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Publication numberUS2691846 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1954
Filing dateMay 8, 1951
Priority dateMay 8, 1951
Publication numberUS 2691846 A, US 2691846A, US-A-2691846, US2691846 A, US2691846A
InventorsFruhling Marjorie L
Original AssigneeFruhling Marjorie L
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Changeable earring for dolls with quick detachable securing means
US 2691846 A
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Application May 8, 1951, Serial No. 225,179

1 Claim. 1

The present invention relates to a toy device for use with dolls, and more particularly, it relates to toy earrings for dolls that may be changed as desired.

It is an object of this invention to present a device which has both educational and entertainment value for children.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become more apparent as it is described in detail below with particular reference to the accompaying drawings in which Fig. 1 is a profile view showing earrings of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical cross-section in partial elevation showing an earring inserted into a sleeve mounted in the head of the doll;

Fig. 3 is a vertical cross-section in partial elevation of a modified design for an earring that maybe employed in the present invention; and,

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one form of a sleeve to receive the earring.

In accordance with my invention, there is presented a doll having changeable earrings. These earrrings, which may be of varied ornamental design, such as the pendulum type, or of varied color, comprise a rod or stem having a disc or plate at one end in which the ornamental portion of the earring is mounted on the plate. The

stem of the earring is adapted for insertion into a sleeve which is a permanent part of the head of the doll.

With particular reference to Fig. 2, a changeable earring i2 is inserted into the sleeve I3 which is permanently mounted by some conventional method, such as gluing or the like, in the doll head II. The sleeve I3 is located at the bottom portion of the ear of the doll head I I, which is the normal location for ladies earrings, and is adapted to receive a rod or stem I4 of the earring I2. The rod or stem I4 has at one end a plate I5 on which is permanently attached an ornamental object It of colored glass, metal, or other similar device comprising the ornamental portion of the earring I2.

The stem I4 further has an annular groove II located at the junction of the plate I5 and stem I4. This annular groove I1 is adaptedi'to cooperate with the end portions I8 of the sleeve I3. The end portions I8 of the sleeve I3 are curved inwardly so that they may fit into the groove I1 and serve to grip the stem I4. In addition, the sleeve I3 has longitudinal slits I9 which extend partially along the sleeve and which serve to permit the ends I8 of the sleeve to move outwardly when the stem I4 is being placed into or removed from the sleeve.

Of course, it is obvious that the changeable earrings are adapted for insertion into each ear of the doll.

In use, an earring such as shown in either Fig. 2 or Fig. 3 having a stem I4 is inserted into the sleeve I3 so that the ends It of the sleeve fit into the annular groove I? thereby locking the earring in place. In other words, the earring will more or less snap into place. When it is desired to remove the earring and substitute another in its place, the earring merely pulled outwardly from the sleeve 93. Since the ends I8 of the sleeve 23 are flexible due to the slits E9, the ends It will be forced outwardly by the shoulders 26 of the groove I? and permit the earrings to be removed.

While the invention has been described in detail and shown with respect to the accompanying drawings, it is not to be limited to such details, since many changes and modifications may be made in the invention without departing from the spirit and scope thereof. Hence, it is desired to cover any and all forms and modifications of the invention which may come within the language and scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

In a dolls head having ears provided with openings in the lobes thereof, a removable earring structure carried by said lobes in the opening thereof comprising a cylindrical sleeve permanently fastened to each lobe in each of the said openings, including at its rear a stem-receiving housing and at its front a stem-receiving open-end portion, said sleeve being provided with slits extending from said housing throughout the longitudinal extent of said stem-receiving openend portion, said sleeve at the extreme front end of said end portion being bent inwardly toward the axis of said sleeve at points intermediate said slits and there presenting a pair of gripper ends forming a restricted entrance, alstem adapted for insertion by way of said restricted entrance into said sleeve and dimensioned for slidable and intimate engagement with the inner wall of said housing, a plate connected to the outer end of said stem for attaching an ornamental object, said stem being provided in the immediate vicinity of its juncture with said plate with a peripheral groove adapted to receive said gripper ends in a cooperative relation thereto, whereby said stem and sleeve are held together in a separable and telescopic relation to each other.

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