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Publication numberUS2689469 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1954
Filing dateJun 24, 1950
Priority dateJun 24, 1950
Publication numberUS 2689469 A, US 2689469A, US-A-2689469, US2689469 A, US2689469A
InventorsHappe Arthur H, Sperlich Herman A
Original AssigneeHappe Arthur H, Sperlich Herman A
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Stabilizing holder for tumblers or the like
US 2689469 A
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Se t. 21, 1954 A. H. HAPPE EI'AL 2,689,469


Application June 24, 1950, Serial No. 170,234

1 Claim. 1

The present invention relates to stabilizing holders or receptacles for drinking glasses or tumblers, bottles or the like.

Beverages, as is well known, are often served iced and, since they are colder than the surrounding atmosphere, condensation takes place on their outer surfaces and runs down on any supporting surface. To collect such condensation, receptacles for the glasses or bottles are often used. These are called coasters and usually are merely small cups or trays of somewhat greater area than the bottom of the tubular bottle and quite shallow.

Such coasters, while more or less satisfactory as drip catchers on level stationary table tops or the like, are themselvesunstable on other surfaces and, being usually quite shallow, do not increase the stability of the tumbler or bottle.

Among the objects of the present invention is to provide a holder which in itself is quite stable against overturning or tipping and in addition adds stability to the tumbler or bottle which it holds.

Another object is to provide a holder having a wide base to render it stable not only on such surfaces as table tops but also on upholstery or other more or less impressionable surfaces.

Stillanother object is to provide a coaster which is separable andthereby permits storage of a considerable number in a small space.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent to those skilled in the art upon reference to the following description and the accompanying drawings in which Fig. 1 is a view partly in elevation and partly in section of a preferred form of embodiment of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the same.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the case portion of a the same.

Fig. 4 is a bottom of the same. w

Fig. 5 is a sectional view on line 5-5 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 6 is a partial bottom plan view of the assembled holder.

Fig. 7 is an exploded view showing a modified form.

Fig. 8 is a partial bottom sembled modification.

As indicated, the holder is made of two members-a. base portion I0 and a cup portion I I, held plan view of the cup portion plan view of the asin assembled relation by the means shown and described later. The base portion consists pref erably of a disc of metal having a diameter considerably greater than that of cup portion II, the

ratio being in the order of about 2 to 1. This near its periphery are a plurality of arcuate slots I 0B. In addition to the arcuate slots there is also a central opening I00.

The cup portion I l is preferably of a depth sufficient to receive a considerable portion of a tumbler or bottle, say an inch or more, has a closed bottom and means by which it may be firmly fixed to the base portion but easily released when desired.

Such a fixing means is shown inFigs. 1 to 6 and consists of a plate I IA welded or otherwise fixed to the bottom of the cup and provided with a centrally located pilot I IB adapted to fit into the central opening Inc in the base. Plate HA is also provided with spring tongues IIC spaced from each other and from the platecenter to have the same radial location as slots l 0B so that they will enter said slots and coact therewith to maintain the two portions in assembled relation.

While Figs. 1 to 6 illustrate the holder as being made of metal, it is also proposed to make it of molded material such as plastic or to make one portion of metal and the other of plastic.

Such construction is indicated in Figs. 7 and 8 which show a base portion llll provided at its central part with an upstanding collar or flange IIIJA in turn provided with coarse mutilated threads HUB to form the female member of a threaded connection. The cup portion III is then formed with a reduced lower portion IHA provided about its periphery with mutilated male threads I l IB of such size and formation as to engage the threads HOB of the base portion.

We claim:

A stabilizing holder for tumblers and the like consisting of a cup portion and a disc-like base portion, said base portion being of substantially twice the diameter of the cup portion and having its center elevated, the elevated portion being of substantially the diameter of the cup portion and the remainder substantially flat, interlocking means carried by the bottom of said cup portions and the top of said elevated base adapted to hold the portions together.

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