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Publication numberUS2695112 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1954
Filing dateJun 23, 1951
Priority dateJun 28, 1950
Publication numberUS 2695112 A, US 2695112A, US-A-2695112, US2695112 A, US2695112A
InventorsBonnevay Noel Francois A Marie
Original AssigneeBernard Tissot Dupont
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Traveling case
US 2695112 A
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Nov. 23, 1954 N. F. A. M. BoNNEv/W I 2,695,1l2

TRAVELING CASE Filed June 23, 1951 '|72 Sheet's-Sheet l lr- H Nov. 23, 1954 N. F. A. M. BoNNEvAY 2,695,112

TRAVELING CASE I Filed June 25, 1.951 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 9 V18 19 33 30 sa a6 29 a [iM/@Mm Arry's United States Patent TRAVELING CASE Nol Franois Antoine Marie Bonnevay, Lyon, France,

asslgnor to Bernard Tissot-Dupont, Annecy (Haute- Savoie), France transformationthrough the formation of compartments, the size of which depends on the size of the articles to be carried in the case and that are held fast in said compartments without any possible shifting.

To this end, my improved travelling case houses an inner removable-lining tted inside the case and subdivided into compartments of the desired size by removable trays fitted inside the latter or else by partitions engaging grooves provided directly in said lining and trays in order to provide further subdivision, these various partitioning means being made of plastic material. The unitary trays or compartments formed are adapted to carry various toilet articles, such as bottles, soap, a shava ing brush, brushes, a comb, etc. that are held fast therein by reason of the said trays being designed to match the size of said articles and also by reason of the inner surface of the cover of the case being provided with at least one layer of yielding and elastic material that engages upon a closing of the cover inside the various compartments to hold the toilet articles therein through the pressure thus exerted on them.

The various inner partitioning means provided for such a case or trunk are, as stated, made of plastic material and may consequently be washed throughout.

l have illustrated by way of example in accompanying drawings a preferred embodiment of my invention, said illustration being provided by way of a mere exempliication and by no means in a binding sense. In said drawings:

Fig. l is a perspective view of the actual case when open and empty;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the inner lining before it is subdivided;

Fig. 3 is a view of the same lining after it has been subdivided by means of inner partitions;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a tray to be used in cooperation with the partitioning;

Fig. 5 is a plan view of the lining for the case, when filled with toilet and the like articles;

Fig. 6 is a cross-section through line VI-Vl of Fig. 5 of the lining inside the closed case.

The travelling case illustrated is constituted by an ordinary case 2 inside which is inserted a lining 3 matching its inner surface. This lining, that is readily removable with reference to the travelling case, is subdivided as shown in Fig. 2, by a medial partition 4 that may be rigidly secured to the lining or be removable, and subdividing the case into two large compartments, 5a and 5b that may be subdivided in their turn into compartments the size of which corresponds to that of the articles to be carried therein.

To this end, the lining 3 is provided along the inner surfaces of its longitudinal walls and along both surfaces of the medial partition 4 with vertical grooves such as 6, which allows subdividing either of the compartments 5a and 5b or both, into small unitary compartments that are separated from one another by small partitions 7 (Fig. 3) held inside said grooves 6 into which they are introduced through a sliding movement. Thus, as illustrated in Fig. 3, the large compartment 5a is subdivided into small compartments 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d and 8e. Inside the compartment 5b is introduced a tray or lining 9 that is subdivided in its turn into a plurality of smaller cornpartments by a longitudinal partition 9a and a transverse 2,695,112 Patented Nov. 23, 1954 partition 9b engaging slidingly grooves 6a provided as shown in Fig. 4 in the sidewalls of the tray. The remainder of the compartment b is subdivided into smaller compartments 10a, 10b and 10c, 10d through the transverse partitions 7.

By reason of the number of grooves 6 provided in the inner surfaces of the lining 3 and to either side of the medial partition 4, it is possible to provide, according to requirements, small unitary compartments the size of which corresponds to that of the articles to be carried.

Thus, Fig. 5 shows the lining 3 as carrying various toilet articles, such as a bottle 13, a perfume atomizer 14, a further bottle 15, brushes 12 and 16, a shaving brush 17, a razor 18, a soap cake 19, etc. It should be noticed that the two partitions 7 of Fig. 3 that define between them a compartment Sc are each provided with a shoulder 21 serving as a rest for a horizontal partition 22 subdividing said compartment into two further subcompartrnents of which the lower subcompartment is not visible in Fig. 5 while the upper one carries the comb 23, the scissors 24 and the articles 25 used for manicuring.

As apparent from inspection of Fig. 5, a tray 26 is fitted inside the compartment 5b of the outer lining 3 to lill the part of said compartment that is left free by the tray 9, this arrangement replacing the arrangement of small compartments 10a, 10b, 10c and 10d of Fig. 3. Said tray 26 is in its turn subdivided by partitions 26a and 2619 in order to carry in separate subcompartments a sponge 28, a soap cake 27, a tooth brush 30 and a tooth paste 29.

The toilet articles are thus distributed so as to be carried each in a compartment of corresponding size. ln order to hold them securely inside their compartments whatever may be the movements to which the travelling case is submitted, there is provided on the inner surface of the cover 2a of the travelling case and as illustrated in Figs. l and 6, a cushion 31 of yielding elastic material secured underneath said cover by means of a peripheral strip 32 of metal, plastic material or the like held by screws screwed into said cover. When the travelling case is closed, the cushion 31 engages the upper edges of the partitions defining the diiierent compartments and bulges into the latter to hold fast therein, as illustrated in Fig. 6, the diiierent articles housed in the several compartments.

Furthermore the articles that are less high than the partitions in the lining 3 are positioned, as illustrated in Fig. 6, on small cushions 33 of yielding and elastic material laid at the bottom of the corresponding compartments.

Obviously, my invention is by no means limited to the embodiments disclosed by way of a mere exemplication and it covers all the modications thereof falling within the scope of accompanying claim.

What l claim is:

A portable transformable toilet case, comprising a case body, a rigid lining of plastic material removably fitted inside said body, matching the inner wall of the latter throughout the extent and height thereof and provided along its inner surface with a plurality of vertical guides, a plurality of removable partitions fitted across the lining between cooperating selected guides, the different partitions defining, with one another and with the rigid lining, a plurality of compartments, a second rigid lining of plastic material iitted inside at least one of the compartments thus deiined and matching exactly its inner wall, a cover for the case, a cushion lining said cover throughout its inner surface, and a yielding mat at the bottom of at least one compartment.

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International ClassificationA45C13/02, A45C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C5/00, Y10S206/823, A45C13/02
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