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Publication numberUS269764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1882
Publication numberUS 269764 A, US 269764A, US-A-269764, US269764 A, US269764A
InventorsCombined Packing
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Combined packing and toy box
US 269764 A
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(No Model.)



No. 269,764. Patented 1360.26, 1882.

'HfmlniUNIIINIIMII"l' ',l NNN-MN infr!!! N PETERS. Puma-mhegnpher. Washingmn. DAC.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 269,764, dated December 26, 1882.

" Application filed April 2G, 1882. l (No model.)

To all whom it may concer-n:

Be it knowu'that I, FRANCIS M. WHITELAW, a citizen of the United States, and a resident ot' Hartwell, in the county of Hamilton and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and uset'ul Improvements in Combined Packing and Toy Box,of which the following is a speci- -catioin My invention consists in the construction of a box with an opening in one or more of its sides, in combination with a pictorial web, of paper or other suitable material, mounted ou rollers at both ends of such opening, so that it may be wound in either direction and present a panorama ofthe opening on the inside.

The box may be made of any suitable material, and its form and size adapted to the quantity and character of the article. to be packed.

When the pictorial strip and the frame of' the box are made ot' paper I prefer to place a wall'under the winding-strip, so as to form a separate compartment for the packing, and also an inside side wall,'in which to journal the inner ends of the rollers, as shown in the accompanying drawings, ot' which- Figure l is a front elevation ofthe box embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional elevation of the same.

A represents the frame or body ot' the box, which is preferably made of rectangular form, as shown, and covered with paper to bind together its various parts, and on which may be printed matter descriptive of the character and contents of the box. l

B represents a longitudinal partition, forming compartments C C.

D D are rollers, mounted at their ends in the side walls of the compartment O.

d d are outward extensions of rollers D D', forming handles by which the said rollers can be turned to wind and unwind the long web or strip E, mounted thereon. rlhe strip E is illustrated or ornamented with a series of pictures of a varied character-such as caricatures, portraits, landscapes, theatrical plays, animals, letters, and numerous other thingsand also composition for educational purposes, which are brought to view in the opening or sightlF, made in the front wallof the box. The

compartment Gforms the packing-box proper,

and in it is stowed candy or other articles of' merchandise, as desired.

Heretot'ore a toy car has been provided with a two side show curtain arranged vertically therein and adapted to be drawn from end to end to exhibit a panorama through openings in each side of the car; but such does not constitute my invention, as I vprovide a packingbox with a pictorial web of paper or other material, mounted 011 rollers at both ends ot' an opening in one s ide only of the box, the remaining part ot' the box under the web being in the form of au unobstructedcompartment, in which candy or other articles of merchandise can be stored, thereby furnishing a new article ot' manufacture.

l claim- ,A combined packing and toy box provided with a pictorial web, E, mounted on rollers and adapted to travel under the opening F in the side ot' the box, that portion of the latter below the web being` in the form ot' an unobstructed compartment forreceiving candy or other articles of merchandise, substantially as herein set forth.

In testimony whereofI have hereunto set my .hand in the presence of two subscribing wit-

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Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/00