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Publication numberUS2696057 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1954
Filing dateSep 6, 1951
Priority dateSep 6, 1951
Publication numberUS 2696057 A, US 2696057A, US-A-2696057, US2696057 A, US2696057A
InventorsFlautt John B
Original AssigneeFlautt John B
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Sandal with insole smaller than outsole
US 2696057 A
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Dec. 7, 1954 J. B. FLAUTT 2,696,057


United States Patent O SANDAL WITH INSOLE SMALLER THAN OUTSOLE John B. Flauti, Swampscott, Mass.

Application September 6, 1951, Serial No. 245,365

3 Claims. (Cl. 36-11.5)

The present invention relates to a sandal and more particularly to a modern type sandal which may be worn by men, women and children.

ln the present invention the sandal may be provided with a vamp strap and a heel or quarter strap, or other suitable means may be used to hold the sandal on the foot.

One of the objects of the present invention is to construct a novelty type sandal in which the outer sole is provided with a margin extending beyond the border where the normal upper and sole are secured together. This marginal border begins at the beginning of the heel and extends in a uniform curve from one side of the heel around the toe tip to the other side of the beginning of the heel. The sandal may have a wedge heel or other type of heel or may be flat.

A further feature of the present invention is that the sandal is composed of what may be called an inner sole and an outer sole, the inner sole having substantially the same or greater thickness than the outer sole with the inner sole bound around its marginal edge and secured to the outer sole by cement or other means.

A further feature of the present invention is that the outer sole comprises a sole facing flange or margin and under-lying strip if desired and an outer sole proper, all of which are assembled together prior to attachment to the inner sole and wedge if a wedge is used.

A further feature of the present invention is that the outer sole may be scalloped and stitched with stitching just within the marginal edge of the scallops.

Other features of the present invention will be more fully understood from a description in the specification set forth below when taken in connection with the drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the sandal of the present invention.

Figure 2 is a plan View of the sandal of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional View of a detail of construction on the line 3-3 of Figure 2, and,

Figure 4 shows in fragmentary detail the assembly steps of the outer sole manufacture.

The method of construction of the shoe of the present invention may be varied but for simplicity and deniteness will be outlined in a preferred order of operations. The inner sole 1 is finished with an edge binding strip 2, one face of which forms a periphery 3 under the inner sole and the other face 4 of which lies over the top of the inner sole al1 around its periphery. The sock lining 5 covers this binding periphery. All of these elements may be cemented to the inner sole 1. The vamp strap 6 is also tacked or secured in some practical manner, as by cement, to the underside of the inner sole. In the manufacture of the outer sole assembly, the outer sole 8 is irst blocked out to size without outer ornamentation as indicated in Figure 4 and so also the sole facing 9 with the underlay 10 if that is used. These three parts are then secured together with their front edges in alignment and then the outer scalloping effect 11 is obtained by a single die cut.

The outer sole 8 and facing 9 with underlay 10 may then be stitched around the periphery as shown by stitching 12, or this may be done after the whole sandal is assembled together. In the further assembly of the sandal the wedge 13 which conforms to the contour of the inner sole and commences from the instep rearward, is preferably attached to the inner sole, after which the outer sole assembly 7 may be cemented to the inner sole and the attached wedge.

The outer sole assembly 7 in the heel portion conforms to the contour of the wedge and inner sole, but commencing at a position corresponding to the beginning of the heel of a normal shoe the outer sole broadens in an outwardly extending marginal section 14 which extends all around the sole from one side of the sandal to the other.

This presents not only in attractive appearance but gives a broader sole area beyond the normal foot size, enhancing the wearing qualities and comfort of the sandal.

A quarter or heel strap 15 with suitable fastening means may be secured to the underside of the inner sole at the beginning of the normal heel section.

The underlay 10 may be a thin sheet having a different color from the facing edge 9 of the outer sole and shows through the holes 16 in the facing piece. The vamp strap 6 may also be laced with lacings 17 and 18 having contrasting or matching colors with the Vamp strap.

Having now described my invention, I claim:

1. A sandal of the type described comprising an outer sole assembly consisting of an outer sole member and a iiat thin facing strip secured in face-to-face relation thereto and forming a marginal strip terminating coextensively with the edge of said outer sole member from the shank region of said outer sole member to the toe end thereof and extending inwardly over a marginal section only of said outer sole member, an inner sole secured to said outer sole assembly in face-to-face relation and covering only an inner border of said marginal strip with said inner sole being substantially smaller than the outer sole in the area from the shank region to the toe end thereof and of the same size as said outer sole in the area from the shank region to the heel end thereof, and means secured between said inner and outer soles at either side of the shoe and a heel strap for fastening the sandal to the foot.

2. A sandal as in claim 1 in which said marginal facing strip and outer sole is provided with a scalloped border with the facing strip stitched to the outer sole by a line of stitching following the contour of the scalloped border.

3. A sandal as in claim 1 in which said marginal facing strip is provided with decorative perforations having a thin underlying sheet of a contrasting color secured in face-toface relation to said facing strip on the underside thereof.

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