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Publication numberUS2704563 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1955
Filing dateApr 22, 1953
Publication numberUS 2704563 A, US 2704563A, US-A-2704563, US2704563 A, US2704563A
InventorsRobert Henrich
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US 2704563 A
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March 22, 1955 R. HENRICH GOLF BAG COVER Filed April 22, 1953 I N] E N TOR. fiZaz-er 6271 5/07 JTTORNEY United States Patent GOLF BAG COVER Robert Henrich, Springfield, N. J.

Application April 22, 1953, Serial No. 350,453

1 Claim. (Cl. ISO-1.5)

The invention herein disclosed relates to golf bags, and the general objects of the invention are to provide a weatherproof cover which can be quickly and easily applied ovcr the mouth of the bag and over the heads of the clubs projecting therefrom, to protect the clubs and the interior of the bag from rain and the like, and which cover will be in a form that can be compactly folded and kept in the bag for such use and which when applied, may be easily lifted for removal and replacement of clubs, without detaching it from the bag, and then be slipped back into protective position over the end of the bag.

Special objects of the invention are to provide this cover in a. simple, inexpensive form adapted for immediate application to golf bags of the usual and more or less conventional design.

Other desirable objects attained by the invention and the novel features of construction, combination and relation of parts constituting the invention are further set forth and will appear in the course of the following specification.

The drawing accompanying and forming part of the specification illustrates a present practical embodiment of the invention. The construction, however, may be moditied and changed in certain respects, all within the true intent and scope of the invention as hereinafter defined and claimed.

Fig. 1 in the drawing is a broken perspective view of a golf bag having the cover applied thereto and showing it in the protective position;

Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the cover lifted and dropped back to fully uncover the mouth of the bag;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the cover detached from the bag;

Figs. 4 and 5 are broken elevations of opposite sides of the cover.

In Figs. 1 and 2 a golf bag of usual or conventional design is shown at 7, having at one side the customary carrying handle 8 and shoulder strap 9.

The cover comprises a hood 10 of flexible, weatherproof and possibly transparent material of a diameter to encircle the mouth of the bag and of a height to enclose the projecting heads of the clubs.

To provide a snug fit about the mouth of the bag the cover is shown as having an elastic, shirred edge portion 11.

This construction enables the cover to be stretched and pulled down over the mouth of the bag and to be taken olf by simply pulling it up over the end of the bag. This elastic edge affords a sufficiently close connection as to exclude moisture and dust from the interior of the bag and to hold the cover in place with a firm grip on the ba io get the cover on over the carrying strap and handle, the cover is split at one side inward and upward from the shirred edge, as shown at 12, Fig. 3, and provided along the separated edges with companion, relatively stiff tabs 13, 14, carrying in this instance, cooperating snap fastener elements 15, 16.

These relatively stilf fastener tabs are shown as of a longitudinal extent approximating the distance between the carrying handle 8 and the point of attachment 17 of the upper end of the strap 9, and the inner portion of the split 12 is shown as rounded out or extended at 18 to accommodate the attaching ring or other fastening 17 for the strap.

Thus, as will be clear from the foregoing, the cover so may be engaged over the bag in the open relation shown 2,704,563 Patented Mar. 22, 1955 in Fig. 3, with the slot 12 passing down over the strap and the tabs 13 and 14 then be overlapped beneath the strap end and secured together by the snap fasteners 15, 16, or other such securing means.

In this relation, as shown in Fig. 1, the cover will be securely fastened over the mouth of the bag in protective position enclosing the projecting club heads. If of transparent material, as generally preferred, the club heads will be distinguishable through the cover, recognizable for use as required.

This material also may be such as to aiford insulating qualities.

In this attached relation the elastic edge holds the cover securely in place and the overlapping fastener tabs 13, 14, located between the handle and strap end, reinforc: the cover and tend to maintain it in position on the ag.

When a change in clubs is to be made the cover may be lifted by simply pulling it upward, either entirely or only partially uncovering the mouth of the bag, to the extent necessary to give access for replacement and removal of selected clubs.

If full access is desired the cover may be entirely lifted and allowed to drop back over the carrying strap, as shown in Fig. 2, the opening 18 at the inner end of the slot then serving as an eyelet guiding the cover downward over the upper length of the strap 9.

While the cover will thus remain slidably attached to the bag and will not become lost with ordinary usage, it may be preferred to further and more positively connect the cover with the bag as by means of tie-strings 19 dependent from one of the fastening tabs, 14, in position to be secured about the handle 8.

In the open position, attached to the bag, the hood does not interfere with the carrying of the bag either by handle or strap, and when it has served its purpose may be quickly removed by untying the handle strings l9 and re leasing snap fasteners 15, 16.

The cover being freely flexible except for the fastener tabs 13, 14, may then be folded in a small, compact bundle easily accommodated in one of the pockets usually provided in a golf bag. The fastener tabs, while preferably somewhat stiffer than the material of the cover, need not be rigid and may be flexible enough to yield and possibly fold for reducing the cover to smallest dimensions.

The structure is simple and practical and may be produced in an attractive, more or less ornamental form, at relatively low cost.

What is claimed is:

A cover for a golf bag of the usual design having a carrying strap attached to the upper, open end of the bag, said cover comprising a hood of flexible, weatherproof material of a size to enclose heads of clubs projecting from the mouth of the bag and having an elastic edge portion stretchable about the mouth of the bag, the said edge portion being split inwardly and having stiff, handleforming tabs at opposite sides of the split provided with companion fastening elements positioned for interlocking engagement with said handle tabs in overlapping relation and whereby said tabs may be used as handles to draw the elastic neck portion of the hood about the mouth of the bag and the hood then secured in that relation by engagement of companion fastener elements on the overlapping tabs, and the split portion of the hood terminating at the inner end in an enlargement engageable about the strap end attached to the bag and whereby the stiff handle tabs will be located below the attachment of the strap to the bag and the hood thereby held against accidental removal from the bag.

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U.S. Classification150/159, 206/315.4
International ClassificationA63B55/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63B55/005
European ClassificationA63B55/00B2