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Publication numberUS2700475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1955
Filing dateSep 9, 1952
Priority dateSep 9, 1952
Publication numberUS 2700475 A, US 2700475A, US-A-2700475, US2700475 A, US2700475A
InventorsStalter Earl J
Original AssigneeStalter Earl J
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Corner shelf and mounting bracket therefor
US 2700475 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 25, 1955 E. J. STALTER 2,700,475


United States Patent CORNER SHELF AND MOUNTING BRACKET THEREFOR Earl J. Stalter, Middlebury, Ind.

Application September 9, 1952, Serial No. 308,565

1 Claim. (Cl. 211-90) My invention relates to improvements in corner shelves and mounting brackets for the same.

The primary object of my invention is to provide a corner shelf with mounting brackets at the corners thereof constructed to straddle the corners of the shelf and lock the shelf in the brackets in horizontal position without attaching the corners to the brackets.

Another object is to provide a corner shelf equipped with mounting brackets for the above purpose which are greatly simplified in construction as compared with present day corner shelf brackets, less expensive to manufacture, easier to attach to the wall, and especially adapted for mounting glass shelves without boring holes in the g ass.

Other and subordinate objects within the purview of my invention will become readily apparent When the succeeding description and claim are read with reference to the drawing accompanying and forming part of this specification.

In said drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of one of my improved mounting brackets viewed from the front thereof;

Figure 2 is a similar View looking at the back of the bracket;

Figure 3 is a view of the blank from which the bracket is formed, and

Figure 4 is a view in plan, partly in horizontal section, of the shelf mounted by the brackets in a corner of a wall.

Referring to the drawing by numerals, according to my invention, a three-cornered shelf 2 providing a front edge 3, right angled side edges 4 adapted to fit in a right angled corner of a wall 5 and forming a rear corner 6 and front corners 7 on the shelf is provided with mounting brackets 8 at said corners constructed and arranged as follows:

Each mounting bracket 8 comprises a U-shaped clip of suitable bendable metal with a pair of vertically spaced flat ears 9 connected by a rectangular flat back 10 provided with a central screw hole 11 and an extension tongue 12 on one end of the back 10 lying at one side of ttltlle cllip in a plane at a right angle to the median plane of The brackets 8 straddle the right angled edges 4 with the ears 9 frictionally gripping the shelf 2 and are attached to the wall 5 by screws 13 passed through the screw holes 11. The back 10 of the clip 8 at the rear corner 6 fits against one side edge 4 with its tongue 12 bent fiat against the other side edge 4 so that the bracket, or clip, is closed "ice at one side by the tongue and at the other side by the back 10 to fit the side edges 4 at said rear corner 6. The other clips 8 similarly fit the side edges 4 against the same at the front corners 7 with the tongues 12 bent flat against the front edge 3 so that said other brackets 8 are closed like the bracket 8 at the rear corner 6 to fit the side and front edges 4, 5 forming the front corners 7. Thus, the shelf 2 is locked at its corners in the brackets 8.

In mounting the shelf 2, the brackets 8 are first attached at the corners 6, 7 with the tongues 12 of the bracket 8 at the rear corner bent, as described, and the tongues 12 of the brackets at the front corners 7 unbent as shown in dotted lines in Figure 4. The points at which the brackets 8 are to be attached are marked on the wall 5, the brackets 8 removed from the shelf 2 and attached to the wall 5 by the screws 13. The shelf 2 is then slid into the brackets 8-, or clips, and the tongues 12 of the brackets 8 at the front corners 7 bent as previously described to lock the shelf in said brackets.

The brackets 8 may be formed, respectively, from a T-shaped blank 15, such as shown in Figure 3, bent along the dotted lines 16 to form the ears 9 and back 10 and suitably apertured as at 17 to form the screw hole 11 in the back.

As will be seen, the described brackets may be inexpensively and easily formed out of steel, aluminum, or nonferrous metals.

The foregoing will, it is believed, suflice to impart a clear understanding of my invention, without further explanation.

Manifestly, the invention, as described, is susceptible of modification, without departing from the inventive concept, and right is herein reserved to such modifications as fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Having described the invention, What is claimed as new is:

A three-cornered shelf having a front edge, and right angled side edges adapted to fit in a right angled corner of a wall and said edges forming a rear and front corners on said shelf, and mounting brackets at said corners of the shelf comprising clips having vertical backs with horizontally bendable edge tongues thereon, the clip at the rear corner straddling one side edge and having its tongue bent against the other side edge, and the clips at the front corners straddling said side edges with their tongues bent against the front edge and locking said shelf in said clips, and screw means associated with said clips attachable to the wall to attach said clips thereto.

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U.S. Classification108/42, 248/248
International ClassificationA47B96/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47B96/022
European ClassificationA47B96/02C