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Publication numberUS2702652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1955
Filing dateMar 27, 1953
Priority dateJun 25, 1947
Publication numberUS 2702652 A, US 2702652A, US-A-2702652, US2702652 A, US2702652A
InventorsJoyce William H
Original AssigneeJoyce William H
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Implement for opening sealed containers
US 2702652 A
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1 Claun. (Cl. 220-52) This invention is an improved implement for opening containers and particularly metal cans, jars, bottles and the like with removable closures, to make the contents available for consumption and use.

The chief object of the invention is to provide a device of the kind mentioned, so constructed that different types of such storage vessels can be opened readily either by perforating, uncapping, ripping, or otherwise operating upon the containers, so that they can be emptied in whole or in part of their contents.

Another is to provide an opening device that will rip off a part adjacent the top of a metal container with great ease and quickness, because it will first tightly engage such a part and afiord relatively great leverage during this operation.

The nature of the invention and additional objects and advantages are set out in the following specification and the novel features are defined in the claim. But the drawings show only one embodiment of the invention, and variations in details may be adopted without deviation from the distinguishing characteristics thereof.

On the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side view thereof;

Figure 2 shows the improvement in front or end elevation;

Figure 3 is an opposite end view; and

Figure 4 is an edge view of the handle and heads at the ends.

This application is a division of my prior application Serial No. 756,906, for patent on an Implement for Opening Sealed Containers, filed June 25, 1947, said applicagot:i having become abandoned after this application was My improved device comprises a flat shank 1 of metal having at one end an integral rounded head 2 and a spike or sharp-pointed punch projection 3 at the other. The head 2 carries at one side a chisel-edged projection or lug 4, for prying; and at the opposite side a hooked projection 5.

At the end bearing the head 2, the shank 1 has a tapering part 6 which starts at a shoulder 7 on one face of the shank 1 and extends towards the head 2. The part 6 is thickest at the shoulder 7, which is on the same face of the shank as the hook 5, and thins off towards the head 2. The purpose of the part 6 is to enable the device to lift a cap 8 from a bottle, as shown in Figure 4, without deforming the cap. The sloping surface 9 of the part 6 is laid on the top of the cap and the hook pulled ice under the edge of the cap at one side of same. The shank is then forced down, the shoulder 7 resting then on the cap near the opposite edge, and the edge thereof being used as a fulcrum. The cap 8 then comes off without being dented in on the top 10, or having its crimped edge 11 pulled outward. Hence it can be replaced on the bottle, which is then sealed as perfectly as before.

At the other end shank 1 is also enlarged to form a head 12 having a fiat surface from which the spike 3 sticks out at the center. This head 12 has a diagonal slit 13 in the side to engage a tab on a metal container; like the small metal tongue on the top of a box of sardines at one end; or at the side of a metal can of coffee or the like. The slit 13 receives the tab, which is bent about the point or acute angle 14 at one side of the slit. The slit thus binds the tab and holds it fast; so that rotation of the head 12 easily tears off the top of the container.

There is also formed integral with the shank 1 a longitudinally extending rib or flange 15 at one edge thereof. This rib 15 can be employed to lift the cap of a jar or the like. The rib is simply inserted between a bead or shoulder on the bottle or jar, and the rim of the cap or closure, which is then easily pried loose. The lug 4 can serve a similar purpose.

When the implement is used to pry oif the cap 11, the head 12 braces the hand against slipping and the rib 15 which extends from the shoulder 7 to the head 12, gives the hand a better grip on the implement and makes turning the implement easier.

The shank 1 has outward curved sides 16 at its junction with the head 12, to make it thicker at said head and the cut or slit 13 extends into this thickened section and is thus given enough length to prevent the tab that is inserted into the slit from slipping out.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

An implement comprising a fiat elongated shank with a cylindrical head at one end and wide opposite parallel flat faces, said shank having a thickened section with opposite curved faces adjacent its junction with said head, said curved faces merging with said flat faces, said head having a slot open at its outer extremity extending slantwise into its peripheral surface and said thickened section, the shank also having another head on its opposite end, having inner and outer surfaces, said inner surface having opposite curved surfaces, one of which merges with one of said flat faces adjacent its junction with said other head, said inner surface of said other head being adapted to engage the hand, and said shank forming a handle to turn the implement.

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U.S. Classification7/156
International ClassificationB67B7/00, B67B7/44
Cooperative ClassificationB67B7/44
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