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Publication numberUS270263 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1883
Filing dateAug 2, 1882
Publication numberUS 270263 A, US 270263A, US-A-270263, US270263 A, US270263A
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Adjustable table
US 270263 A
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 270,263, dated January 9, 1883.

Application filed August $23, 1882. (No model.)

` tion.

My invention relates to improvements in adjustable tables in which the top plate is Vmovable and operates in conjunction with its base' or leg, withan adjustable lever or hanger; and the objects of my improvements are, first, to 'provide a facility to raise and lower the tableplate; second, to afford facilities for the proper adjustment ot' said table-plate in regard to its.

position relative toits base; and, third, to provide the table with candle or lamp light always attainable, regardless of the position of the top plate. I attain these objects by the mechanism illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure l is a side view of the entire table; Fig. 2, a front view ofthe table as it appears when the lop plate is in a horizontal position; and Fig. 3, another side view, showing theinclined plane of the table when turned to an angular position, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 2.

Similar letters refer to similar parts throughont the several views.

The table or plateA, its hanger J, and lever L, secured to its-leg B, sliding in standard C, which latter stands firmly on its base D, provided witlr casters or rollers, constitute the main bolly ofthe table. The lever L, fastened to table-plate A, revolves around pin N. lhe latter is secured to leg B, to which is also secured the guide M, allowing hanger J, secured to A, to slide through M, held at will in any desirable position by means ot' key or set-screw K. Theextension ofleg B is provided with a rack,`E, to its lower end, which slides in and through the center` of standard C, and can be raised or lowered byturning pinion l" by means ot' hand-lever Gr.

To prevent the table A, connected with leg B and rack E,fron1 sliding downward at will on one side, thetop ofstandard C is provided with aspring,S,which protrudestorack E,thusnsing E as a ratchet. To support the table A on the other end, (when in a position determined by the height in which E--the rack--is placed by means of pinion F, with its hand-lever Gr, and held by spring S,and when' said table A is brought to a desi r'ablean gular orlevel plane by turning lever L to one side and holding hanger J, with key K, in guide M, the latter being, as already observed, secured to leg B, which has an oval top to prevent it from touching plate A when it swings to one side on pin N,) adjustable braces or'bars a and b are secured tothe lower part of standard G, bar I) sliding on bar w. the latter revolving on pin o. The length ofthe barsis determined by the position at which bar b is held by means of a set-screw.

To facilitate the moving ot' the table, its base D is provided with four rollers.

The table-plate A is provided on the two sides with lasts or strips H, each of which has on one end around pin sufficiently long to hold candlestick I, which is fastened to ing, in conjunction with thelegs, by means of l8o hinges, and the table being raised and lowered by main force without gearing, and held by pins or blocks at a certain height, passing through holes in thetables legs and standards. I therefore do not claim such a combination, broadly; but

What'I do claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

ln an adjustable table, the pivoted supportarmsabdongitudinallyadj nst-ableon each other, in combination with the tableA, provided with light-holder I, said light-holder being adjustable to a perpendicular when the table A is turned from a horizontal plane, substantially as described, and for the purposes set forth.`


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