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Publication numberUS2687133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1954
Filing dateJan 20, 1950
Priority dateJan 22, 1949
Publication numberUS 2687133 A, US 2687133A, US-A-2687133, US2687133 A, US2687133A
InventorsBernhard Kollisch, Hedwig Schwarz
Original AssigneeBernhard Kollisch
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Cosmetic or pharmaceutical assembly, including a mirror
US 2687133 A
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Aug. 24, 1954 2,687,133

` 4 HEDwlG SCHWARZ, NEE KORANYI ET AL COSMETIC OR PHARMACEUTICAL ASSEMBLY, INCLUbING A MIRROR Filed Jan. 20, 1950 Patented Aug. 24, 1954 cosMiiTic R PHA RMACEUTICAL AssEM- BLY, INCLUDING `A. MIRROR Hedwig Schwarz, ne Kuranyi, Vienna, Austria,

and Bernhard Kllisch, N

uri'iberg, Germany,

assignors to Bernhard Klliscli, N urnberg, Germany Claims priority, application Austria VJanuary 22, 1949 'Ihls invention relates to a cosmetic stick or pencil, more particularly to a lip stick, eyebrow pencil `or the like. For the sake of brevity, the term lip stick as hereinafter used is meant to 4 claims. (ci. 132-49) disagreeable spoiling of this bag or pocket may include all types 0f COSmetC pencils# 5 ror may be broken or its hinge members may be It isthe object of the invention to pIOVde. deformed. T is danger is reliably iemoved by a combination of a lip stick or the like with a further features of the invention relating to a mirror. special locking device. To this end the ring Another object of the invention is to arrange memberl 0f the up Stick socket Wmeh slightly the mirror in such a Way that t`f01ms in its l0 overhangs the lip stick casing and engages the Operative position an extension of the oasmT holding tongue ofthe mirror is provided with while in its non-operative position it lies against wedge surfaces projecting radially inwards. the longitudinal side of the casing and can be When the lip stick socket is moved into the caslocked in its position by means of the lip stick mg, the rmg member merely has to be turned carrier. a little in order to create a Jamming or clamp- Another object of the invention is to provide ing eiiect such that undesirable loosening or rean arrangement presenting a relatively large easing of the locking device cannot happen mirror surface which during use of the lip stick O her and further` objects, features and adcan be easily held 111 the COIIeCt DOSltiOn using vantages of the invention will be pointed out e Caslng 0f the 11D stick as a handle fOr the 20 hereinafter and appear in the appended claims mirror, while by means of the same locking deforming part of the application. vice both the lip stick carrier and the mirroi n the accompanying drawing a numbei of can be locked in their non-operative positions preferred embodiments of the invention are With these and further obJects in view which shown by way of illustration and not by way of will hereinafter appear, according to the preslimitati ent invention the casing of the lip stick is pro- Fig. lis anaxal section of a preferred modivided with a hinged mirror cooperating with the cation of the assembly, holder of the lip stick in such a manner that Fig. 2 is a front view thereof, in the position of rest the mirror is held in a Fig. 31's a top plan View of the sleeve or sock- Xed position at the lonsltudlnal side of the et for the coloured pencil, with the casing taken casing While in its operating position the m11- olf, and ror stands 01T from the casin "Fig 4 is a similar View showing a modified According to a further feature of the invenform.

0n the mirror 1s hlhged to the closed end face Similar reference numerals denote similar of the casing under spring actio 35 parts in the different views.

According to a further feature of the present Referring now to the drawings in greater demvention a iing member of the lip stick cartail, it will be seen that number I is a casing rier engages in the position of rest of the mirfor the lip stick which encloses the coloured ror a tongue-shaped holding member of the pencil or lip stick 2. The mirror 3 is hinged to mirror and by rotation is clamped on this holdthe closed end face 6 of the casing l by means ing tongue by means of a wedge surface To of a spring-acted hinge 5. As shown in Fig 6 t is end, the ring member of the lip stick care mirror 3 is locked in its non-operative pori'er may possess on its inner side a plurality sition by a locking member 8 The mirror suiof wedge-shaped projections in such a manner face in this case faces the sleeve I Advanthat the highest wedge point of one of the protageously the outwardly facinr surface (i e the Jections follows the lowest wedge point of the ack side) of the mirror may be provided with next proiection Advantageously the highest a monogram or with ornaments or similar deand lowest Wedge points of the ring member of signs It will be seen that the spring-acted t e lip stick carrier pass over into each other hinge 5 is positioned approximately in the midin the form of waves. dle of the end face t, the mirror being provided Since the lip stick carrier which is usually a at the movable hinge `part 1 at right angles theresleeve, must be removable from the casing in an to. axial direction for using the lip stick the danger In order to use the lip stick or the like, the exists that the lip stick may be ieleased undecasing I is seized by the left hand and the sirably from its closed position and even slip out coloured pencil 2 is drawn out of the casing I o the casing if it is not locked in the closed Thus disengaged and lthe mirror 3 swings into its operative position.

It will be seen .that the bar lis 'surrounded :in its nonoperativeposition by acontainer 1. The bar can be moved longitudinally in a sleeve Il, as by screwing, in a manner known per se, by means of its socket I0. It can :thus `'be .moved out of the sleeve Il according as lit'isused up, the sleeve il formed with a ring member 4 serving as a holder and overhanging thecontainer l for some length in the closedipo'sition.

The mirror 3 which maybe "'xedinasuitable frame It, is hingedly mounted to the end wall 6 of the container l by fmeans'of .thehinge disposed in the middle of the end wall 6. Connected to the hinge part 1 at "right'angles thereto is the frame l2 bearing the mirror'3.

At its opposite end the mirror 3 or fits -frame l2 is provided with a tongue-shaped-retaining member .e vadapted to :be engaged by the .ring member 4, if the latter is .put .on .thecontainer I. ln order to prevent the .ring member .A 4from slipping off in an axial direction, vthe inner ring I3 oi the ring member is provided with wedgeshaped surfaces I of Fig. 3 which according to Fig. 4 may be arrangedin suchamannerthat the highest point Iii of one conicalsurface is followed by the lowest point L6 of the next conical surface.

.lf after use of the lip Stick or the ylike the sleeve il is again put intothe container l, this is effected in such away that the tongue -8 -iS located in the zone of the lowest .point vl-B 0f the wedge surface. lf the ring :member A is now turned in the directionof arrow .X -with the sleeve il therewithin, the .holding tongue 8 is clamped between the walltof the .container l and the wedge surface, i. e. in the .vicinity of the highest points thereof. Therefore, the .ring member i is prevented from undesirable-movement in the directionof arrow Y..

As indicated in Fig. 3, the wedge-shaped clamping surfaces lil of thering memberd can also be arranged in such a way that thehighest wedge points il and the lowest wedge points I8 pass over into each other y1n the formof waves. This design offers the advantage-that the ring member i can be clamped on theholding tongue 8, no matter whether the .rotationtakes place in the direction of arrow X or in the direction of arrow Z. Accordingly .the user .of the lip stick need not pay any special attention tothe direction of rotationrequiredfor achieving vthe clamping action.

While the invention hasibeen-described-indetail with respect to certainpresentlypreferred examples and embodiments .ofthe invention Vit will be understood by those skilled :in vtheart after understanding the invention, that various changes and modifications fmay -be made without departing from thespirit andscope .of the invention yand it is intended, therefore, vto cover all such changes and modicationsin the appended claims.

Having thus described our inventionfwe claim and desire to secure byLetters Patent:

l. A cosmetic implement lfor facolore'd comprising a socket in which :the --pencil =iS mounted, a casing for said penciLandV socket, -a mirror hinged to said .casing Yon `the .outside thereof movable adjacent to and away from the casing and having a tongue-shaped retaining member, and a ring member including at least one internal wedge-shaped portionremovably mounted gagingv said retaining member1bythe wedge p0rtion and A-jamming the. ring member on ,-thecaspencil on one endofftheccasing forenfing "by VAretained on '-movable away position by member alsozretaining 'comprising a socket in which the. mounted a casing `'for said pencil and socket, a

`.thereof :movable `adjacent member, and 'a rotation thereof whereby the mirror is the longitudinal -side `of the casing in its non-operative from the casing in its operative vof the hinge, and said ring the pencil in the casing in the closed position of the implement.

2. A cosmetic implement for a colored pencil pencil is means hinged to said casing on the outside to and away from the casing and having a tongue-shaped retaining ring member including a plurality of wedge-shaped internal projections arrangedin special relationship relative to each other, said ring memberbeing adapted'to be removably mounted .on one` end of the .casing Vvfor engaging yfsaid .retaining .member .and yjamming the same -by angular .rotationag-ainst .the casing ywherebythe mirror faces the casing land is retained on the longitudinalside of the casing inlits vnon-.operative vposition .but is ymanually movable away .from the .casing .in its operative position by means of the hinge, and saidring member Aalso retaining the pencil in the .casing in the closed position-of the implement.

r3. A cosmetic implement for a colored pencil .comprising -a socket .in which vthe pencil is mounted, a casing forzsaid pencil and socket, a mirror :hinged to said casing on the outside thereof movable adjacent to from the casing and having ra tongue-shaped retaining member, .and a ring member including a pluralityof Awedgeeshaped internal projections arranged .-in 'spaced relationship .relative to each other, .said .-ring member being adapted to be removably mounted on one end-of ythe casing tozengage saidretaining member and wedge the same againstthe casingby rotation of the ring member .whereby .the mirror is =retained on the longitudinal side of the Acasing .in its .non-operative position but is manually movableraway from the casinglinits operative, position'bymeans ofthefhinge, andfsaid ringmemberalso retaining the-pencil. in the casing in the .closed posi-v tion of the implement.

all. A lipstick and mirror combination, .comprising a lipstick, `a rsocket in -which the lipstick is mounted, Ya casing for said lipstick and socket, amirror hinged'on 4the outside'of said casing and having a `tongue-shaped retaining member, .and a `ring member including a pluralityof Jwedge-shaped internal projections arranged in spaced -relationship relative to each 0ther,.said .ring being Iadapted to-be removably mounted yon oneend'ofthe casing to engage said retaining `member .and wedge the same vagainst the .casing .by angular rotation ofthering member wherebythe mirror is retained on the longitudgial side of thecasing in its non-.operative position butr-is'manually movable away from the casing in its operative position by z'means of the.' hingeyand f said ring vmember 1 also :retaining theipencil in `the .casinginthe closed position of the implement.

mirror .References Cited .in the le of thisrpatent

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