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Publication numberUS2694396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1954
Filing dateMay 22, 1951
Priority dateMay 22, 1951
Publication numberUS 2694396 A, US 2694396A, US-A-2694396, US2694396 A, US2694396A
InventorsGuy Paschal
Original AssigneeGuy Paschal
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Massaging device
US 2694396 A
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Nov. 16, 1954 Filed May 22. 1951 e. PAscHAL MAssAGING DEVICE 2 Sheets-Sheet l Nov. 16,11954 G. PAscHAL 2,694,396

MASSAGING DEVICE Filed May 22, 1951 Y 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Fig. 6.

\\ INVENTOR. 37 GUY PHSCHAL /WTOH/VEY 2,694,396 Patented Nov. 16, 1954 United States Patent Office 2,694,396 MASSAGING nevica Guy Ilaschal,gSaravs ota,fFl-` l l' Y Application May 22, 1951, Serial i510. 227,655r i 4 claims.` J(cl. negri) l 'i This invention relates to devices for'massagingtthe tiesh below the skin without freely turned out of the right angled relation.

In using a device of the character described for massaging, for example on the knee, the device is placed on the knee with one outer surface in contact therewith and the hand is placed in Contact with the opposite surface and .then the hand may be face of the skin without actually rubbing or stretching unnecessary to use rubbing alcohol, powders, etc., asis customary today.

device is particularly useful vice which is in contact with the surface to be massaged, or in contact with the clothing massaged, is rough and does not Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art specification and the accompanying drawings.

Referring to the drawings which are given merely by wa y of example to illustrate the invention:

Figure l is a View of the preferred form of the device;

Figure 2 is a sectional View taken along the line 2 2 of Figure l;

Figure 3 is a view showing the device in use for massaging the knee;

Figure 4 is a view of a modified form of the device wherein the material is plastic sheets hermetically sealed together with a lubricant therebetween;

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken along the line 5-5 of Figure 4;

Figure 6 is a plan view of one form of complete massaging device, embodying the invention, and having a detachable cover which may be removed and laundered;

being lubricated so that one will y out actually frictionally rubbing 2 -f.- Figure"7 isa sectional elevation taken along the line 7;-7` of Figurei;

Figure 8 is a view of the massaging device of Figure 6 with portions thereof broken'away to show the different layers of'material employed; .A

Figure 9 is an'end view taken along the line 9 9 of Figure 8; and f Figure 9a is an enlarged detailed view of the end portion of Figure .9; v i

' Referring first to Figures 1 and 2, the device 10 is formed of a sheet 11 of silk satin, rayon satin, nylon satin, or the like having the slippery face 12 facing upwardly. superimposed on the sheet 11 is a sheet 13 in which the slippery face 14 is facing downwardly and contacting the slippery face 12. The warp threads of the sheet 11 extend from side to side, for example, while the warp threads `of the top sheet 13 extend up and down or 90 with respect With the sheets a row of stitching 15 extendrelation described.

Since fabrics kof this kind have av sleek or satiny face onthe so-called right side thereof and are more or less rough on the wrong side, by placing the device on a part of the body .to be of the knee 16 andthe outer face of the sheet 13 which is in contact with the hand 17 applying the massage, and consequently, the hand does not slip on the fabric. As the hand is moved back and forth and across and rotarily in all directions, the fabric 13 slides freely on the fabric 11, and the motion of the hand massages and exercises the flesh below the skin withthe skin.

Referring now to Figures 4 and 5, I show a modified form 18 of the device. In this embodiment the device is comprised of a sheet .19 formed of flexible plastic ma- Referring to the form of the invention shown in Figures 6 to 9 inclusive, the massaging device 25 includes a massaging element 24, which is shown in part, detached from an outer shield 23.

The element 24 may be formed of any satin material, such as silk, rayon or cotton satin. The sheets 26 and 2S are so related to each other that are in contact,

at an angle of with respect to the warp threads of the other.

29 are stitched together to maintain them in coline of stitching 34, and along a line of stitching 35, leaving the space therebetween open so that an operators hand may be inserted-between the two assemblies.

The fabric sheets 30 and 31 may be of any desired material; however I prefer to have them formed of cotton,

Stitched to the outer surface of the sheet 31 is a secured together about the perimeters thereof, lthe reinforcing strip 36, to which a plurality ofbuttons-37 smoother surfaces of said sheets being in contact with is secured. The shield 23 has a portion which overone another and the warp of one of said sheets being lies the sheet 27 and has an extension which extends disposed at a substantial angle with respect to the warp around the edges of the element 24 (with the excep- 5 of the other of said sheets. tion of the upper edge, and which carries button holes 2. In a massaging device, a pair of sheets of satin to engage the buttons 37). secured together about the perimeters thereof, the The device may be provided with several of the smoother surfaces of said sheets being in contact with shields 23 so that the device may be used with clean one another and the warp of one of said sheets being ones attached while soiled ones are being laundered. disposed at an angle of 90 with respect to the warp To use the device 25 the operator inserts the hand of the other of said sheets. into the pocket formed between the stitching 34 and 3. In a massaging device, a pair of sheets of satin 35 with the palm of the hand facing the assembly 26, secured together about the perimeters thereof, the 2S and the surface of the shield 23 is placed in contact smoother surfaces of said sheets being in contact with with the skin of the person being massaged. Then the each other and the warp of one of said sheets being disoperator goes through the process of massaging in the posed at a substantial angle with respect to the warp usual way. Now due to the fact that the sheets 26 of the other of said sheets, fabric means forming a and 2S have the sleek or satiny faces in contact, the pocket with the outer face of one of said sheets, and a motion of the hand moves the sheet 28 Without movfabric member covering the outer face of the other of ing the sheet 26. Therefore the surface of the skin said sheets and detachably secured to said first outer of the person being treated is not rubbed and irritated, face. and consequently all of the effort put into the massage 4. In a massaging device a pair of sheets of satin seis applied to the internal structure of the esh, cured together about the perimeters thereof, the smooth- I have found that the device is a great beauty aid er surfaces of said sheets being in contact with each in connection with the massaging of the face, the neck Other, and One 0f Said Sheets being formed of nylon, and other parts of the body to be beautied. the Warp threads of one of said sheets forming an an- Although I have herein shown and described one emgle of 90 with respect to the warp threads of the other. bodiment of the invention and two modifications thereotfl, it will be understtod ttlhat trlese embodiments are References Cited in the tile of this patent s own merely to teac ot ers t e practice of the in- 30 vention, instead of being limitative. UNITED STATES PATENTS It is obvious that many changes may be made in Number Name Date the arrangements herein shown and described within 113,394 Brown Apr. 4, 1871 the scope of the following claims. 1,438,850 Moeller Dec. l2, 1922 What is claimed is: 2,248,266 Abrams July 8, 1941 1. In a massaging device, a pair of sheets of satin 2,308,171 Greenholtz Jan. 12, 1943

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U.S. Classification601/138
International ClassificationA61H7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61H7/003
European ClassificationA61H7/00D2