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Publication numberUS2693029 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1954
Filing dateSep 28, 1951
Priority dateSep 28, 1951
Publication numberUS 2693029 A, US 2693029A, US-A-2693029, US2693029 A, US2693029A
InventorsKass Samuel M
Original AssigneeKass Samuel M
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Scraper blade holder
US 2693029 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 2, 1954 S. M. KASS SCRAPER BLADE HOLDER Filed Sept. 28, 1951 INVENTOR United States Patent Q SCRAPER BLADE HOLDER Samuel M. Kass, Philadelphia, Pa.

Application September 28, 1951, Serial No. 248,788

1 Claim. (Cl. 30-332) The present invention relates to a scraper holder of the character which may be utilized to hold a paint scraper or the like.

The purpose of the invention is to simplify and reduce the cost of a paint scraper holder.

A further purpose is to retain the parts of a paint scraper holder against separation and thus prevent loss of the parts.

A further purpose is to guide one clamping element on the outer ends of the other clamping element and thus prevent the clamping elements from turning during clamping and unclamping movement.

A further purpose is to provide the user with a com paratively large handle to grasp the screw and unscrew the clamp, and thus avoid the likelihood that the user may be cut or hurt by engagement with sharp projections.

Further purposes appear in the specification and in the claim.

In the drawings I have chosen a few only of the numerous embodiments in which my invention may appear, selecting the forms shown from the standpoints of convenience in illustration, satisfactory operation and clear demonstration of the principles involved.

Figure l is a perspective view of the holder of the invention in the preferred embodiment with a blade in place.

Figure 2 is an exploded perspective of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary longitudinal section through the holder of Figure 1, showing the handle partially in elevation.

Figure 3a is a fragmentary enlargement of Figure 3.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary top plan view of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a section on the line 5--5 of Figure 3, omitting the blade.

Figure 6 is an exploded perspective of a variation.

Figure 7' is a perspective view of a modified use in which an adapter is used to carry a blade.

Describing in illustration but not in limitation and referring to the drawings:

The present invention is concerned primarily with scrapers of the character used for scraping wall paper, paint, and the like, and is designed particularly to provide an improved holder for the scraper blade.

In many prior art holders components are likely to become disassembled and lost, and therefore the holder cannot be reliably maintained in service. The holder of the present invention retains its interrelation even after the blade is separated and is not likely to come apart.

During clamping, resilient pressure is readily applied to the blade, to hold the blade but not to grip it so tightly that the blade is likely to be broken by concentration of stress.

The metal components of the present invention can generally be made of stampings and cheaply and easily formed and assembled.

Considering first the form of Figures 1 to 5, a handle 20 suitably of wood is strengthened by a metallic ferrule 21 at the forward end and receives a forwardly extending screw 22 in an opening in the handle, held in place by transversely extending pin 23 extending through an opening in the screw and through the ferrule and handle.

A clamping body 24 has a central opening 25 threaded on the screw and on either side of the opening provides a base portion 26 which extends out generally 2,693,029 Patented Nov. 2, 1954 transversely of the handle and at the outer ends is reversely bent at 27 and beyond the reverse bend carries opposed inwardly extending clamping portions 28 which are suitably flat on their inner surfaces to engage a suitable scraper blade 30. The scraper blade is shown as a special serrated blade but it will be understood that a razor blade or the like may be used.

In the preferred embodiment, the reverse bend portions 27 are narrowed at 31 to form flat guides and the guides cooperate with guideway slots 32 in the opposite ends of a cooperating clamping bar 33 which has an opening 34 which receives the screw 22 and swivels thereon at 34. The swivel is suitably accomplished by upsetting the screw at 34' and 34 loosely on both sides of the clamping bar, and the riveting at the end toward the scraper blade is suitably countersunk as shown so as to avoid unevenness of engagement. There is a space between the body 24 and the arms 28 as shown in Figure 3 in order to permit the clamp element 33 to be retracted.

In operation of the form of Figures 1 to 5 the clamp is loosened by turning the entire body and with it the cooperating clamping member 33 with respect to the handle in the direction to loosen the clamp by threading the body toward the outer end of the screw. The cooperating clamping member 33 turns around with the body and remains in place, being guided at 31. To tighten, the body is turned in a reverse direction and carries with it the cooperating clamping element 33. In tightening, the blade is gripped between the outer clamping elements 28 and the inner clamping element 33.

In some cases it is preferable to reverse the guiding parts at the ends of the body.

In Figure 6 the guide 35 has a tongue on the clamping element 33 at each end, and this engages in a guideway slot 36 at-each reverse bend 27.

In Figure 7, the clamping element 33 is extended at 33 to support a suitable blade 30'. The blade 30' is placed upon the extension 33 to support the blade and a top plate 36 and held in place by a screw 37.

In view of my invention and disclosure variations and modifications to meet individual whim or particular need will doubtless become evident to others skilled in the art, to obtain all or part of the benefits of my invention without copying the structure shown, and I there fore claim all such insofar as they fall within the reasonable spirit and scope of my claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

In a scraper blade clamp, a handle, a screw mounted on the forward end of the handle and extending in prolongation of the handle, a body threaded on the screw, said body having reverse bends at the outer ends of the body and having prongs extending inwardly in spaced relation to the body connected to the reverse bends and positioned on the side of the body remote from the handle, there being guiding edges on surfaces of the reverse bends which extend lengthwise of the axis of the screw, and a cooperating clamping element swiveled on the end of the screw and having guideways which extend laterally beyond the interior surfaces of the reverse bends and engage the guiding surfaces on the reverse bends, the clamping element occupying the space between the prongs of the body and the portion of the body threaded on the screw and having freedom to retract away from the prongs.

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U.S. Classification30/332, 30/171
International ClassificationB44D3/16
Cooperative ClassificationB44D3/164
European ClassificationB44D3/16B2