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Publication numberUS2686006 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1954
Filing dateJan 8, 1952
Priority dateJan 8, 1952
Publication numberUS 2686006 A, US 2686006A, US-A-2686006, US2686006 A, US2686006A
InventorsHasselquist Victor H
Original AssigneeGoodrich Co B F
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Pneumatic bellows pump
US 2686006 A
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Aug. l0, 1954 Filed Jan. 8, 1952 V. H. HASSELQUIST PNEUMATIC BELLOWS PUMP 2 Sheets-Shes?I l /3 S-az Aug- 10, 1954 v. H. HAssELQuls-r 2,686,006

PNEUMATIC BELLows PUMP Filed Jan. 8, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ffy- Patented ug. 110, 195,4

PNEUMATIC BELLOWS PUMP Victor H. Hasselquist, Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B. F. Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application January 8, 1952, Serial No. 265,471

The invention relates to collapsible pumps for inflating hollow inflatable articles such as pneumatic mattresses, boats, tents, balloons, toys and other large volume and low pressure iniiatable articles.

Objects of the invention are to provide an improved collapsible pump capable of-inflating hollow inatable articles, especially articles of the large volume and low pressure type such, for example, as pneumatic mattresses, toys, or the like; to provide for eliective pumping action of the pump by Virtue of manually extending a bellows thereof axially to draw an inating medium such, for example, as air into the same through one end of the pump and manually collapsing the bellows axially thereof to force the inlating medium out of the same at the other end of the pump and into the inflatable article; to provide for cooperation of the pump structure with the hand of the operator to eiect the functions of a check valve at the intake end of the pump; to provide for ease and convenience of manipulation of the pump, either as an individual unit detachably and independently connected to the inflatable article, or as an integral unitary part of the inatable article; to provide for extensive iiexibility together with lateral stability of the pump; to provide for compactness, lightweight, durability and imperviousness of the pump; and to provide for simplicity of construction, convenience and low cost of manufacture, and for effectiveness of operation.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description.

In the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification,

Fig. 1 is a View showing a collapsible bellow pump held manually extended by the hands of the operator and detachably connected to a pneumatic mattress, and constructed in accordance with and embodying the invention, parts being broken away,

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view in an enlarged scale showing only the bellows pump( in the extended condition with its intake and exhaust ends open to the atmosphere,

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing a modified bellows pump in the collapsed condition and constituting an integral unitary part of a pneumatic mattress, parts being broken away and in section, and

Fig. 4 is a section in an enlarged scale taken along line 4 4 of Fig. 3 showing the bellows pump in the partially extended condition hav- 3 Claims. (Cl. 2313-160) ing a mechanical check valve at the exhaust end of the pump, parts being broken away.

In the illustrative embodiment of the invention shown in Figs. l and 2, the construction of a collapsible pump having a bellows-like or accordian-like pumping action, includes an extensible-compressible hollow or tubular body I0 of suitable shape such, for example, as circular in cross-section having, preferably, a plurality of interconnected, closed, axially-expansible, substantially equal, annular liexible folds Il, Il extending peripherally continuous about the body in substantially parallel relation one to the other and laterally inward relative to the longitudinal axis I2 of the body, which annular folds are disposed in series longitudinally of the body I0 and constitute its continuous annular sidewall having a generally corrugated configuration. The axially-expansibleflexible folds II, il are joined t0- gether in sealing relation one to the other at their outer peripheral margins or portions I3, I3, and have at their inner peripheral margins or portions Ili, I@ continuous annular flexible restraining partitions I 5, I5 which extend laterally of and within the body le in sealing relation to the sidewall thereof. Each partition I5 restrains laterally outward expansion of a fold II at its inner margin Ill and has a central aperture I6 to permit the passage of air. The hollow body I0 has iiexible, closed end walls I1 and I8, respectively, each having a central aperture I9, 20 for the passage of air.

The hollow body I0 having the plurality of axially-expansible annular folds II, I I, the the closed end walls Il, i8 and the partitions I5, I5 is made of thin, extensively ilexible, substantially impervious material capable of withstanding repetitive folding and ilexure and the internal fluid pressures normally encountered in use of the pump, and capable of resisting effectively aging, abrasive wear and puncture. In the preferred construction, the hollow body I0 may be made of square-woven, straight-laid textile fabric of iilamentary material such, for example, as cotton, linen, rayon, nylon, glass bers or the like, which fabric has stretch-resisting characteristics and is made substantially impervious or air-tight by being coated thinly and continuously on at least one side and desirably on both sides with an elastic composition of rubber, natural or synthetic, or other rubber-like or synthetic material having substantially similar chemical composition or physical properties to natural rubber and resistant to aging and abrasion. The thin rubberized textile fabric is extensively flexible to .the longitudinal axis I 2 of the body I0 as shown in Fig. 1, during the intake and compression strokes by moving the hands 50, l5I along a straight path coinciding with .the longitudinal axis I2 of the hollow body I 0, good results are obtained by having the folds I I, I I and restraining partitions I5, I5 shifted laterally relative to one another and to one side of the longitudinal axis I2 of the hollow body` I0 through .movement of the hand 5I along a straight path inclined or tilted relative to the longitudinal axis I2.

The manipulating element 2| at a large part of its seating surface about the aperture 22 tends to remain loosely against the palm of the hand 5I due to the lateral shifting of thematerial of the folds II, II and the end wall I'I at the opposite side of the body I0, when the hand 5I moves along the tilted path away from the hand 50 to extend the bellows, and thus permits the intake of air during the intake stroke of the pump. During movement of the hand 5I toward the hand 53 along the tilted path for producing the compression stroke, the laterally shifted disposition of the folds II, II makes feasible a relatively quicker and more effective seal of the element 2l against the hand 5I Also, during the compression stroke, whether the folds II, II be in the axially aligned or the axially shifted disposition, the pressure of vair within the body I not only bulges the walls of the folds outwardly and axially for increased capacity, but advantageously exerts pressure axially against the intake end wall I'I at the seating surface of the manipulating element 2i to facilitate maintenance of the temporary seal of the manipulating element 2I against the palm of the hand I. Outward unfolding of the foldsA I I, I I is prevented by the restraint thereto provided by the partitions I5, I5 which at the same time provide for lateral stability of the pump in its extended condition.

The pump may be manufactured commercially using the rubberized textile fabric and by joining together in series two or more walled inflatable pockets. Each inflatable pocket may, if desired, be made as an individual unit formed of two precut, apertured sheets of the rubberized textile fabric having the desired form such, for example, as circular, and secured adhesively together at their outer marginal portions I3, I3 in sealing relation one to the other throughout the peripheral extent or outer circumference of the sheets. Each united pair of outer marginal portions I3, I3 constitutes a reinforcing protective rib 32 extending laterally outward and circumferentially about the hollow body ID to reinforce the folds II, II at their region of joinder and to protect the hollow body IIJ against accidental damage and puncture. The reinforcing protective ribs 32, 32 'by virtue of their stifening action, facilitate guiding the folds I I, I I in the desired path of movement during the intake and compression strokes of the pump.

A plurality of the walled inflatable pockets are assembled with adjacent walls of adjacent inflatable pockets united and bonded together in sealing relation about the inner marginal portions at the apertures I6, the annular zone of attachment of adjacent walls being of substantial lateral extent to provide the annular apertured restraining partition I5 or common Wall between adjacent inflatable pockets. The annular reinforcing ribs 32, 32 and the annular restraining partitions I5, I5, by virtue of their double thickness and increased stiffness, coact 6" with adjacent parts ofthe hollow body I0 to provide lateral stability of the body during the intake and'compression strokes of the pump.

Subsequent to assembling the walled inflatable pockets constituting the hollow body II'I, the flexible manipulating element 2I may be adhered to the intake end wall II and the tting 26 may be secured to the'exhaust end wall IB in the manner described hereinabove.

Themodied construction 34 shown in Figs. 3 and 4 di'ers from that shown in Figs. 1 and 2 in respect of the collapsible bellows pump 34 being of substantially square form in section rather than circular, ybeing permanently attached directly to a pneumatic mattress 35, and having a suitable mechanical check valve 3E attached to the exhaust end wall 37 of the pump 34 and to the distensible wall 35 of the mattress 35.

The check valve 36, desirably of molded rubber construction, has a stepped bore 36a therethrough in alignment with the aperture 20 in the end wall 3l and with an aperture 39 in the Wall 33 of the mattress 35 which may have one or more divider strips -43 for providing one or more intercommunicating compartments 4I of the mattress. The stepped bore 36a construction provides a chamber 42 terminating at its upper end in a seating surface 43 and having across its lower end an apertured support element 44 whereby a ball valve element 45 is retained and iloatingly supported in the chamber 42 so as to move axially to the seating shoulder 43 to effect a seal as shown by broken lines inFig. 4, and move axially from the seating shoulder 43 to break the seal as shown by full lines in Fig. 4. The arrangement facilitates inflating the mattress while preventing the escape of air under pressure within the mattress through the pump 34. For deilating the mattress, a suitable exhaust valve fitting 45 may be suitable attached, for example, to the wall 38 at any desired position thereon.

The collapsible bellows pump 34 is operated in the manner described hereinabove for the pump I0 except that the check valve 36 is grasped by one hand of the operator with the palm and lingers facing and bracing the exhaust end wall 31. When the hollow body or bellows of the pumpv 34 is extended and compressed to effectl a pumping action, the mattress 35 is readily inflated and a suitable flexible manipulating element 41 functions like the element 2l to provide the required temporary seal against the palm of the other hand and to permit the intake of atmospheric air into the pump.

The invention provides an improved collapsible bellows pump manually operable and of any desired shape, although only the circular and susbtantially square shapes are shown and described. The pump can be utilized as an independent unit detachably connected to a hollow inflatable article, or can be permanently attached to the inflatable article. By virtue of the lateral restraint to outward unfolding of the folds provided by the interior partitions together with the functioning of the reinforcing outer ribs at the joinder of adjacent folds, the pump has lateral stability during its intake and compression strokes. The invention advantageously utilizes a hand of the operator in cooperation with the flexible intake end wall of the pump to serve as a check valve at the intake end. The construction also provides a light-weight, compact, lowcost pump having minimum number of parts and simplified, durable construction facilitating conveniente ofzmanamtm'eeand effectiveness fof operation- Variations may he made wiihnut :depanting from ithe scope rof theinsenlon .it is idened in the olluwing icl-aims.

I zclaiim:

i1. A manually operable extensible :and :eolpneinnatic .'irrflating axially collapsible and extemsiblnzsidemall .joined at each emi. 'to spaced walls, said being af highly :tiembla im'- pervious material foxfrgeneifally normgate'd cconr'guration, .said :sidewall loitering relatively slight resistance to extension thereof from' its collapsed hondtmlon, .one roi said `end Walls being Vapentured and :means :1E-nr commotion to the article to be inflated, the Iother of saidl `end walls having lan` aperture therethrough., .said pump .having a grip flange extending radially outward L'otf fsaid' latter named: apela ture and formed of manually flexible material, said liexible endl wall having :about the :margin of. nsaid aperture and along said. grip .flange an unobstructed 'hand-receiving surface for itezxibly conforming to `and sealing against the palm foi the hand when the grip ange 'is grasped the fingers and the pump is .moved .toward Aits colilapsed position, said grip `Zllange having less resistance Ato flexing than .the resistance :of said sidewall to extension from "its collapsed position, so that said grip ange 'flexesA when lthe fin-gers of the. .hand Ygrasp said .grip flange :and exert force .for extending the pump from vits lcollapsed condition causing the'palmof the operators hand to separate from the WallV about said aperture thereby .opening the `interior -ef the pump to atmosphere, yand check valve means in said ecnneoting means arranged to close automatically upon extension of :said pump.

'2; In a manually operable extensible and celil'apsible pneumatic 'inlating pump, yan 'axiailypollapsible and extensible sidewall joined at each endV to axially spaced end Walls, said sidewall `being formed of highly 'flexible air 'impervious material and being of generally` corrugated -coniguration, said sidewall oi'erin'g relatively slight resistance to extension thereof from :its collapsed condition, `one of said end Walls bei-ng apertured and provided with means for connecting to 'the article to be inflated, the rother of said end walls having an aperture therethrough, and having a radial extension axial-1y spaced from the adjacent sidewall portion and forming a grip llange, said gri-p flange and end lWall `belngormed of flexible material and providing abouttlie margin of `said latter harnedaper-ture and along said grip ange an unobstructed hand-receiving surf-ace for -iexibly conform-ing to and sealing against th-e palm of the hand when thewg-rip flange is grasped by the lingers and `the vpump is 'moved toward its eolapsesl positionl` said' grip ange having liess to flexing than the resistance of tsaid sidewall izo-extension `irom its eollapsed position, soitha'tsaid grip arnge :dexes'when the lingers of the hand vgrasp said .grip :flange amd exert fomentar extending the from its collapsed condtion'caausingithepalmpf the operat'orlshand to es'epairate from the `Wall about said aperture thereby opening the interior of the pump to atmosphere.

3. Inal manually operable extensible and collapsiblepneumatic. imitating pump, an axiallyr collapsible andfextensible :sidewall roined' at each end itoaxially spaced en'd Walls, 'said :sidewall beingV formed fof a 1plurality 'of fcentrallly lapertured of highly :liexifb'le air impervious materiatadjaeent vdiscs being :overlapped `and joined alternately fait their immer :and outer margins the overlapped .joint lait thevinner margins being. of. :snbstantially greater radial extent than that fat their outer margms, said sidewall -o'i-er-Y ing relatively rstlght resistance :to exiaensiony kthereof :from its:eollapserl condition, one of .saidend walls being apertured :and proyidedf'with rneans for .e'onneoting te the :article be 'innate-d,V the other of said-endwalls hating ain-:aperture ther-ethifougn, and having la. ,radial #extension spaced from the sidewall'zand forming a grip liar-ige, said grip nan-ge Aandlend'Wall formed of nexibie material and providing about the .marginof said lattenaperture :andalon'g said grip lange an unobstmnted hand-receiving `surface for flex-ibly conforming to and sealing against the palm of the hand when the grip-flange is `grasped by the fingers andthe 'pump is moved toward its collapsedA position, said rjoints :at the inner disc margins resisting radial .outward buckling off the sidewall. during collapse ofA the pump, said grip flange .having less resistance to mening than the resistances'of :said sidewall to :extension from its collapsed position, so that saidfg-rip `flange vflexes when the :ngers :of the' vhand grasp said grip flange exert force .for extending the pump from its collapsed :condition causing the 'palmof the operators to separate 'from the Wall about said aperture thereby' opeifiing `the interior of the pump to atmosphere'.

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