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Publication numberUS270177 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1883
Publication numberUS 270177 A, US 270177A, US-A-270177, US270177 A, US270177A
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US 270177 A
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.No. 270,177. Patented Jan.2, 1883.

71 77 556 5865. QZyYZWW/Fr,




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 270,177, dated January =2, 1883.

Application filed August 16, 1882. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, Joan G. BROOKS, of West-field, in the county of Hampden .and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful Improvem'entin Gasket-Knobs, of which the following is a specification and description.

The object of my invention is to provide a screw-knob for caskets which may easily be screwed into itsplace in the-casket and without soiling or displacing the fabric with which the knob is covered; and I accomplish this by the means substantially as hereinafter described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, 1n which- Figure I is a plan view of a casket-knob made according to my invention, and which is octagonal or (fight-sided, and is covered with a textile fabric. Fig. II is avertical section of the same at line B. Fig. 111 is a side view of a knob having six sides and similarly covered. Fig. IV is a horizontal section of Fig. Ill at line A. Fig. V is a plan view of a knob having tour sides, and Fig. V1 is a vertical section at line 0 of Fig. V.

in the drawings, 1 represents a knob, made 'prei'erably of wood, and whose general form 111 horizontal cross-section is circular, except the part near the top. which is'seized with the fingers to turn it, and this part- I make of angular form in its horizontal cross-section, or polygonal, or having any desired number of straight sides, as 8. The knob 1, I prefer to turn from wood in a lathe of any desired ornamental form, and a hole is made through it lengthwise, and it is then platted with thread or other similar material; or it may be covered with cloth or any desirable textile fabric and the fabric or thread secured to the ends of the knob byany suitable adhesive substance; and I then insert a screw, as 2, into said hole, the head of said screw being covered with a textile fabric, if desired, and its shank, at a point inside the knob 1, being provided with a flange. as 3, on one or more sides, so that when the screw is forced into position within the knob, as shown in .Figs. 11,111, and Vl,the screw may be turned intoa hole by turning the knob with the fingers. V

, A base consisting of one or more buttons, as 7, made of wood, metal, or other material, and covered with a textile or other fabric, may be used to give a finished appearance to the knob.

| If desired, the wood portion of theknob, at its more curved portions, may be provided with a series of ridges, as at 4 in Fig. VI, to prevent the thread from slipping from its position upon the wood when being platted.

Heretofore platted or covered knobs for caskets have been made of circular form in horizontal section, and when it is attempted to secure the knob in place by turning it with the fingers to turn the screw into its hole in the casket, if it turns a little hard the fabric with which the knob is covered turnsupon the knob, gets twisted out of place, and, especially if covered with platted thread, so displaces the latter as to expose the material of which the knob is made through the openings between the threads. Then, again, these knobs are often platted with white silk thread, and as the fingers are apt to slip on the smooth covering in turning the knob into place, the white coveringor silk is thereby-quickly soiled.

My invent-ion entirely obviates all these 0bjections. as in turning a knob having any number of sides into place the fingers have a firm hold against the two opposite sides, and

is firmly held to its place, and is prevented from slipping around on the knob by the angles. of the sides, and these sides Smay be case the hold of the fingers upon the knob in turning the screw in will be more firm than when made straight.

It is evident that knobs provided with sides, as above described, give a greater variety of design andornamentation tothisc ass of casket'tritnmings, owing to the different number of sides which maybe given them.

Having thus described my invention, What I claim as new is- A casket or coffin thumb-screw knob covered with a textile fabric, provided with angular sides or faces, for the purpose of preventing the displacement or soiling ot'the fabric and to afi'ord a better surface'to be grasped by the thumb and finger While turning the screw into the casket, substantially as described.

Jot-fin o. BROOKS.

Witnesses T. A. Courts,

OHAs. H. Wool).

will not slip therefrom, and the platted thread 5 curved or concave instead of straight, in which

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Cooperative ClassificationF16B23/00