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Publication numberUS26862 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1860
Publication numberUS 26862 A, US 26862A, US-A-26862, US26862 A, US26862A
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US 26862 A
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l.'lo all whom it may concern-r miLabbarra ues solution of the chloride of wdzp elng the most convenient for use-and Be it known that r, ANsolv. H. Print, of

Oincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio, have invented a new and Improved Soap forGeneral Family Use; and I hereby declare the followv. ging to be afnll and accurate description of-the of the chlorine present in this soap, fabrics I renovated by it have a rare clear white apingredients entering into said soap, and the mode of compounding the same, of which the following is a specification; Y

I use in this soap four articlesviz.,first, watersecondly bag-soap; thirdly bora of {sodaand, fourthly, a c orinated so utlon of I compound itas follows: Itake one-halt pound of bar-soap, finely shaved, and dissolve it by heat-in one pint of rain-water, and when it has cooled down to the greatest density which will admit of rapid agitation I add successively at an interval of abou ttwo minutes, first, one-fourth of an ounce of finely-pulverized borate of soda, and, secondly, one-fourth of an ounce of the chlorinated solution of soda, stirring the mass rapidly after the addition of each article until the whole is well incorporated, and when cool it will be a beautiful white hard soap, like the accompanying sample, wanting only a few days to dry and harden. The following properties render this soap greatly superior to any other now known for general family or domestic use: v

First, it possesses the detergent power of removing the soilure from fabrics without any of the usual rubbing-instruments, and thereby saves at least one-half the ordinary labor of washing, and that, too, the most severe part.

Second, by dispensing with the rubbingprocess in all its forms in cleansing apparel,clothes subjected to the action of this soap wear at least one thirdlonger on an average than when treated in the ordinary mannerl,

Third, it is the most active and efticient erasive soap in removing tar, paint, grease, &c., .of which I have any knowledge;

Fourth, owing to the bleaching properties pearance. I a

Fifth; it has very little action" upon the hands, and leaves them soft and smooth.

Sixth, the chlorine almost wholly neutralizes theoflensive aflluvia of the wash-room, so much so as to be observed even by the most common capacity.

Seventh, this soap has no perceptible injurious effects upon the fiber of fabrics submitted to its action, as amply proved by actual experiment. I

'Use: Soap the worst soiled portions of the garments thoroughly, andput them to soak over night in water as hot as the hand can hear when applied to the clothes. in the morning wring them out, resoap' the soih-d parts, and put them to boil in cold suds for half an hour, using about the usual quantity of soap in making the suds. Then rinse well in two waters,

rubbing the soiled spots, ifany remain, slightly with the hands in the first rinsing water, and hang them up to dry, as usual.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isv The use of the ingredients and proportions thereof for a composition for soap, substantially as herein described.




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