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Publication numberUS2701165 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1955
Filing dateSep 6, 1951
Priority dateSep 6, 1951
Publication numberUS 2701165 A, US 2701165A, US-A-2701165, US2701165 A, US2701165A
InventorsBete John U, Burnham Richard C
Original AssigneeBete Fog Nozzle Inc
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Fog nozzle
US 2701165 A
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Feb. l, 1955 J. u. BETE Erm.

FOG NOZZLE Filed Sept. 6, 1951 2,701,165 Patented Feb. 1, 1955 Frice end the outer surface is streamlined, i. e., formed with the unlform taper indicated by the numeral 8, for the pur- 2,701,165 pose of maintaining a predetermined spray pattern when associated with a mist sprayer nozzle N. In this connec- FOG NOZZLE tinhit will lie noted that by stramliningD the ollllter surlface o e nozz e, the air stream owing a out t e nozz e is Jollsilgjlltlieldhzlmynglfs gg brought into more intimate contact wit h the fog and the a co mation of Massachusetts area of turbulence whlch would otherwlse be created near rp the orice is greatly reduced, if not virtually eliminated.

Application September 6, 1951, Serial No. 245,326 further advantage is that large undesirable drops and jets, caused by the supporting member for the jet-dis- 1 Claim. (Cl. 299-129) persing pin, appear to be directed by the air stream toward the center of the cone where their presence is less objectionable.

Fog nozzles are now commonly used in such diversified The jet-dispersing member 10 and its supporting means applications aS humidiels, COOlIlg Systems, dust control, 11 consist of a single length of wire of circular crosscuring concrete, applying insecticides and other antisection bent into an approximate J-shape, the longer supbiotics, etc., and in all such applications it is highly deporting leg 11 being formed with a flat which is staked sirable that the nozzle produce a uniform spray pattern into an opening in the body 1, as shown in Fig. 4. The or cone of a homogeneous fog. end of the shorter leg or pin 10 is approximately the same It is the principal object of the present invention to size and shape as the discharge opening 5 and is cut flat provide a nozzle which not only meets the aforementioned so that the active surface 12 thus produced is normally requirements, but which is also non-clogging, reliable and disposed at right angles to the axis of the jet issuing from ecient in operation and relatively inexpensive to manuthe opening 5. Although the spacing 12 from the end facture and install. Further objects relate to various of the discharge opening 5 may vary within the limits features of construction and will be apparent from conabove specied, it is preferably spaced approximately sideration of the following description and the accomthe diameter of the discharge opening 5, and with this conpanying drawings, wherein: struction and arrangement a homogeneous fog of conical Fig. 1 is a perspective View showing my improved fog shape is produced. nozzle associated with the nozzle of a mist sprayer; Since the spray cone strikes the intermediate portion of Figs. 2 and 3 are elevational views taken at right angles the supporting member 11 and thus tends to produce unto each other of the fog nozzle shown in Fig. l; desirable large drops, this portion of the supporting arm Fig. 4 is a section on the line 4*-4 of Fig. 3; may be streamlined, i. e., cut away to provide a relatively Fig. 5 is an enlarged section on the line 5-5 of Fig. 2; sharp edge as indicated at 14 in Figs. 2, 4 and 5, thus pro- Figs. 6 and 7 are views, corresponding to Figs. 2 and 3, 35 viding a construction wherein there is less interference showing another embodiment of the invention; and with the sheet and the undesirable large drops are not Fig. 8 is a section on the line 8-8 of Fig. 7. only reduced in number, but the dripping which would In accordance with the present invention my improved otherwise occur is virtually eliminated. fog nozzle comprises a tubular member or the like having The flow rate and coverage expressed as the diameter of a bore which tapers from its inlet end to its discharge end, the base of the fog cone vary in accordance with the size the outer surface of the tubular member preferably being of the orifice opening 5 and the pressure to which the streamlined at least in the area adjacent to its discharge liquid being sprayed is subjected, as shown by the folend so as to insure the maintenance of a uniform spray lowing table:

Flow Rate-Gallons Per Hour (Water) At- Oritce Cover- Diameter age (Inches) (Inches) 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 8o 90 10o p. s.i p.s.i. p. s.i. p.s.i. p.s.i. p.s.i. p. s. i. p.s.i. p. s.i p. s..

pattern or cone of a homogeneous fog as hereinafter more The embodiment shown in Figs. 6 to 8 is substantially fully explained. identical in all material particulars to that shown in Figs.

A jet-dispersing member having an active surface of l to 5 and the same or similar reference characters are approximately the same size and shape as the discharge applied to corresponding parts. In this embodiment the opening is supported in alignment therewith and with its nozzle 1 is connected to a hose coupling C and the jetactive surface spaced from the discharge opening a disdispersing member 10a consists of a cylindrical pin 10a tance not less than approximately one-half nor more than carried by the closed end 18 (Fig. 6) of a U-shaped supapproxirnately three times the diameter or major diporting member having legs 20 and 21 embracing diamension of the discharge opening so that the high velocity metrically opposite portions of the body 1. The closed jet issuing therefrom impinges upon the active surface to end 18 of the U-shaped member which is positioned in the produce a homogeneous fog of predetermined shape. path of the dispersed spray jet or sheet may be stream- Referring to Figs. 1 to 5, the embodiment shown lined as indicated by the numeral 14 to attain the adtherein comprises a length of hex bar stock of metal or vantages above mentioned. any other suitable material bored to provide an internal The free ends of the legs 20 and 21 are bent inwardly conical taper or bore 2 having an inlet opening 4 and a into openings in the body of the nozzle 1, as shown in Fig. discharge opening 5 adjoining the smaller end of the 75 8, thus providing pivotal connections permitting the suptapered bore. The inlet end of the member 1 is turned porting member to be swung from operative position, down and threaded as shown at 6 to provide a connection shown by the full lines of Figs. 6 to 8, to an inoperative with a conduit or coupling C by which it may be supposition, as shown bythe broken lines of Fig. 7. In order ported within the discharge opening of a nozzle N of a to maintain the supporting member in operative position mist sprayer or other type of equipment. its legs 20 and 21 are bent inwardly, as shown at 22 and Between the central body portion 1 and the discharge 23, so as to snap into elongate slots or recesses 24 and 25 formed in the body of the nozzle 1, as shown in Fig. 8. Due to the resiliency of the legs, the U-shaped supporting member may easily be swung to and from operative position.

This construction and arrangement of parts make it possible to swing the entire jet-dispersing assembly out of the way of the jet so that a straight high velocity stream can be employed at the option of the operator, and this has been found to be a particularly advantageous feature in such applications as lire protection where it may be desirable to have either type of spray instantly available; also for watering lawns, washing cars, etc.

While we have shown and described desirable embodiments of the invention it is to be understood that this disclosure is for the purpose of illustration and that various modifications and changes may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the appended claim.

We claim:

A fog nozzle comprising a tubular member having a bore tapering from its receiving end to its discharge end, the outer face of said tubular member being provided with diametrically opposite recesses, a pin-like jet-dispersing member having an active surface of approximately the same size and shape as the discharge opening, and means for supporting said jet-dispersing member in operative position with its active surface in alignment with said bore and spaced from said discharge opening a distance not less than one-half nor more than three-times the cross-sectional dimension of said discharge opening so that a jet issuing therefrom impinges on said active surface to produce a homogeneous fog of predetermined shape, said means consisting of a generally U-shaped member the closed end of which carries said jet-dispersing member and the legs of which are pivotally secured to the body of said tubular member so that their intermediate portions snap into said recesses when said jet-dispersing member is swung to operative position.

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U.S. Classification239/508, 239/512
International ClassificationB05B1/26
Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/265
European ClassificationB05B1/26A1