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Publication numberUS270543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1883
Publication numberUS 270543 A, US 270543A, US-A-270543, US270543 A, US270543A
InventorsWarren Herbert frost
Original AssigneeF One
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Toy or musical instrument
US 270543 A
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No. 270,543. Patented Jan.9, 1883.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 270,543, dated January 9, 1883.

Application tiled August "1S, 1882. (Model.)

To att 'whom it may concern: imitations ot' birds and animals, as the caw of Be it known that I, VARREN HERBERT a crow, the crow ot the cock, the moo of a FROST, a citizen ofthe United States, residing cow, doc. at dorcester, in the county of lVorcester and As the diaphragm E is liable to breakage 5 State otl lllassachusetts, have invented a` new by contact with other bodies when the toy or 55 and novel 'loy or Musical lnstrun'ient,of which instrument, as previously described, is carried the following is a specitication. loosely in' the pocket, l have invented a means My invention consists ot' a new and novel ot protecting the same by covering the diatoy or musical instrument, ot' which thet'ollowphragm E with a solid body when the toy or, [c ing is a description, my objects being, tirst, to instrument is not in use and exposing the dia- 6o pi ovide, in a compact and convenient torni, an phragm E to the air when the toy or instrument instrument or toy which will impart a vibrais to be used. The best way to accomplish this tory or reedysound to the voice when the voice l find to be by shaping the pattern,Fig.6,'t`rom is sent into such musical instrument or toy; sheet metal7 with one or more holes at G and 15 second, to provide a means ot' protecting the slot H, and forming the same into a tube, Fig. 65 diaphragm or piece ot' material which imparts 5, the ends L L meeting. l now slip this tube the rcedy tone to the voice from injury. l at- F over thc body of the instrument, lthe tube F tain these objects by means illustrated in the covering the length ol" the toyor instrument A accompanying drawings, in which--n from M to bl. rlhrough the slot H in the tube F 2o Figure lis a i'ront elevation of the complete l Atasten a screw or tack, F, into the wood A. 7o toy or musical instrument. Fig. 2 is a secrEhe tube F can now be turned part of a revotional side elevation through the cen ter of the lution on thc cylindrical toy or instrument A,"- toy or instrument. Fig. 3 is a plan ot' the toy the screw or tack l) preventing longitudinal or instrument. Figxetisasectionalplan through motion and holding the tube F in its place. O12 z5 the toy or instrument at thc line Y Z, Fig. l. turning the tube F on the body ot' the toy or 75 Fig. 5 is an elevation of the tube which serves musical instrumentA so that the hole Goonies as a protection to the diaphragm E. Fig. t3 over the diaphragm E the diaphragm E is cX- shows the tube, Fig. 5, as cut i'rom thin mateposed to the air and the toy orinstrument can rial, before being formed into a tube. be played. Now, it' the tube F is turned part o Similarletters refer to similar parts throughot' a revolution on the wood A, the hole G in 8o out the several views. the tube F will come over solid wood, and the A is the body of the toy or musical instrusolid portion ot'thetubeFisoverthediaphragm ment, consistingot' any suitablematerial, pret'- l l and hole D, thus protecting the diaphragm erablywood,with a hole,B,eXtending through 1G from injury by contact with anything from 35 its length from end to end, and a hole, t), exoutside. S5 tending from the outside to the hole B. rlhis instrument or toy,to which I propose Over the outside end ot' the hole O, I fasten to give the name kazoo,77 may be made,in apiece ot' thin material,E,prci'erably ot' paper many i'orms and ot' many different materials; or membrane, which 1 term the diaphragm.77 but I prefer the construction and materials 4o In order to afford better protection to the here described as being attractive, durable, go

diaphragm E, l' bore the hole D in line with and vcheap. the hole O, but ot" larger diameter, which gives l The principle of my invention is as follows: me a at surface on which to tasten the dia- The sound-waves comingt'rom the vocal organs phragm lil over the hole O. The toy or instiuin their passage through the hole B impinge 45 ment can now be usedv by singing, speaking, against the diaphragm E, setting said dia- 95 or humming into either end ol" the hole B, but phragin in vibration, which vibration produces preferably at the mouth-piece K. rhe sound a reedy tone in addition tothe sound from the is similar to that produced by covering a comb vocal organs. Any sound or tone coming from with paperandhummingwith theli'psagainstit. the vocal organs passed through the toy or in- 5o Proper modulations ot' the voice will produce strument will set the diaphragm in vibration, roo

thus making the toy or instrument capable of avast variety of sounds.

I am aware thata toy or musical instrument is made which imparts a reedy sound tothe voice, as does my invention, by the vibration of a diaphragm. It is made in the form of a tube with a diaphragm over one or each end, with au opening in the side of the tubenear the end, into which opening the voice is sent to produce a sound; but in playing such an instrument it must be heldin the position of a ife or flute, and is inconvenient and clumsy; whereas iu my improvement the sound comes in a straight line from the mouth through the instrument, vibrating the diaphragm E in its passage, making the toyor musical instrument of an attractive and convenient form.

If the diaphragm E is entirely shut oi' from contact with the outside air, it will not vibrate, though the diaphragm may be partly covered and still work. l

I can cover the diaphragm E with any suitable material which has one or more openings through which the sound-waves from the diaphragm E can reach the outsidel air, While the openingoropenings maybe made ot' such small size as to leave enough solid material over the diaphragm for the purpose ot' protecting said diaphragm. For instance, a piece of tin with the four small holes, while the tin protects the diaphragm E at the same time.

I am not aware that anything similar in construction to my invention has ever been made; and

That I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

1. A toy or musical instrument which imparts a reedy or vibratory sound to the voice, made in a tubular or cylindrical forni, with a hole, B, extending through its length, and a hole, C, joining the hole I3, with a diaphragm ot' thin material over the open end ofthe hole C, substantially as described.

2. The combination,with such toy or musical instrument, of a solid material nearly or entirely covering the diaphragm for the purpose of protecting said diaphragm, substantially as shown.

3. The com binatioinwith such toy or musical instrument of r-,yliiidrical shape from M to N, of a tube or hollow cylinder, F, with one or more holes at Gr, which tube or hollow cylinder is capable ot' being turned on such toy or musical instrument so that eitherthe hole or holes at G or the solid portion ofthe tube F can be brought over the diaphragm E, substantially as shown, and for the purpose set forth.




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