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Publication numberUS2688428 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1954
Filing dateJan 19, 1950
Priority dateJan 19, 1950
Publication numberUS 2688428 A, US 2688428A, US-A-2688428, US2688428 A, US2688428A
InventorsAlbert Manhartsberger
Original AssigneeWorcester Pressed Steel Compan
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Stored pressure medium container
US 2688428 A
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A MANHARTSBERGER STORED PRESSURE MEDIUM CONTAINER Filed Jan. 19, 1950 v Sept 7, 1954 h. ll 11!.

' INVENTOR. 14L5RTMAIVH M TAM Patented Sept. 7, 1954 STORED PRESSURE MEDIUM CONTAINER Albert Manhartsberger, Bloomfield, N. J., as-

signor, by mesne assignments, to Worcester Pressed Steel Company, Worcester, Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts Application January 19, 1950, Serial No. 139,515

4 Claims. 1

The present invention relates to stored pressure fluid medium containers such as are used for pressurizing vessels, inflating tires or the like.

The containers are charged with an expansible fluid medium at a high pressure and are opened with self-contained puncturing means to release the pressure medium. Heretofore, such containers have been provided but because of their high cost have not been practical as throwaway units. The present invention aims to provide an inexpensive stored pressure fluid medium container which is adapted to be discarded after being used.

Another object of the invention is to provide a stored pressure fluid medium container in a one-piece unit with a simple puncturing means incorporated therewith and adapted to be maintained in position after the puncturing operation has been completed.

Another object of the invention is to provide a stored pressure fluid medium container adaptable for use as a tire inflator.

Another object ofthe invention is to provide a stored pressure fluid medium container simple and economical in manufacture, efficient in operation and rugged in construction.

In accordance with the invention, the foregoing objects are accomplished by providing a onepiece container having a weakened portion of its wall surrounded by a well to provide an outlet and to enclose a puncturing member, the unit adapted to be threadedly engaged with a valve stem or threaded discharge pipe so that the puncturing member is automatically moved into position to open the container and release the stored fluid pressure medium.

The construction in accordance with the invention is advantageous in that a stored pressure medium container is provided which may be carried for long periods of time, such as in a motor vehicle, and is always available for instant use, the unit being discarded after being used.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description and from. the accompanying drawing which shows, by way of example, an embodiment of the invention. For a better understanding of the invention, reference may be had to the attached drawing and to the following description of a device in accordance with the invention.

- In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a side view of a stored pressure fluid medium container in accordance with the invention. a The ends have been shown as broken away to illustrate the positioning of the puncturing member at one end and the seal at the other end.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view of the upper portion of the container including the puncturing member before the container has been punctured.

Fig. 3 is a view corresponding to Fig. 2 but in which the container has been attached to a tire valve or other discharge means which has actuated the puncturing member into position to open the container.

Referring to the drawing, there is shown a stored pressure fluid medium container I, in ac cordance with the invention, which may be made of steel or other suitable material able to withstand the pressure of the stored fluid medium. The container I may have any desired shape to suit the operatin conditions under which it is to be used, a tubular form being illustrated.

The container I may be made by any suitable process and is formed with its upper end having a wall portion 2 of reduced thickness. As may be seen in Figure 2 of the drawing, the wall portion 2 has its puncturing area thinner at the center, gradually thickening out towards the edge or periphery and finally blending with a substantial radius into the main body of the container I of which the puncturable area or portionof reduced wall thickness 2 is an integral part. A'

, much stronger and more satisfactory puncturable area is obtained which permits the use of a thinner or Weaker center portion at the location where the piercing pin normally enters, thereby considerably reducing the necessary piercing force. In prior devices, in so far as is known, the puncturable areas have a uniform thickness, and if made too thin, have a tendency to fail on the periphery. The disclosed construction, by reason of its bridge-truss-like form eliminates the tendency to fail on the edge. About the reduced wall portion 2, the wall of the container is extended to form a neck 3 for an outlet well 4. The inner surface of the neck 3 is threaded as indicated at 5 to attach the container to a tire valve 6 or to any other threaded discharge means. The inner end of the outlet well 4 is smooth to slideably receive a guiding extension or skirt "I of a puncturing member 8. In order to retain it in position after. being operated, the puncturing member 8 is pref: erably made with an enlarged head 9 providing a reduced portion I0 between the enlarged head and the skirt I. In order to prevent leakage past the skirt I, packing means are provided including an annular gasket recess I2 formed about the wall of the skirt I and adapted to receive an O-ring gasket I4. The gasket recess I2 is made somewhat larger along the length of the skirt I than the diameter of the O-ring I4 and slightly less in depth than the diameter of the O-ring so as to deform the O-ring into a slightly flattened shape as illustrated to provide a better seal under pressure conditions.

The upper end of the guiding extension or skirt 1 is formed with a reduced end portion'to provide a second recess I5 adapted to receive a semiflexible gasket ring I6 made of a tough mate- 3 rial comparatively thin and with outer and inner diameters -Oi'- .sizes:.s0.-that the ring i frictionally retainedin position between the wall of the recess l5 and the threaded portion 5 of the outlet 4. By reason of the frictional engagement of the O-ring gasket l4 and the flat gasket 16, the puncturing member is normally retained in position Within the well 4 spaced from thethin wall 2.

In order to provide for the. passageof fluid from the container after the thinzwall'lsection i has been punctured, the puncturing member skirt 1 is made with a fluid passage I1 extending through the lower end thereof to its hollow center" material although for some uses a papercap will The container I may be filled andisealed at'its" lower end 20in any suitable manner such as disclosed in Yejeski PatentlN'o'. 2,189,852, inzwhich an apparatus is described for charging the conitainer and'closing the fillingopeningbyworking the material adjacent to'form'a closure.

In using'the container I; its outlet opening 4 isthreadedly engaged'with'any suitable discharge means such as the tire valve 6, which moves inwardly against the flat washer IE to urge the puncturing memberskirt' I inwardly so that the enlarged pointed head'9 of the puncturing member '8"penetrates the thin wall portion 2; The

stored'pressure fluid'medium is released t'hrough' the, opening formed in the wall 2 and escapes past the reduced portion I of" the puncturing member'through the aperture I T andinto thev discharge. device thel o-ring gasket I41 and the flatlgasket l5 providing a seal tov prevent the escape of the pressure medium.

It. is thus apparent that a stored pressure. fluid mediurmcontainer hasbeen provided of economical construction which may be'discarded afterl beingused.

While the invention hasbeendisclosedand: illustrated, with reference to a. specific: embodi-.-

ment: thereof, it will beunderst'ood thatnother embodimentsmayrbe resorted to without: depart-- ingrfrom the invention;

Therefore, the formof the invention as set out. above should be considered as illustrative and not as limiting-the scope'of the following claims.


l. A stored pressure-fluid medium' tire infi'ator container having-a portion of'its' integral wall of decreased thickness for the' easy-punctur-ing thereof-and adaptedto be attached'to athreaded tire valve stem, the integral w-allof the container extended outwardly about the weakened portion to-provide anoutlet for the container, a puncturing member, andiaguiding extension for the; puncturing member slidable. within the outlet; thepuncturing memberandthe guiding extension forming, a unitary, assembly, and fluid: passage means extending through: the guiding, extension; theinner surfaceof the outer end of theoutlet threaded to. engage. withthe tire valve. stem, the inner surface of the inner end'of the outlet providing a surface for the slidab'le engagement of. the guiding extension for the puncturing member,.the inward'movement of the tire valve'stem adaptedto move the guiding extension tocarry thepuncturingmember inwardly to puncture the wall of reduced thickness for the release of the storedrpressure .medium, whereby fluid is released fromtthe container without an outward movement of the puncturing member.

2. A stored pressure fluid medium tire infiator container having a portion of its integral wall of! decreased; thickness for the easy puncturing thereof and adapted to be attached to a threaded tire valve stem, theintegral wall of the container extended outwardly about the weakened portion to provide anoutlet for the container, a puncturing member, a guiding extension for the puncturing-member slid-able within the outlet, the extension having an annular gasket recess thereabout, and an O-ring gasket in the recess, the inner surface of the outer endof the outlet threaded to engage with a the valve stem', the inward-move ment of the tire valve'stem' adaptedto move'the' guiding extension to carry the puncturingmem ber inwardly to puncture the wall of. reduced thickness to release t'helstored pressuremedium:

31 A stored pressure fluid medium tire inflator container having a portion of its integral wall of decreased thickness for the easy" puncturing; thereof 'and'adaptedto be atta'ch'ed'to a threaded" tire valve stem, the integral wall of the container" extended outwardly aboutth'e weakened'portion to provide an outletfor the container, a'punctura inggmem'ber, a guidingextension for the'puncturing member slidable'within'the outlet, the extension having an" annular gasket recess therea'bout; anJU-ring gasket in the recess, theouter'endoi'. thev extension recessed'to form a se'cond'rece'ss', and a semi-flexible ringin the second recess to; frictionally hold the extension in positioniin' the" outlet', the inner surface offtheoutlet'threaded to engage with the tireval've stem; the inward movement of. thetire valve. stem'adapted 'te'move the guiding extension to carry the puncturingv memberlinwa'rdly to puncture the wall of reduced thickness to release the stored pressureime'd'ium'.

4. A stored pressure fiuid'medium-tire inflator' container having a portion of" its integral wall of decreased thickness for theeasy puncturing thereof, the: integral wall of the" container ex.- tendedoutwardly about the weakenedportion to provide an .outlet for'thelcontainer, a puncturin member, .atguiding extension of cylindrical'shape for the puncturing: member, an annular gasket recess about the extension, an O-ring in the: annular gasket recess, the outeizen'd'of'the extension recessed to form a second. recess; anxta semi-flexible ring, in the second" recess,',th'e extension having a. hollow center and having. an aperture atits lower end,. the outlet threaded to receive: a threaded end o'fia tireva'lve' stem; the semi-flexible ring adapted to engage with the threadediportion of the outlet to 'holdthe'exten sion inposition.

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