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Publication numberUS2696962 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1954
Filing dateDec 23, 1952
Priority dateDec 23, 1952
Publication numberUS 2696962 A, US 2696962A, US-A-2696962, US2696962 A, US2696962A
InventorsGoss James W
Original AssigneeGoss James W
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Mirror mounting and supporting device
US 2696962 A
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Dec. 14, 195.4 J. w. 6088 2,695,962

, MIRROR MOUNTING AND SUPPORTING DEVICE Filed Dec. 25, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR. James W Goss A TTORIYEWS' Dec. 14, 1954 6055 2,696,962

MIRROR MOUNTING AND SUPPORTING DEVICE Filed Dec. 25, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 James W Gqss ATTORNEY-5' Application December 23, 195 2, Serial 'Nm-i327390 izcfllaims. (GL'FMIL-QR) :Thezinuentionzrelates to tmeansifor mounting and supzporting. large :nnframe'd mirrors,Jonsixnilariebjects; upon ra-asubstantially fiat awall or other: surface, and more partticu'larlyt-tosucb axievice incorporating adjustable, twopiece object supporting means, such as disclosed in =rny LI'J. *SJPatentPNo. 2;532;l62,="dated NoverribcrZS, 1 950.

l 'l'le :object supporting means of said patent comprises :aaplurality of similar two piece devices,--each=eornprising a eidouble tchannel :mernber for permanent attachment to a avail;and a hOOk-meniber; slid-ably, adjusta'bly attached to the channel member and being .aidaptedforengagemefit -With an-edge portion of the mirror.

In 'mountingya rectangular mirror by means (if sai'd -patented objeet supporting-meansfitl necessaryiomseat least four of the devices, each'df'whieh-must be-separately :attached-to' the'wall in prqpenposition.

Where"the mirror is "mounted a'bove' a ledge su'chas a "mantel 1 tar-fireplace shelf, two off the "devices are located :upon'thewall soas-to'engage each side'edgeof the mirror, '--8S ShWI1 in said Patent No. 253251 62. However, where 'suchaEledge is not available, two of the patented devices are positioned along the lower edge of the mirror,"tosup- .Port the weight thereof, and two more are positioned alonglhe upper edge .df 'the -rnirror toholdthe same in vert-ical-position, substantially againstthe-wall.

This requires considerable accuracy in attaching the several separate object supporting devices rto :the. wall 'at exactly the :right points for engagement .,With opposite edgesio'f :the mirror, andalso, in cases where 'the mirror is to "be mounted upon uneven wallsg this ifrequently requires zstraightening, fa'iri l blocking or other preparafion (of the wall.

"Itis an object of the;present'invention toprovide means "for mounting 'and supporting-a mirror'up'on an uneven 'w'a'll without ,the necessity o'fstraightening, Ffa'iring, {blockf'ing or 'otherwisepreparing'the wall upon which thernirror "istq'be mounted. I

Another 'object 'isito provide such a device including .two metal stripsifor attachment Ito a Wall in horizontal position, each strip having means for adjustably mounting two. of said patented object supporting-devicesthereon.

A further object of the invention ,is to provide such ..a device in which ,each metal strip 'is providediwit;h spaced,

;parallel rows ,Of apertures for selectively-;receivingnails v .0]: screws ,at various points where solid anchorage, "such .as s'tudding, may.ibe.,encountered tin vthe wall, and, Fforwalsc rselectively..receivingrivets.or .the likeat variousplacesfor v,attac'liingrthe .channel members of :the .object supporting dcvices. 1

.A still :furtherobject -is .to provide spaced, parallel corrugations ,HPOn the back -of each .metal .strip, to corn- :pensate ,-for -an-y uneven spots on -,the :surface oftthe wall uponwhichtthetmirror ismounted.

' EIIhe above-objects together with .others which will .be .apparent fromwthewdrawings and followingqdescription, .or-which zmay be .later referred to, .maybe attained by constmcting the [improved 'mirror .mounting .and ,support- .ing-.device-,in -.the mannerzhereinafter described =indetail, :and' :illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which;

Fig. l is a front elevation of onerof-therobjectesupporting devices, showing the same detached from the metal strip; a r r Fig. 2a detached, perspective view 'o'fwhe double channel member, ifonn'ingia part ofth'eohject supporting device' ,FigfIB .atdetached, perspective view of the adjustable, khorikedmemb'er 'ofthe object supportingt'device;

Ziiig. .4 a detached, perspective "view of the pad Jo'fi'felt. .orihe' like, which is attached 1.0 .zthedoulalc-channel member;

United States Patent 0 2,696,962 Patented Dec. .14, 1954 tEigmiaaxreanielevation fof one endrporti'on of the 'per- Eforate, (corrugated imetal istrip forming 1 a part of the invention;

:Fig. :6 "transverse, sectional view "through tlie cor- 5 lu-gated metal: stripJtaken as on the 'line 6%6, -Fig. 5;

1Fig.:7fla vertical;- sectional view looking in'ithe direction loft-theaarrows'fl'lfliig.' IiOJthrough arnirror mounted upon a wall --*by means-"of the irnproved mirror mounting an'd snppo'rtingdevice, -the central portion of the mirror 10 :a,nd"Wall-"being broken out tore'ducethe size 'of the'figure;

FigJB =a' broken-"elevation showing-- the'mannerin which a ledge, such as a=ma ntel or 'fireplace a'shelfi' supportsthe -lower edge of arnirror, with-' the "object" supporting devices attached to the *ends 'of the "horizontal metal strips ier 5 engagingbeside edges'of the mirror;

Fig. 9 an elevation of the two metal strips attached to the su'r face o'fa wall withtheobject supporting devices positioned thereon for'engaging 'the upper and lower edgescftamirror;and,-

Fig. TO-a front elevation dfi'a mirror mounted by means --of'the"dev1ees showninFig -9.

Referring now more particularly-to the embodiment of *the-invention illustrated-in which similar numera'lsre'fer to similarparts throughout, the object' supporting devices which"forrn atpartof the completez'mirror mounting and "supporting devieesare 'shown in detail in F igs. 1 to 4.

"These object supporting devices are of the general cha'racter clisclosed in my PatentNo. 2,532,162 above referred to. Eachof these-object supporting devices 'c'o'mgprise generally the membersl l and 12, preferably formed of heav-y sheetmetal orthelike. The-member 1 1 com- ;p'rises the 'rela'tiv'ely fiat 'bo'dy 13 having. "overturned side -margi'ns 1-4 forming ehannels adapted to -sli'da'bly-receive the edge portions o'f' the relativel-y fiat body "15 of the =me'nlber l'2. v

The flat body 13 of {the 'member 11 is .provided with spacedapertures 16 adapted torece'ive rivets, or thelike, :for'atta'ching-it totheperforateInetal.strips, as will be later described, and the flatfbo'dy 15' of the-member 12'is prov-i'cled withan aperture 17, preferably in the form of anzelongated slot,-f'through which, in.certain instances, one 'o'ffthe {rivets may be located as -willbe later described.

"Each of these object supporting devices comprises *rneans. for restricting free s'lidi1 1g.aetion of the members '511 aniiifl relativeto-each other, such means being shown the drawings as comprising a spring .fin'ger '18 upon the member 12 adaptedto be-resiliently positioned in'iany one ofthe trou'ghs ofthe"corrugated'surface 1'9 upontheflat body -p0rtion.1"3-'of.the meniberll.

.A hook20,is formed upon theouter end of the mem- 'b'er 1'2 adaptedto engage around a marginal portionof .a mirror, and, for thegpurpose of preventing damage to the 'rnirrorthi's'hooktmavb'elined witha.resilientmaterial,

such as felt 'or'the like, asindic'ate'dat 21. v

,Hereinafter the member 11 maysOm'etimesbe referred to ,as a double fchannelmember and the member 12 as "the fho'oked member. The mirror mounting and' dev-ic'e to whichth'e 'inventionjpertainsincludes also a pair of, perforateimetal strips of 'alength somewhat less than the horizontal dimension of the mirror, these strips being indica'ted'generally at'22. I

Each of :these strips is provided with two spaced. parallelrows ofapertures 23,,locate'd near the upper and lower edges of ."the strip, ,for .receiving nails, screws or the like, to be ,driven into studding or other solid anchorage in awall.

The spacingof.theseapertures in each .row is such that in any horizontal'location of a strip'upon a wall certain apertures .23 .in,each 'row will be-so positioned'that vnails for screws maybe driventtherethrough into adjacent studs iinthe .wall was .tosolidlyanchor thefstrips to the wall at spaced ,p'olint-s.

'Ihe apertures .23 .are also arranged so that in some cases, .as will be Jami-described. rivets located through the .apertures 16 tit-the double-channel .member 11 may be .pjassed through .the 'aper'turesJ23 dfth'e strips in order to attach the double channel members to the strips.

For the purpose .of stitfening the strips-22 which there- .forehca'n bemade iofilight ,gauge strip metal, 'andfOrtc mpensa'ti'ng "for any unevenness in the surface of the. wall upon which the mirror is to be mounted, each strip 22 may be provided with spaced, parallel corrugations, or ribs, 24, located upon the rear side of the strip for contact with the wall, so that the space between these ribs, as well as the space above and below the ribs, may receive any projections or uneven spots upon the surface of the wall.

In using the mirror mounting and supporting device to which the invention pertains, to mount a mirror above a ledge such as indicated at 25 in Fig, 8, a double channel member 11 may be positioned horizontally at each end of each strip 22, being rigidly attached to the strip as by rivets 26, or the like, located through the apertures 16 in the member 11 and through apertures which may be provided for the purpose in the end portions of the strip 22. The spacing of the main body of the strip 22 forwardly of the rear surface of ribs 24 provides a recess in which the rear heads of rivets 26 may be located without touching the wall on which strip 22 may be mounted.

The two strips 22, each with a channel member 11 attached to each end thereof, as shown in Fig. 8, are located horizontally and secured to the wall W, by nails or screws 27 located through certain of the apertures 23 of the strips, and driven into studding or other suitable anchorage in the wall. These strips 22 are located in position upon the wall determined by an approximation of the desired position of the mirror.

The mirror 28 may then be set in place, with its lower edge resting upon the ledge or shelf 25, and the hooked members 12 inserted within the channel members 11 to a point where the hooks or fingers 20 thereof engage over the respective marginal portions of the mirror.

For the purpose of protecting the mirror, pads 29 of felt, or the like, may be attached to the outer surfaces of the channel members 11, for contact with the back of the mirror, while the resilient linings 21 of the books engage the marginal edges of the mirror.

Once in proper position, the interengaging detent means 1819 will hold the mirror against accidental shifting. The strips 22 are entirely hidden from view, and the object supporting means 1112 are substantially hidden, when the mirror is thus mounted.

It will also be seen that the strips 22 and object supporting means 1112, being interposed between the wall and the mirror, provide a slight space therebetween, which is desirable since it provides for air circulation between the mirror and wall, and prevents fogging of the mirror.

In cases where a ledge or shelf for supporting the mirror is not available, the mirror may be attached to, and supported upon the wall, as shown in Figs. 7, 9 and 10. For this purpose, a spaced pair of the object supporting devices 11-12, may be mounted in perpendicular position upon each of the metal strips 22, as best shown in Fig. 9, and attached thereto as by rivets 26, or the like. Here again the rear heads of rivets 26 are in the recesses at the rear of strips 22 provided by rearwardly impressed ribs 24 so as not to interfere with the wall on which the strips 22 are mounted.

In the event that the mirror is heavy, and it is feared that the holding action of the interengaging detent means 18-19 is insufficient to support the weight of the mirror, one rivet 26 may be passed through the opening 17 in the hooked member 12 and through the corresponding opening 16 in the channel member 11, and through an adjacent lower opening 23 in the lowermost strip 22.

The channel member 11 is also secured to the strip by another rivet 26 located through the other aperture 16 in the channel member and through an adjacent upper aperture 23 in the strip. This assembly prevents relative movement of the members 11, 12, and provides a firm ledge on which the lower margin of the mirror may be supported.

Two spaced channel members 11 are located in perpendicular position and attached to the uppermost strip 22 by rivets 25 located through the apertures 16 thereof, and through adjacent apertures 23 in the strip. The two strips 22 are then properly positioned upon the wall W, as shown in Fig. 9, and are firmly attached to the wall by nails or screws 27 driven through certain of the apertures 23 in the strips, and into studding or other suitable anchorage in the wall.

The lower edge of a mirror 28 may then be seated in the hooks 20 of the object supporting devices upon the lower strip 22, with the mirror tilted slightly forwardly,

after which the upper edge of the mirror may be swung backwardly until the hook members 12, upon the upper strip 22, can be pushed downwardly over the upper edge of the mirror, holding the mirror mounted upon the wall as shown in Fig. 10.

In the use of the mounting and support device of the invention the mirror may always be properly located in level position on a wall because level lines may be drawn on the Wall, and one of the top or bottom edges of each strip 22 aligned with such line in nailing the strip 22 to the wall studding.

it will be apparent from the foregoing that a simple, efficient and effective device is provided for easily and securely mounting a mirror in desired position upon a wall or similar surface, without the necessity of straightening, fairing or blocking uneven portions of the wall surface, while at the same time providing a space between the mirror and the wall to permit circulation of air therebetween.

In the foregoing description, certain terms have been used for brevity, clearness and understanding, but no unnecessary limitations are to be implied therefrom beyond the requirements of the prior art, because such words are used for descriptive purposes herein and are intended to be broadly construed.

Moreover, the embodiments of the improved construction illustrated and described herein are by way of ex ample, and the scope of the present invention is not limited to the exact details of construction.

Having now described the invention or discovery, the

' construction, the operation, and use of preferred embodiments thereof, and the advantageous new and useful re sults obtained thereby; he new and useful constructions, and reasonable mechanical equivalents thereof obvious to those skilled in the art, are set forth in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A device for mounting and supporting an object such as a sheet glass mirror, said device comprising a pair of substantially fiat strips adapted to be fastened to a wall in spaced parallel horizontal position, spaced longitudinal ribs upon the rear face of each strip for contact with the wall, there being spaced parallel rows of apertures in each strip, means selectively inserted through certain of said apertures for attaching the strips to a wall, object supporting devices secured to the fronts of said strips and having hooks for engaging over opposite edges of the mirror and holding the mirror spaced from said strips, the hooks of the object supporting devices upon the lower strip projecting downwardly and opening upwardly, said upwardly opening hooks being fixedly mounted, the hooks of the object supporting devices on the upper strip projecting upwardly and opening downwardly, said downwardly opening hooks being mounted for vertical adjustment.

2. A device for mounting and supporting an object such as a sheet glass mirror, said device comprising a pair of substantially fiat strips adapted to be fastened to a wall in spaced parallel horizontal position, spaced longitudinal ribs upon the rear face of each strip for contact with the wall, there being spaced parallel rows of apertures in each strip, means selectively inserted through certain of said apertures for attaching the strips to a wall, object supporting devices secured to the fronts of said strips and having hooks for engaging over opposite edges of the mirror and holding the mirror spaced from said strips, means selectively inserted through certain other of said apertures for attaching said object supporting devices to said strips, the hooks of the object supporting devices upon the lower strip projecting downwardly and opening upwardly, said upwardly opening hooks being fixedly mounted, the hooks of the object supporting devices on the upper strip projecting upwardly and opening downwardly, said downwardly opening hooks being mounted for vertical adjustment.

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International ClassificationA47G1/21, A47G1/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47G1/21
European ClassificationA47G1/21