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Publication numberUS269479 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1882
Publication numberUS 269479 A, US 269479A, US-A-269479, US269479 A, US269479A
InventorsJoseph T. Stretch
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US 269479 A
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(No Model.) I


I PANTAIiO-ONS. No. 269,479. Patented Dec. 19, 1882.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 269,479, dated December 19, 1882.

Application filed March 27, 188-2. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, JOSEPH T. STRETCH and James G. MoGoRMrcK, both of the city and county of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, have invented an Improvement in Pantaloons, of which the following is a specification.

Our invention has reference to pants and it consists in forming each leg of the pants with a removable or detachable portion, which portion extends from the knee down; further, in a peculiar arrangement of the pockets,'and so forming the front and back of the pants about the waist that there are no projections,

and in minor details of construction, all of which are fully set out in the following specification and shown in the accompanying drawings, which form part thereof.

The main object of our invention is to provide a pair of pants with legs which may be removed from the knee down, and thereby convert what were long pants into knee-breeches, or the reverse.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective View of a pair of pants embodying our improvements. Fig. 2 is a side elevation ofsanie.

Fig. 3 is a similar view with the part belowthe knee removed. Fig. 4 is a sectional elevation of part .of same, showing the construction at the knee; and Fig. 5 is a sectionalview (5f the top, looking from the back toward the rout.

A A are the upper parts of the two legs,

their bottoms terminating at the knees, they 5 being joined together at the top in substantially the usual manner.

B B are the lower parts, which, when hooked or otherwise fastened to the parts A, complete the pants, and make them substantially simi- 'lar to those in common use at the present day with the exception of the seams about the knees. The lower edges of parts A are provided with eyes D, and a backing or lining strip of cloth, C, behind them and extending 5 a short distance below. 1

Secured to the parts A and above the eyes I) are the bands E, which maybe of the same goods from which the pants are made, or may be made ornamental. They are secured firmly to the partsAa-bout half-way around, and one end is provided with a buckle, F, which maybe of gold, silver, or other substance,and the free end E of the band E is adapted to cover the remaining eyes D and buckle through the buckle F. 5 5

The bottom or lower parts, B, are provided at the backs with a pocket, H, the inner edge:

of which and the remaining edges of the parts B at the tops are furnished with books G, corresponding to the eyes D. If desired, the pocket H may be dispensed with. When the parts B are hooked onto parts A the seams are covered by the bands E E and buckles F. By

this means, on hot summer evenings the lower parts, B, may be removed, forming knee- 6 brecches, as shown in Fig.3.

The usual back tightening-buckle at the waist is dispensed with,and in lieu thereof we insert V elastic pieces I-over each hip, which pieces are inserted on the side seams.

The pockets open on the lines It, and are provided in the front with false flaps J, held down by but-tons K.

The pants button up the front, as is usual; but the inside tightening-pieces, I1 and M, are 7 joined by hooks and eyes 1 and m, as shown in Fig. 5, thus dispensing with all clumsy and projecting buttons, inasmuch as by the construction shown the two parts j nst |neet,but do not lap, and are detachablyjoined by the hooks So and eyes.

We are aware of the patent to Bradley, No. 199,780, and do not claim anything therein shown or described.

Having now described our invention, what I we claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- i 1. Pants in which the legs of the same from the knees down are detachably connected to legs above the knees, by which the pants maybe changed from long pants to knee-breeches, or the reverse,substantially as and for the purpose specified.

2. Pants having the legs of the same from the knees down made detachable with refer- 5 ence to the legs above the knees, in combination with a band about the seams around the knees, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

3. Pants having the legs of the same from 1c the knees down made detachable with referparts of legs A, joined together at top, with ence to the legs above the knees, and prothe lower parts of legs B, piece 0, books G, 'Vided with pockets in said detachable pieces, eyes D, band E, having buckle F, and free end in combination with a band about the seams E, substantially as shown and described.

5 5 around the knees to cover said seams and en- In testimony of which invention we here trance to the pockets, substantially as and for unto set our hands. the purpose specified. JOSEPH THOMAS STRETCH.

4. In pants, the pieces L and M, in combi- JAMES G. MCCORMICK. nation with books land eyes m, by which they Witnesses: 10 are hooked together, substantially as shown. B. M. HUNTER,

5. In pants, the combination of the upper R. S. CHILD, Jr.

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