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Publication numberUS268868 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 12, 1882
Filing dateSep 9, 1882
Publication numberUS 268868 A, US 268868A, US-A-268868, US268868 A, US268868A
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US 268868 A
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(No Model.)



Fig Patented Dec. 12, 1882,

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters P atent No. 268,868, dated December 12, 1882.

Application filed September 9, 1882. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN F.'COLLINS, of New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and valuable Improvement in Springs for Starting Street-Railroad Cars; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making a part ofthis specification, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon.

Figure l in the drawings is a representation of the-bottom of an ordinary street railroad car, showing the spring attached at each end. Fig. 2 is a plan view of this invention. Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical central section. Fig. 4 is a modification of the spring, dispensing with bearing-arms at the end of the same.

This invention has relation to springs for starting street-railroad cars; and it consists in the construction and novel arrangement, in connection Witha street-railroad car, ot'a horizontal transverse spring at each end of the car, and underneath the same, arranged in bearings,-as hereinafter shown and described.

In the accompanying drawings, the letter A designates the sill or end floor-loeam of the ca r, or a suitable piece of timber attached thereto.

B B represent bearing-arms attached to the inner or rear side of sill A, through which the ends of the spring 0 pass, or around the outer end of which it may be curved or hooked, if so desired.

0 is the spring. ,7

D represents the draft-band, forming a box securely embracing the spring 0 at its center, constructed with projections 11., a, and a on the inner side of the spring (I, the outer ends of a and a acting as guards to protect the spring Cl'rom overstrain bystrikingagainst the sill A at the limit ofsat'ety, and the center one, a, forming the connection with the draw bar or rod E, to which the horses are attached.

In cases where the construction of the car is such as to cause the spring to interfere with the free working of the brake chains or rods, if applied to the sills of the cars, it may be applied to the outer end sills of the platform with nearly equal advantage; but the former mode ofapplication is on many accounts the most desirable. V

The leaves of the spring 0 may be increased special needs of use may require. 7

Instead of using springs having their ends supported in bearings, it is contemplated ,to sometimes employ springs having their ends curved forward toward the sill, and turned in ward and attached thereto, as shown in Fig. 4, and the parts may be otherwise modified in Ways which will readi y occur to those skilled in the art without departing from the nature of the invention.

The spring .0 may be supported in its proper position by brackets secured to the bottom of the car, or in such other manner as may-be most convenient.

by Letters Patent, is-

The horizontal transverse spring 0, supandhaving a draft-band, D, provided with guard'projections a a and a central projection, a, to which the draw-bar is secured, the whole constructed to operate substantially in the manner and for the purpose specified.

In testimony that 1 claim the above I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence of two witnesses.




or diminished in number at pleasure, or as the What I claim as new, and desire to secure ported bythe bearings B, attached to the car,

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Cooperative ClassificationB62C1/02