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Publication numberUS2685140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1954
Filing dateMay 18, 1953
Priority dateMay 18, 1953
Publication numberUS 2685140 A, US 2685140A, US-A-2685140, US2685140 A, US2685140A
InventorsNedwick Zygmund
Original AssigneeNedwick Zygmund
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Guide rib runway
US 2685140 A
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ZL NEDWICK Aug. 3, 1954 GUIDE RIB RUNWAY Filed May 18, 1953 Patented Aug. 3, 1954 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GUIDE RIB RUNWAY Zygmund Nedwick, Glen Cove, N. Y. Application May 18, 1953, Serial No. 355,761

6 Claims. I

The present invention guideways and the like for practice, and particularly to what I choose to term a rib run or guide rib runway.

The main object of my invention is to provide a device or a means for promoting proper lifting action of the legs in running and for use in general in conditioning a runner through special exercise.

An ancillary object of the invention is to provide means for encouraging exercise of the legs of such character that the runner is bound to step over regularly spaced obstructions while running.

Another object is to provide a special running guide of such nature that it may be used indoors as well as outdoors, as desired.

It is also an object to have such a runway that has yielding parts to minimize danger of injury to a runner in case of tripping or falling or becoming confused while running.

An important object of this invention is to provide means for guiding and determining the length of the steps taken by a runner, indoors or outdoors, that can be set up or taken down quickly and conveniently, and which may be stored away when not in active use.

A practical object is, of course to have such a rib runway that is reasonable in cost, simple in construction and easy to use.

Other objects and advantages of my invention will appear in greater detail as the specification proceeds.

In order to facilitate ready comprehension of the invention for a proper appreciation of the salient features thereof, the same is illustrated on the accompanying drawing forming part hereof, and in which:

Figure l is a perspective view of a rib run or guide rib runway made according to this invention and embodying the same in a practical form, showing the runway in actual use outdoors;

Figure 2 is a transverse section of the runway of Figure 1 as taken on line 2-2;

Figure 3 is a side elevation of part of the runway forming a section or short length thereof; and

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the rib runway embodying the invention in the form adapted for use indoors upon a floor.

Throughout the views, the same reference numerals indicate the same or like parts.

In gymnasiums provided with running paths as well as outdoor athletic fields, a part of the exercise always required for putting players, runners and gymnasts or athletes in trim for coming games, bouts and various competitions includes relates to runways, athletics and running running to a large extent. While this is true, there has been scant attention paid to the idea of promoting regularity in the steps or length of the steps taken by running athletes, although it has been found to be more or less important to obtain such regularity. No means appear to have been generally adopted for this purpose, so that this feature has been left to each individual to do with as he saw fit.

However, upon considering this problem, several solutions have occurred to me, and as a result, the one that I now prefer is set forth in the following.

Hence, in the practice of my invention, and referring also again to the drawing, a long rib or bar 5 of plastic, wood or metal is provided with a plurality of downwardly extending studs 6, 6 of wood, plastic or metal spaced equidistantly apart along the entire length of the bar and rigidly secured thereto by any means known in the art. If of metal or plastic, these studs may be welded or fused thereto or integral with the bar, and if of wood, the studs may be pinned, inserted and glued to the bar, as may be found best by those skilled in the art.

Upon the mentioned bar are also secured a series of quills, wings or projections on both sides of the bar at 8, 8, 8, etc., the same being preferably made of rubber, natural or synthetic, or flexible and resilient plastic of the vinyl or polyethylene series, as may be preferred. These resilient wings or projections are secured to both sides of the bar by cementing or mounted thereon in any way that suggests itself to those skilled in the art, so long as they normally project horizontally out from the bar in opposite directions. Preferably, these wings are tapered outwardly upon the underside to facilitate flexing when struck by the foot or leg of a trainee or runner, so that no damage will result to his limbs.

When the device is to be used outdoors, a series of tubes, sleeve receptacles or sockets l, 1, 1, etc. may be driven into the ground 9 at regularly spaced intervals and then the studs 6, 6 simply pushed down into these receptacles until the bar rests thereon, to appear as shown in Figure l, but disclosed in best detail in Figure 2. Naturally, the wings 8, 8 are spaced appropriate distances apart to determine the correct length of the steps of the runners II], In when inserting their legs H, H between the wings while running.

During the running exercise, the bar 5 forms the main guide as to the direction of running to be followed, while the guide wings determine by their regular spacing the length of the steps taken by the sprinters l0, l0, and simultaneously gives the runners valuable practice in co-ordination between the eyes and their hands and feet. They will thus learn quickly to place their feet properly by eye as they run, and will therefore increase their alertness in action.

In inclement weather it may still be desirable to use the apparatus indoors in order not to miss needed practice, and for this purpose, there are included in the outfit a series of upright suction cups l2, l2, etc. with upper stud sockets l3, 13 for receiving the studs 6, 6, of bar 5. These suction cups are easily fastened to the gymnasium floor M by pressing them down thereon until they take hold by suction and thereby fix the apparatus in position for use. The suction cups with their sockets are preferably integral and made of rubher or plastic such as mentioned before, and may be disengaged from studs 6, 6, when no longer required to be used.

The dimensions of the parts and the spacing of the guide wings are all a matter of design according to the whim or judgement of the athletic instructors and others intending to use the apparatus, and generally speaking, form no part or feature of the invention as such. The rib run may thus be used outdoors and indoors with the same benefit and under similar conditions and principles of use.

Manifestly, variations may be resorted to, and parts and features may be modified or used without others within the scope of the appended claims.

Having claim:

1. A guide rib runway or rib run, including an elongated bar member, a plurality of depending studs secured thereon and spaced apart to form now fully described my invention, I

a series, a plurality of means for receiving the studs and thereby supporting the bar member in substantially horizontal position, and a plurality of guide members projecting from the side of said bar member and spaced apart to form a regularly spaced series.

2. A guide rib runway or rib run according to claim 1, wherein the plurality of means for receiving the studs includes a series of tubular receptacles adapted to project a short distance down into the ground and capable of removably receiving the studs in the upper ends thereof.

3. A guide rib runway or rib run according to claim 1, wherein the plurality of means for receiving the studs includes a series of resilient suction cups .adapted to be placed upon a. floor. each suction cup being directed downward and having an upwardly directed stud socket thereon adapted to receive the lower end of a stud in removable manner.

4. A guide rib runway according to claim 1, wherein the bar member is substantially rigid and the guide members are resilient and capable of being bent by contact of the foot or leg therewith but also capable of resuming a horizontal projecting position when released.

5. A guide rib runway according to claim 4, wherein there are two rows of resilient guide members projecting from the opposite sides of the bar member.

6. A guide rib runway according to claim 5. wherein a pair of opposite resilient guide members extend from the bar member at each stud so that the studs and guide members are located along said bar member in corresponding positions throughout.

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