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Publication numberUS2685365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1954
Filing dateAug 19, 1953
Priority dateAug 19, 1953
Publication numberUS 2685365 A, US 2685365A, US-A-2685365, US2685365 A, US2685365A
InventorsSieven Louis I
Original AssigneeSieven Louis I
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Tissue roll and support therefor
US 2685365 A
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Patented Aug. 3, 1954 UNITED STATE.


Application August 19, 1953, Serial No. 375,092

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to a toilet tissue roll packaging arrangement and more particularly to an arrangement whereby a spare toilet tissue roll is adapted to be mounted upon the usual toilet tissue roll holder so as to be readily available for use when desired.

It is an object of this invention to provide means associated with a toilet tissue roll package for mounting said roll upon a toilet tissue roll holder as a spare or replacement roll in such a manner as to be readily available for use when the open or service roll normally positioned on such holder has been exhausted.

It is also an object of this invention to provide an arrangement for a toilet tissue package which will enable said roll to be readily mounted upon a wide variety of conventional toilet tissue roll holders without interfering with the open or service roll positioned on said holder or its use, and which is readily available at such time as the open roll has been exhausted for immediate replacement thereof.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a mounting means for a toilet tissue roll package which may be readily, efliciently and economically manufactured and applied thereto and which will normally not interfere with the handling or packaging of rolls in cartons, etc., or normal methods of storage thereof.

In order to accomplish these and other purposes a pair of suspension tabs are provided se cured to the end surfaces of a packaged, substantially cylindrical toilet tissue roll, said tabs extending beyond the circumference of said cylinder and being provided with hook shaped terminal portions adapted to be engaged with the mounting rod or trunnion of a toilet tissue roll holder. Said arms are further provided with a score line to facilitate and permit said arms to be bent over upon themselves so as to lie within the circumference of the package and thus occupy a minimum amount of space and avoid interference with the normal packaging or storage of a plurality of said rolls in a carton or the like.

Other and further objects of this invention will become apparent from the description thereof contained in the annexed specification, or will otherwise be obvious. It will be understood that the invention herein disclosed may be employed for other purposes to which the structure and arrangements are adapted.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of one form of conventional toilet tissue roll holder showing a spare or replacement roll mounted thereon in accordance with the present invention;

Figure 2 is a front elevational view showing a toilet tissue roll having the supporting means of the present invention applied thereto and showing an open or service roll mounted on a mandrel in broken lines;

Figure 3 is an end View of a toilet tissue roll showing a suspension tab bent over upon itself in stored position; and

Figure 4 is an end elevational view of a spare toilet tissue roll having supporting means comprising the present invention applied thereto and supported upon the mandrel of a service roll and showing a wall recessed type of tissue holder in cross-section.

Figure 1 illustrates a toilet tissue r011 holder of conventional type wherein a wall bracket 50 carries wire frame I I, the side arms I2 of which are bent inwardly and enter openings in the ends of mandrel l3. Trunnion or mandrel It carries the usual service toilet tissue roll M which is comprised of an elongated strip of suitable tissue paper rolled around a cardboard or fiber board central core. In mounting the roll M, mandrel i3 is passed through the core of the roll and is mounted upon the holder by means of the inwardly bent ends of arms l2 which enter recesses in the ends of mandrel [3. The toilet paper may thus be withdrawn from the service roll as desired by merely pulling the free end thereof.

In packaging toilet tissue paper, it is the present day practice to provide an outer wrapper for the roll, said wrapper being rolled around the cylindrical roll and overlapping beyond the ends thereof so that said overlapping portions of the wrapper may be brought around the ends of the roll and secured thereon by being tucked into the interior of the center core and thus cover the entire roll. An alternative form of packaging provides for the application of a label or seal over the central portion of the ends of the roll and overlying the core thereof to more securely hold the wrapper in position thereon and additionally provides a suitable space for applying trademarks or advertising material thereto. Although the latter form of tissue package is here illustrated it will be understood that the invention is equally applicable to rolls packaged in any other manner as by simply tucking the marginal end edges of the wrapper into the interior of the core of the roll.

Figure 1 illustrates a spare or replacement roll l5 which is covered by a paper wrapper It. The overlapping marginal side portions I! of wrapper l6 are brought around over the ends of the tissue roll and sealed in position by means of a disclike seal or label H3. The replacement roll supporting means are attached to the end surfaces of the substantially cylindrical body of the package. These means are comprised of a pair of elongated strips or tabs 19 which are secured in position substantially diametrically across the ends of the roll as by a suitable adhesive. The strips or tabs may be formed of any suitable material such. as a stiff paper, cardboard, fiberboard, metal or plastic. A portion of said tabs l9 extends beyond the circumference or peripheral surface of the roll. The extending portion:

20 of each of the tabs is provided with recessed opening 2! and the end of said strip or tab I9 is formed into a hook 22. Opening 21 is so dimensioned as to receive the end portions of the trunnion or mandrel l3 sotha't when said hook 22 is engaged on said ends, the packaged toilet tissue roll is supported thereby and suspended therefrom. The extended portions 28 of tabs iii are of sufficient length to suspend said replacement roll below the service roll in use a' sufficient distance so that the operation and use of said service roll is not interferedwith in. any'manner.

It may thus be seen that the spare or repl'aoemerit roll may be suspended from the rod or mandrel usually employed in a toilet tissue roll holder by merely engaging. the hooked endportions 22 thereof over said mandrel at each side of the service roll positioned thereon whereby the wrapped spare roll is suspended below said service roll and is readily available to be unwrapped and placed in position upon the mandrel assoon as the service roll is exhausted.

Figure 4illustrates a modified form of suspending, tab. The figure shows a variant form of tissue roll. holder which ismounted in arecess 23 in wall 24. A rod or. mandrel zfiextends transversely across the recess 23 and-is passed through the core of service roll. 26, said mandrel being and whenzadheredto. the-wrapper forms a secure end seal therefor. Thus the suspending tab serves the dual purpose of. suspending the spare roll and sealing the wrapper in position. This 4 arrangement therefore may be very economically applied to the roll and adds very little to the usual packaging cost.

In order to conserve space when the rolls are packed in a carton or stacked for storage, said tabs are adapted to be folded over upon them selves. This arrangement is more particularly illustrated in Figures 2 and 3. As will b seen fromFigure 2, suspendingtabs [-9 are folded over upon themselves so that the extended portion 20 thereof lies within the circumference of the roll and no part thereof projects therefrom. When it is desired to suspend the roll as a replacement -roll, it'is' merely necessary to bend the tabs from their folded position as indicated by the broken lines in Figure 2 to the position shown by the solid lines in which position the hooked ends of the tabs engage around the mandrel and thus suspend the replacement roll. The suspending tab may be applied to the roll in folded condition. Said suspending tabsmay also be'provi'ded with a score line adjacent the circumferential edge of the rollto facilitate folding after the suspending tabs have been applied thereto.

I have here shown and described a preferred embodiment of my invention. It will be apparent, however, that this invention is not limited to this embodiment and that many changes, additions and modifications can be made in connection therewith without departing from the spirit and scope'of the invention as herein disclosed-and hereinafter claimed.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire'to secure by Letters Patent is:

In combination with a wrapped toilet tissue roll, means for supporting said roll as a replacement from the mandrel of a toilet tissue roll holder bearing a service rollthereon,,said means comprising a pair of elongated tabs secured along the end surfaces of said wrapped roll and extending beyond the peripheral surface thereof, each of said extensions being provided with a hook formed. at the free end thereof adapted to be engaged. around the mandrel of a toilet tissue roll holder whereby said roll may be suspended below said mandrel. and the service rolipositioned thereon as a replacement therefor.

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U.S. Classification206/410, 242/560
International ClassificationA47K10/24, A47K10/38
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European ClassificationA47K10/38