearer and the forward portion is disposed over the tip of the nose of the wearer. When this lower margin is thus extended, the eyes of the wearer are covered and I provide a windowed opening at iii to provide full vision for the wearer. It is to the provision of the windowed opening at this location, to the construction thereof, and the method by which the window is installed that my invention is directed.

It will be particularly noted that when the lower portion or band of the tubular construction of my head dress is folded upward to a retracted position shown in Fig. 1, this folded portion 20 overlies the forehead or the-upper part of the forehead of the wearer and the interior surface of the window 2! is exposed.

As shown in Fig. 3, it is common in the construction of stocking caps made of ribbed knit material to provide a double tubular body in which there is an inner tube 22 and an outer tube 23. To those who are skilled in this art, it will be recognized that the opening of a window space l8 in this knitted material presents ravelling problems, Since it is impractical to provide a knitted selvage for this window space, I solve this problem as described below.

Furthermore, the difiiculties presented in the provision of a windowed opening for a head dress.

of this type, include the provision of a satisfactory transparent material to which it is possible to attach the material of the head dress I5 by sewing or other practical attaching means. I have found that cellulose acetate in transparent sheet form is the preferred material for this purpose, and I have devised a new method and structure for mounting a plastic window through the use of tape flanges as will now be described.

The window 2| is preferably ovoid in shape. About its margins I attach a tape 25, the central portion of the tape being channeled at 26 about the edges of the window and a line of stitching 21 is sewed through the tape and through the plastic to permanently attach the tape 25 to the window. Thus two flanges 23 and 29 of tape material extend outwardly at either side of the marsins of the window.

The next steps in my process of attaching the window 2! to the head dress are illustrated successively in Figures '7 to 10, where it will be seen that the sub-assembly shown in Fig. 5 is placed against the exterior of the tubular knit material23. :FlangeIQB of tape materiali is folded at 36 and at (H in order that it may be sewed at 32 to the head dress l5 (see Fig. 8). When it has been sewed allaround the window 2|, it solidly binds the tubular knitrmateflal 2223 to the tape 28 whereby to prevent ravelling of the knit material. I then :excise zithe window opening by cutting the knit material along the dotted line shown eves inFig.8, thus leaving a. ravel controlled but otherwise raw edge at 3 3 (see Fig. 9). may. assume-theposition shownvin. Fig. 9 in which the window 2| .is substantiallyaligned withthe plane of the. material. I thenioldfiange .29 as shown in Figs. .9 andlO so-that allineof. stitching may beextendedrthroughthe folded tape at 3 5 tofinishthewin'dow inserting operations.

I thus providethedouole lines of stitching iiz and 35, to doubly bind and prevent ravelling-of the margins 34 of the window opening and because therawredges of the tape flanges, 28 and 29, are .folded in, before the stitching operation, the completelyfinishedjob is:a smoothandattractive taped binding for the windowed opening.

In the alternative i'ormof-constructionshown in .Figs. lland .12, I shapea plastic window All as shown-inthedrawings, and Iprovide a'tape binding andfianges-only for'the margins il, #52 i and '53.

The-window and its tape then provision of knitted material along the extended lower margin I? of the head dress is objectionable. A curve at the edge of the plastic at may be provided to conform to the nose or face of the wearer.

I claim:

The method of making a windowed article of wearing apparel including the making of the article .of wearing apparel withouta window opening, making a Window subeassembly including a centrally channeled tape like member marginally flanged, and securing the tape about the 1nargin of a Window element with the window :mang'm "in "the channel, applying the sub-assembly against the surface of the article of'windowed, securing one of the flanges to one side of the article of apparel along a line exteriorofthewindow element, excising an area .ofathe article of apparel within the said line and finally securing the other flange to the other suriaceof thearticle.

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International ClassificationA42B1/04, A42B1/06
Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/041, A42B1/061
European ClassificationA42B1/04B, A42B1/06B