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Publication numberUS2693098 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1954
Filing dateJul 17, 1953
Priority dateNov 20, 1947
Publication numberUS 2693098 A, US 2693098A, US-A-2693098, US2693098 A, US2693098A
InventorsYoung James F
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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Washing machine and vibration damping means therefor
US 2693098 A
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J. F. YOUNG Nov. 2, 1954 WASHING MACHINE AND VIBRATION DAMPING MEANS THEREFOR Original Filed Nov. 20, 19 47 M a v. M M M M P ,m5 ,man

2,693,098 Patented Nov. 2, 1954 WASHING MACHINE AND VIBRATION DAMPING MEANS THEREFOR James F. Young, Erie, Pa., assigner to General Electric Company, a corporation of New York a ciaims.l (ci. ss-23) The present invention relates to clothes washing machines of the type wherein washing is performed in a basket, the Vbasket afterwards being rotated to centrifugally extract the water from the clothes. The invention is especially well adapted for small portable light-weight machines adapted to be readily lifted manually and placed on a drainboard, for example, when the machine is. to be used. However, the invention is notv limited thereto necessarily.

This application is a divisionof my co-pending application Serial No. 787,089, led November 20, 1947, now Patent No. 2,661,620 for a Washing Machine and Vibration Damping Means Therefor, and assigned to the General Electric Company, assignee of this application.

More particularly the invention relates to a machine of the above type wherein the basket, the washing means, and the mechanism for actuating the washing means and spinning the basket are built as a unitary structure which is mounted in a tub or casing as a unit.

The object of my invention is to provide an improved construction and arrangement in a machine of this character, and for a consideration of what I believe to be novel and my invention, attention is directed to the following specification and to the claims appended thereto.

In the drawing Fig. 1 is an elevation, partially in section, of a clothes washing machine embodying my invention.

Referring to the drawing, 1 indicates the tub of the washing machine which may be supported on a base 2 provided with feet or casters 3. In the tube is a unitary structure comprising a basket 4 having perforations 5, an agitator 6 for performing the washing operation, and a sealed casing 7 in which is an electric motor and mechanism including suitable gearing operated by the motor for oscillating the agitator to perform the washing operation, the basket being then stationary, and for spinning the basket and the agitator to extract the water from the clothes; also in casing 7 is a suitable supply of lubricant and means for circulating it to the parts requiring lubrication. The structure of the mechanism in casing 7 is not illustrated as its specific construction forms no part of the present invention. It may be a structure such as that disclosed and claimed in the application of myself and Carl S. Dayton, Serial No. 787,090, tiled of even date herewith, now Patent No. 2,511,681, and assigned to the same assignee as the instant application. The tub is provided with a cover 8 and with handles 9 for use in lifting the machine.

My invention has to do primarily with the arrangement of the unitary structure in the tub and the arrangement for damping vibration caused by nonsym metrical location of the clothes in the basket 4.

Referring to the drawing, the unitary structure comprising basket 4, agitator 6 and mechanism within sealed casing 7 is resiliently supported in the tub by suitable resilient means in the base and three side springs 11. Side springs 11 are tension springs and are positioned between lugs 16 fixed to casing 1 and lugs 17 fixed to casing 7. With this arrangement the unitary structure is yieldingly mounted in tub 1.

In performing a washing operation the clothes to be washed are placed in basket 4 and the tub is filled with washing solution to a point slightly above the top row of openings 5. With this arrangement the basket 4 and the casing 7 are completely surrounded by washing solution. The agitator is now operated to perform the washing operation. After the washing operation is completed, the level of the washing solution in the -tub is lowered to a point somewhat below the bottom of basket 4, it being lowered sufciently to leave space be- -machine structure.

tween the bottom of basket 4 and such level to hold the washing solution to be extracted frornthe clothes. For conveniently lowering 'the water level to the desired point, I provide preferably a hose 18 connected to the tub at 19, the level desired in the tub atthe beginning of the spinning operation. Normally hose 18 may be supported in a vertical position on the tub by means of a clip 2i). After the washing operation is completed hose 18 may be lowered and its end placed in a suitable receptacle permitting the washing solution to flow from the tub down to the level 19. The hose 18 may be then again fastened vertically by the clip 20. VAfter the washing solution level has been thus lowered, the basket is spun to extract centrifugally the water from the clothes.

With the foregoing arrangement it will be seen that casing 7 and the mechanism therein is completely surrounded by washing solution during the washing operation and is partially surrounded during the spinning operation. By such arrangement the washing solution serves to extract heat from the mechanism and the lubricant in casing 7. This serves the double purpose of cooling the mechanism and lubricant and imparting heat to the washing solution.

If additional clothes are not to be washed, then after the spinning operation is completed the washing solution still in the tub may be drained from the tub by means of a hose 21 similar to hose 18 and connected to the tub at its bottom. On the other hand, if additional clothes are to be washed then the washing solution previously drained out through hose 18 may be returned to the tub, or fresh washing solution added to bring the level in the tub up to the desired point.

During the spin cycle, small dissymmetry in the distribution of the clothes in the basket causes vibration of the unitary structure, especially at the critical frequencies, and in this connection Ik utilize the washing solution in the bottom of the tub to perform two functions, one to add weight to machine and the other as a liquid for a hydraulic vibration dampening system.

As to the first-mentioned function, I provide sufficient capacity in the portion of the tub below the basket that when the washing solution stands at the level 19, weight is added to the machine sutlicient to give good stability during the spin cycle, so as to prevent excessive tub motion. In a small machine, a volume of water may be used having a weight about equal to the weight of the machine. The Volume needed is controlled by the It should be an amout which rep` resents a good economy between effectiveness and cost of construction.

As to the second-mentioned function, I provide dampemng means connected to and carried by casing 7 p0- sitioned in the washing solution and cooperating with the washing solution to effect the absorption of vibrations.

In a structure as disclosed and with maximum extraction speeds of the order of one thousand R. P. M., for example, there are encountered two critical speeds due to unbalanced clothes in the basket, a first critical speed which may occur at a speed of the order of one hundred R. P. M., for example, and a second critical speed which may occur at a speed of the order of live hundred R. P. M., for example. At first critical speed the node or imaginary point of pivoting of the unitary structure axis occurs at some distance below the center of gravity of the structure which center of gravity in the present structure is about at the bottom edge of the basket as indicated in Fig. l. For example such node may be the point indicated in Fig. 1. At second critical speed, the node shifts up to slightly above the center of gravity and then drops to slightly below it indicated running node in Fig. 1. Use is made of this shift in positioning the damping means in that it is so located and arranged that its motion will be large with 4respect. .to ...the vwater andpushesthe watermasthahasket goes through its first critical speed and slight during the second critical speed and. up to running speed.

yThe specific dampingI means disclosedand claimed in this application. comprises. pistons .'40V carriedet the ends oi?v arms 41,Xed tothe casingandiitting loosely incylinders 42 attached to .thetub Wall. "heeylnders maybe provided with openings43 .for inwardzand outward ow of Washingsolufion.elected yby movement .of` the pistons. This forms' in substanceja series of dampening dash pots. In. .the `present'' are indicated but this is only .by..way.oi.example. Any suitablev number may. be used.

What Ielaimas new. andjdesire to secure "by Letters Patent of the United'Statesis.:

-1. For use inva,.clothes washingmachinejhaving; an outer tub for .containing washing solution, a..unit ary stnlcture comprisinga. sealed casing, A.a rotatable shaft journaled therein. and .extending upwardly a therefrom, a receptacle for anunbalanced'load carried by .said shaft for rotation. therewith, motor drive means'ior said shaftdisposed .within .saidleasingnmeansior resiliently supporting, .said casing within. said tub, 'dampening meansincluding a piston carried `by"'sing positioned to cooperate with a. cylindercarried by. 'said tub and` .having openingsi fpermittinglow. of. washing.l so-v lution` in the .tub..for.ldampening vibration of thermitary structure.

@For use Ain a clothes washing. machine v having an outer tub for containingwa'shing solution;4 a...'unitary .structure-.comprsing..asealedcasing,a Lotatable...shaft journaled therein and extending upwardly therefrom, a receptacle for an unbalanced load carried by said shaft for rotation therewith, motor drive means for said shaft disposed within said casing', -means for resiliently supportingsaidcasing within .said tub,..damping means including a" pistoneandr.. cylinder; .oneiof .Whichi is' carried by said casing arldtheother'bysaid outer' tub, said piston..and cylinder.beingssubmerseiin the washingso.-` lut'on in ftherftubjfor.damping, vibration of.4 the unitary structure.

13. In...a.c1othesf washingrfmach'ine of tithe.- type' -havinga.,.clothesi.basket. rotatable. :withinfY an .-enclosing, tub with drive meansffor.-` rotatingfsaid ybasket; and, `an unbalanced clothes load therein at a centrifugingrspeed, .said` drive means being enclosed within a casing within said tub, support and vibration:idampingnmeansrfor the basket, drive means, and drive means casing comprising a'.plu rality of -cooperating "and relatively movable pis-tons and= cylinders, 'means-permitting' Washing [liquid .to wbe drawn into randA pushed `out"of eachcylinder ,ltgyA the relative movement 'of 'the cooperating; piston,fandf re` silient means .supporting said'-fdrivefea'singv and vassociated structure within said'tub,oner ofeach nofi said-.co4 loperatirrxgpistons and ^cylinders -beingsecured: to said casing-while the other'is vsecured to' said ot1ter-rtuh below the. normal level of washingf-liquidther'ein Aduring oPIa/fiono'the machine.

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