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Publication numberUS2685690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1954
Filing dateDec 23, 1952
Priority dateDec 23, 1952
Publication numberUS 2685690 A, US 2685690A, US-A-2685690, US2685690 A, US2685690A
InventorsChrisman Charles M
Original AssigneeChrisman Charles M
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Detachable advertising panel for garments
US 2685690 A
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Application December 23, 1952, Serial No. 327,57 8

2 Claims.

This invention relates to advertising and more particularlyto a panel on which advertising or other display may be placed and coupling means for attaching it to a garment.

It has become customary for companies sup plying various services to have their employees wear and upper body garment, the back of which carries the name of the company or an indication of the type of service with which the employee is associated. Such garments are frequently used by mechanics, for example, to indicate that they are employed by the company, both as an advertising means and to distinguish them from those not employed at the company. Garments of this nature are also frequently used by athletic teams comprised of employees of, or sponsored by, a, particular company.

Heretofore the companys name or other advertising device has been embroidered or otherwise permanently attached or imprinted on the garment itself, which results in the subjection of such advertising matter to the repeated launderings of the garment. This has limited the material which could be used for such advertising devices to those which could withstand the cleaning processes for the garment and has also limited the use of the partciular garment to the individual employed by or associated with a particular company.

Heretofore attempts to use detachable advertising matter has not been successful because of the variation in size between the garment and the material after the former has been cleaned. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide an advertising panel, and means for detachably securing it to a garment or the like, in which provision is made for registration of the fastening means even though a variation in size of either th garment or the panel ocurs.

A further object is the provision of means for detachably securing sheet material to a plurality of fixed fasteners on a garment or the like in which provision is made for securing the fixed fasteners simply and quickly to the sheet material regardless of the spacing of fixed fasteners.

A further object is the provision of means for attaching sheet material by snap fasteners affiXed to the material through registering openings in the material.

These and other objects of the invention will become apparent from the following description and drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a rear view of a man wearing on his back a device in accordance with the present invention;

Fig. 2, a detailed enlarged elevation of the left side of the panel illustrated in Fig. l; and

Fig. 3, an enlarged section through a fastening element illustrating its association with the adjoining material.

Briefly stated, the invention provides for a plurality of female snap fastening members to be attached, for example, by sewing to the body of a garment at spaced intervals along one or more edges, or other selected areas thereof. A panel of sheet material bearing the desired advertising or other insignia is provided to be worn against the portion of the garment to which the snap fasteners are sewn. The panel has a large number of apertures 01 perforations in the portions which are to be placed in face to face relationship with the fasteners on the garment. Male snap fastening elements extend through apertures in the panel in registration with the female fastening members and are engaged thereby to detachably secure the panel in place. In View of the area of the panel adapted for registration with the fastening members, it is easy to secure the panel to the garment even though variation in the spacing of the fasteners permanently fastened to the garment may occur, or to use a panel on a number of garments on which the spacing of the fasteners varies. Although a preferred form of the invention is disclosed in the drawing, namely with the female fastening member permanently attached to th garment, it is of course within the scope of the invention to reverse the relative positions of the fastening members.

Referring to the drawings, in Fig. 1, a rear view of a man is shown, wearing an upper body garment ill having a back i i to which a panel l2 of sheet material is attached. The panel may carry advertising devices of various kinds including trade names, trade-marks, company names or any desired design. The panel may be of the same or different material from the garment It and the design applied thereto may be in any desired medium, regardless of whether it can be subjected to cleaning processes and retain its original appearance. In some instances, the panel or a portion thereof may desirably be formed of stiffened or relatively rigid material compared to the garment.

In the illustrated embodiment of the invention, the garment H] has upper and lower rows of spaced female fasteners i3 permanently attached to the garment as by thread It engaging eyelets IS in the fasteners. In order to detachably secure the panel i2 to the garment Hi, the panel has an upper area it with a plurality of perforations or apertures H, which may extend in rows if desired, across the upper border of the panel. Similarly, the lower border of the panel has an area it with a plurality of apertures i9. The apertures IT and 19 are arranged close together, for example, with less than one diameters distance between the edges defining the adjacent apertures which cover the area of the panel adapted to overlie the fastening members it attached to the garment. A male fastening member 29 having a projecting portion 2! extends through each of the apertures ll or E9 which is in registration with the receiving portion of fastener it attached to the garment and engages the fastener, thus attaching the panel to the garment.

As the apertures ll through which the fastener 29 extends are very small compared to the size of the garment, so that a large number of apertures cover a border or other selected area overlying the fasteners I3, and because of the flexibility of the garment and in some instances of the panel, it is apparent that will always be possible to engage the fasteners, utilizing an aperture in the selected area for the reception of a fastener 29, regardless of the location of the fasteners E3 on the garment, so long as such fasteners have perforated portions of the panel placed in face to face relationship therewith. As previously stated, the panel or the selected perforated areas thereof may be of more rigid material than the garment or the remainder of the panel, if desired.

While the foregoing description relates to the attaching of the panel 52 by means of a particular type of snap fastener, the invention is not limited to this particular fastener but includes other conventional fasteners such as buttons, hooks and eyes, and the like. Where buttons are used these preferably are sewn to the base garment iii and are received in openings in the panel i2. Where hooks and eyes are used, one element of each of the hooks is attached to the garment i9 and mating elements are attached to the panel 12.

It will be understood that regardless of the particular fastening means employed applicants invention covers the use of relatively few attaching means on the base garment i9 and of providing a relatively large number of openings in the panel or other provision for engagement with the fasteners on the garment Hi.

It will also be understood that the panel may be comprised of various materials either similar to or different from the base garment it. These may be of the more permanent type such as cloth or may be of disposable material which is intended for use for only a short period of time.

Accordingly, the invention provides for an easy method of detachably securing a panel having one or more selected perforated areas thereon to a garment, or the like, having fastening elements adapted to face or overlie the perforated areas and through which cooperating fastening elements extend.

By the use of the device, the necessity for utilizing a particular garment for only one advertising device is eliminated, it being possible to easily and quickly substitute various advertising panels on the garment; furthermore, the garment may be cleaned without subjecting the advertising panel thereto with possible accompanying deleterious effects.

Although the embodiment of the invention is described for use with a body garment, it is apparent that it is not restricted to any particular use or type of material and that reasonable variations are within the scope thereof and therefore the invention is limited only as described in the following claims.

What is claimed is:

1. In combination, a body garment, spaced rows of female snap fastening members attached to the garment, a panel of sheet material having borders of stiffened material spaced substantially the same distance apart as said rows, each border having a plurality of rows of apertures with a plurality of apertures in each row, and male fas tening members engageable with the female fastening members, each of the male fastening members extending through one of said apertures in said panel and cooperating with a female fastening member, said fastening members securing said panel to said garment.

2. In combination, a body garment element, a panel element of sheet material having borders, one of said garment elements and said borders having a plurality of rows of apertures, means for detachably fastening together said garment element and said panel element, and comprising cooperating male and female fastening members said male fastening members extendable through the apertures in said one of said garment element and said borders, each of said male fastener members extending through one of said apertures, and cooperating with a female fastener member thereby securing said panel to said garment, said female element being secured to the other of said garment element and said border.

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International ClassificationG09F21/02, G09F21/00
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