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Publication numberUS2684787 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1954
Filing dateJan 19, 1950
Priority dateJan 19, 1950
Publication numberUS 2684787 A, US 2684787A, US-A-2684787, US2684787 A, US2684787A
InventorsEdward B Charpiat
Original AssigneeCharpiat Corp
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Transportable dispensing container for carbonated beverages
US 2684787 A
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July 27, 1954 CHARPIAT 2,684,787

E. B. TRANSPORTABLE DISPENSING CONTAINER FOR CARBONATED BEVERAGES Filed Jan. 19, 1950 Edward B. Chorpiot ATTORNEY Patented July 27, 1954 UNITED STATES PAT E'NT OFF i (IE EdwardB. Charpiat, Denver, 6010., assignor to The Charpiat Corporation, a corporation" of Colorado Application January 19, 1950, Serial No. 139,411

1 Claim. 1

The present invention relates to.- a transportable dispensing container for carbonated beverages. It has to do particularly, although not exclusively, with improved dispensing. apparatus for dispensing carbonated beverages, or the like, to patrons seated or otherwise present at sporting events such as baseball, football, and other games.

An object of the present inventionis to pro vide an improved transportable dispensing con tainer and means for. supporting it while being.

transported which 1s capable of being mounted upon the back and shoulders of a vender who may carry the beverage contained in the clispensing container directly to the personor persons desiring service.

Another object of the present invention is to provide improved meanswhereby fresh carbonated beverages other than in bottles or other containers, may be dispensed from a portable apparatus directly at the seats of patrons, or elsewhere, in the same manner as has heretoforebeen done at soda fountains or other beverage dispensing locations.

Afurther object of the presentinvention is to:v provide a container for a transportable dispensing apparatus which maintains the beverage in iced or otherwise chilled condition, in which means is provided to prevent the transfer of! cold from the container to the back. of the vender who is carrying the equipment in suspended condition from his shoulders.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an improved dispensing container arrangement in accordance with the foregoing in which, adjustable flexible means are provided to permit the container for the beverage to be slungover and suspended from the shoulders of the vender.

A further object of the present invention is to provide equipment of the foregoing character which is of relatively simple construction, relativelyinexpensive to manufacture, of relatively lightweight and of durable material, as well as being ornamental and of attractive appearance.

The foregoing and otherobjects and advantages of'the present invention will. appear from the following description and appended claim when considered in connection with the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specifi cation wherein like reference characters designate corresponding parts in the. several views:

In said drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the transport 21 able dispensing container for carbonated beverages embodying the presentinvention.

Fig. 2. is an end elevational View of the same; and

Fig- 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of a vender carrying the improved. dispensing container of the preceding views.

Before explaining in detail the present invention it is to be understoodthat the invention is not limited in its application to the details of construction. and. arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawing, since the invention is. capable of other embodiments and of being practiced or carried out in various ways. It is to be understood. also that the phraseology or terminology employed herein is for the purpose of description and not of. limitation, and it is not intended to limitv the invention claimed herein beyond the requirements of the prior art.

Referring, now particularly to Fig. 1 of the drawing there. is shown therein a container comprising a casing l0 having an enclosed. tank (not shown). The casing in, as shown, is provided with a. removable lid .orcover l I having an opening I2 formed therein through which the neck of the tank projects and upon which neck there is preferably mounted a. removable threaded cap or other closure |3..

The equipment shown in Fig. l is provided with a discharge outlet which preferably comprises a valve-controlled flexible tube or hose Hi which is tapped through the wall of casing or housing H3 and into the concealed tank, at 55. Placed preferably adjacent the tap I5- is a connection l5 permitting gas. to be fed into the tank within casing it. Casing lll'may also be provided with one or more holes. or. openings I? to provide air vents as Well as to permit water created by the cooling medium within the casing to be poured. off or discharged.

Flexible hose M has. at its forward end a valvecontrolled handle actuated tap it, the valve casing being shown at 9: and containingv a valve actuated by hande 20.

One of the important features of the inven' tion is to position unit lfi in such a manner when carried by the vender-shown in Fig. 3 as to maintain the inside wall 9 of the container casing it out of direct contact with the back of the,

vender. For this purpose: there is provided suitable means for so spacing the container casing; said means, as shown, comprising a curved or bowed plate member or sheet 25 secured at itsupper end portion 22 to the casing is in any suitable manner, as by means of screws, bolts or rivets 23. The plate or sheet 2i extends downwardly .and flares outwardly toward the base or bottom of the casing or housing ill and is then curved inwardly and secured at its lower flangelike end 2% to the wall 9 by means of bolts, screws or rivets 2%. Member 2! is formed from any suitable material such as light weight metal, plastic, or the like and is sufflcientlystifi and preferably so shaped and contoured as to fit properly the small of the back of the vender. It is to be noted particularly that the plate or bowed member 2! provides a definite and relatively large air space or clearance 26 between the wall 9 of the casing and said plate. It will be seen, with particular reference to Fig. 3 of the drawing, that this space 26 is disposed between the small of the back of the vender shown and the container. Thus, any cold created by any natural or artificial refrigerant within casing 19 will not be transmitted or transferred from the casing to the vender. In like manner, the heat of the body of the vender will likewise not be transferred or transmitted to the con tainer.

While the anti-cold transference means or device 25 has been shown herein merely by way of example as being in the form of a one piece plate or sheet of metal, it is entirely conceivable that other means and members of difierent shapes may be employed. For example, instead of having a solid piece, such as plate 2i, several spaced vertically extending and attached strips of suitable stiff material may be mounted upon the wall of the container. The important feature is to provide some suitable means on the container which will comfortably fit the small of the back of the vender and which will provide a definite air space between the container and the small of the back to thus prevent the transference or transfer of cold from the container to the body of the vender and/or heat from the body to the container.

In accordance with the present invention, suitable means is provided for mounting or applying the dispensing equipment of the present invention in a position upon the back of a vender so as to be suspended from his shoulders in a position which is not only comfortable to him but which permits him to have complete freedom of movement of his arms and the remainder of his body during his vending of the contents of the container.

In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention the wall 9 of the casing is provided with a removable V-shaped plate 39 which may be held to the wall by screws or the like 3i and which plate serves to support the upper ends of flexible strap members 32. Each of these strap members has a downward looped extension 33 and conventional buckle-like members 3a which permit the adjustment of the straps. The lower ends of portions 33 carry releasable hooks 35 which are adapted to be clipped to or hooked onto rings 36 carried by the tank wall d. The straplike members 32, are in the form of loops to permit the vender to slip his arms through them as seen in Fig. 3. Additional eye member 37 may be provided adjacent the top of wall 9 to receive a releasable hook 39 carried by strap 33 which is attached to flexible hose it, see particularly Figs. 1 and 3. By providing strap 38 and releasable hook 39, the dispensing hose it may be supported in the out-of-way position when desired.

This strap member 38 also serves as a support for the dispensing tube when in use, as illustrated in Fig. 3.

In order to properly support the strap-like members 32, 33, an adjustable transverse connecting strap member 49 may be employed. This member ll is provided with an adjustable buckle member ti and has looped ends which slide over members 32, 33. This permits the article to be comfortably arranged upon the back of the vender. Various changes may be made in the arrangement of the suspending means within the scope of the present invention. The idea is to provide means which will permit the comfortable suspension of the dispensing device upon the back and shoulders of the vender.

I claim:

In a transportable container assembly for chilled carbonated beverages of the type including a container enclosing an externally iced beverage-containing tank whose neck portion proj ects'upwardly above the container and a removable cap for said neck portion out of contact with the container, the improvement which comprises a curved spacing plate on the back wall of said container attached at its upper and lower ends to the back wall thereof and flaring outwardly and downwardly from its upper attached portion toward its lower attached portion and then curving inwardly toward said back wall to provide an air space between the container and a vendors back while carrying and transporting the container assembly to thereby prevent the transference of cold from the container to said vendors back, the greatest air space area being in the region of the small of the back of the wearer, beverage dispensing means including a manually-actuated valve-controlled flexible tube in communication with the beverage containing tank through a side wall of the container for dispensing its contents as desired, means for removably and suspendingly mounting the container assembly upon the shoulders of the vendor in-a transportable position, said means comprising flexible and adjustable straps commonly and clampingly attached at their upper ends to the upper central portion of said back wall above the curved spacing plate and at their lower ends to the back wall at spaced points thereon, a separate flexible strap member for movably connecting the free end portion of the flexible beverage dispensing tube to the container back wall or to one of the first-named flexible straps, means at one end of the separate flexible strap member for attaching the same to said tube, and releasable attaching means at the other end of said separate flexible strap member for releasably attaching said member to said back wall or to one or" said flexible straps.

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