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Publication numberUS2711735 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1955
Filing dateApr 23, 1953
Priority dateApr 23, 1953
Publication numberUS 2711735 A, US 2711735A, US-A-2711735, US2711735 A, US2711735A
InventorsSabo Mary Constance
Original AssigneeSabo Mary Constance
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Sanitary panty
US 2711735 A
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M. C. SABO SANITARY PANTY VJune 28, 1955 Filed April 23,

" 2,7 i 1,735 Patented June 28, 1955 SANITARY PANTY Mary Constance Sabo, Detroit, Mich.

Appncatiop April 23, 1953, serial Np. 350,625

2 claims. (ci. 12s- 284) i This invention relates to ladies wearing apparel, and more particularly to what is known as a sanitary panty which may be worn at any time, but more particularly during the menstrual period. To the knowledge of applicant, the only sanitary panty now on the market has a rubber or plastic lined crotch which causes excessive perspiration, and is uncomfortable to the wearer.

The present invention provides a new and improved sanitary panty with a built-in sanitary belt, rather than a separate accessory, and employs a new material known as plastic treated tricot for the crotch. In the past it i has been the practice, when fabricating sanitary pants,

to use a piece of rubberized or plastic insert in the crotch, and this proved to be very uncomfortable next to the body because the plastic or rubber does not breathe and it creates a moisture, causing, as outlined above, the sanitary napkin to become soggy.

By the use of this special material, the panty can be made reversible because it can be worn with the treated side of the crotch next to or away from the body, giving maximum waterproof protection from either side. It is designed and finished off by use of special seams so that either Way it is a finished or completed item.

The above and other objects of the invention will appear from the following more detailed description, and from the drawing, wherein:

Fig. l is an elevational view of the panty.

Fig. 2 is a section taken substantially on line 2--2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a section taken substantially on line 3-3 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 4 is a modification of the invention, showing the panty without the tab.

Referring now to the drawing, the numeral designates the body portion of the panty, which may be fabricated of any well-known material. To the body portion 10 is sewn a Wide elastic band 11, which serves to hold the panty up and also acts as a part of the sanitary belt. Directly down the front and back of body portion 10, inside and out, is sewn an additional supporting rib member 12, using ribbon or the like, said member extending from top band 11 to crotch seam 13, which is actually an extension and completion of the sanitary belt to which a pin member is attached for pinning a sanitary napkin, not shown. Thus the sanitary belt, made of elastic and ribbon, or the like, is designed and sewn in such a manner that it becomes a part of the completed garment. A crotch member 14, consisting of plastic treated tricot (a knitted jersey, treated on one side with plastic), is secured to the front and back of body section 10, by means of seam 13. When main body portion 10 and crotch member 14 are assembled, they form leg openings 16. Seam 13, as shown best in Fig.

3 of the drawing, is a finished seam on each side by the use of flat felled seam and/ or a special seam binding that is stitched on the top and bottom of the seam, binding over the raw seams. (A flat felled seam is made by cutting one side of the garment longer than the other side, thereby being able to fold the longer side over the shorter side and by stitching on top to make a finished seam.) This makes the crotch, or for that matter since the crotch is the mainstay of the panty, the whole panty reversible. By this is meant that maximum protection or waterproofing is obtained by Wearing the panty on either side. And since maximum protection is obtained by wearing the rayon tricot part of the crotch next to the body or napkin, no perspiration will result to the napkin or body, while the wearer enjoys the pleasure of full protection.

Tabs 15, consisting of folds of ribbon, or the like, are sewn under seam 13 and in line With rib member 12, to appear as a continuation of rib member 12. These tabs 15 are sewn front and back, inside and out, and are adapted to receive a pin member, not shown, to which the user may secure a sanitary napkin.

The panty disclosed herein is not limited to use during the menstrual period, but may be worn every day. DuiF ing said period, when a napkin is worn, the treated side may be worn next to the body, but the rest of the time, the panty may be reversed. However, whether reversed or not, the wearer has the same complete protection because nothing can get through the plastic treated crotch from either side. The added advantage of wearing the untreated side of the crotch next to the body during menstruation is, as stated above, that no perspiration shall result to the napkin.

While I have described and illustrated a satisfactory f' sanitary panty that has proven highly successful in practical use, it will be understood that the invention'is not limited to specific constructional details shown and described, but that many changes, variations and modifications may be resorted to Without departing from the principles of my invention.

I claim:

1. A reversible panty and built-in sanitary belt combination comprising a main body portion and an inserted crotch portion, an elastic band secured to the upper edge of said body portion and forming part of said sanitary belt, a supporting rib member secured along its length to the front and back of said body portion substantially centrally thereof as an integral part of said panty, said rib member being non-elastic and being applied to said panty on both sides, inside and out, and being secured to the garment at its upper edge and extending to the crotch portion and completing said sanitary belt, said crotch portion comprising a soft fabric, waterproofed on one side only, said body, band and crotch portions being joined by seams finished on both sides, whereby said panty may be worn as an ordinary brief with the waterproofed crotch side out, or may be worn as a sanitary belt with the waterproofed crotch side in.

2. A reversible panty according to claim 1, in which the supporting rib member has a tab at its lower end for supporting a sanitary pad.

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