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Publication numberUS2711743 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1955
Filing dateJan 5, 1953
Priority dateJan 5, 1953
Publication numberUS 2711743 A, US 2711743A, US-A-2711743, US2711743 A, US2711743A
InventorsGibbs George E
Original AssigneeGibbs George E
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Holder for cigars or cigarettes
US 2711743 A
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June 28, 1955 G. E. GIBBs 2,711,743


GEORGE E. e/s.


t* 2,711,743 PatentedvJune 28, 1955 My invention relates to holders for cigarettes r cigars, and it has for a purpose the provision of such a holder which embodies a mouthpiece into one end of which a cigar or cigarette is adapted to be placed, and a receptacle enclosing the cigar or cigarette to prevent ashes or sparks from falling or being blown therefrom, and thereby rendering it safe to smoke in bed, in automobiles or in any other place where the sparks are liable to cause lires, and to permit it to be placed on tables or other inflammable supports without creating` a tire hazard or having ashes falling thereon. Y

It is also a purpose of my invention to provide a cigarette or cigar holder having an ash receptacle made in two sections so hingedly connected as yto allow opening thereof to permit the insertion of a cigarette or cigar into the mouthpiece, removing a butt of a cigar or cigarette and of ashes accumulated therein, and when closed to allow the admittance of suicient air to support combustion in the smoking of the cigarette or cigar, and yet prevent the escape of ashes and sparks therefrom.

In the accompanying drawings:

Fig. l is a view showing in longitudinal section one form of cigarette or cigar holder embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional View taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing the receptacle of the holder in open position.

Fig. 4 is a right end elevational view of the holder shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a left end elevational view of the holder shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 6 is an enlarged perspective view showing the receptacle of the holder in open position.

Referring specifically to the drawing, my holder in its present embodiment comprises a receptacle, shield or enclosure, designated generally at R, which is of elongated tubular form and constructed of sheet metal such as aluminum, or non-inflammable sheet plastic. The receptacle consists of two sections and 15a, hinged at 16 and which may be of semi-circular form or angular as illustrated so that when closed they form a hexagon, and thus minimize rolling of the receptacle when placed on a flat and inclined surface.

To yieldably maintain the sections in closed position and in receptacle form while smoking a cigarette, and yet allow opening of the sections to insert a new cigarette or to remove a cigarette butt and accumulated ashes, a coil spring 17 of conventional form is associated with the sections in the manner shown.

The section 15 is formed at its ends with walls 18 and 19 of hexagonal shape but which are cut ott at one edge to form between such walls and the ends of the section 15a, openings 20 and 21, which constitute entrance and exit ports for smoke and air.

Fixed on the inner wall of the section 15 in spaced parallelism to the end walls 18 and 19 are partitions or balies 22 and 23 of hexagonal form, which are also cutoff at one edge as indicated at 22a and 23a, respectively, to leave spaces between the baies and the confronting side of the section 15a when the two sections 15 and 15a are in closed position. Such spaces constitute ports 24 and 25 for the passage of smoke and air around the bales.

Fixed on the inner wall of the section 15a so as to be interposed between the end walls 18 and 19 and the bales 22 and 23, are baliles 26 and 27 of the same form as the bafes 22 and 23, so as to leave spaces betweenV the inner wall of the section 15 and the baies, providing ports or passages 26a and 27a through which smoke and air can be passed to either side thereof.

As best shown in Fig. 6, the end wall 18 and the baie 22 are provided with axial and alined openings 28 and 29, respectively, and the baille 26 with a recess 30. The opening 28 is designed to receive a mouthpiece 31, the recess 30 accommodating the mouthpiece when the receptacle sections are in closed position, the opening 29 having a diameter to permit extension therethrough of a conventional cigarette 32.

The mouthpiece 31 has the usual passageway 33 therethrough which, at its inner end, is enlarged to form a chuck 34 of a diameter to receive one end of the cigarette and hold the entire cigarette axially within the receptacle. The chuck end of the mouthpiece is enlarged to provide a head 35 having a at face 36 of considerable area which is fixed in any suitable manner to the confronting side of the batlie 2,2, so that the mouthpiece cannot move axially within the receptacle from the position shown in which it projects from `the adjacent end of the receptacle to be held in the mouth ot the smoker.

In the use of the holder a prelighted cigarette is placed in the chuck 34 by first opening the receptacle to the position shown in Fig. 6. Upon subsequent closing of the receptacle the sections are maintained in closed position by the spring 17, the walls 18 and 19 partly closing the ends of the receptacle, and the baffles 26 and 27 extended between the end walls and the ballies 22 and 23, with the mouthpiece 31 received in the recess 30, all as illustrated in Fig. l.

Thus with the receptacle closed and the cigarette supported axially therein, the holder is ready for smoking. Through the openings 20 and 21 sufficient air is free to pass into the receptacle to support combustion, the air after entering such openings passing through the ports 27a and 25 in one instance, and through the ports 26a and 24 in the other instance. Smoke from the burning cigarette is free to pass to atmosphere in reverse directions to those described for the air.

The ashes and sparks from the cigarette are confined in the receptacle, since the staggered arrangement of the bafes in relation to each other and to the end Walls 18 and 19, provides tortuous passages which prevent the sparks and ashes from finding their way to the openings 20 and 21 regardless of what position the receptacle may assume in the normal use of the holder.

From the foregoing it is manifest that by means of my holder one may smoke a cigarette without danger of sparks or ashes escaping from the receptacle, and thus the holder can be used with complete safety in bed, in an automobile, or placed on any support without burning thereof. It will be understood that by proper dimensional changes my holder is adaptable for use in the smoking of cigars, and with an equal degree of safety as to creating any tire hazards and the escape of ashes.

Although I have hereinshown and described only one form of holder for cigars or cigarettes embodying my invention, it is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be made herein without depart ing from the spirit of my invention and the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

What I claim is:

l. In a holder of the character described: an elongated tubular receptacle comprising a pair of longitudinal se'ctions hingedly connected for opening and closing movements; two sets of elements on said sections defining, when said sections are closed, tortuous passages interiorly and at opposite ends of said receptacle, each of which opens to opposite ends of said receptacle; and a mouthpiece carried by said receptacle with one longitudinal portion thereof projecting from the latter, and the other longitudinal portion thereof within said receptacle Vand provided with a chuck for supporting a cigarette axially within said receptacle between the two sets of elements.

' 2. In a holder of the character described: an elongated sections for opening and closing movements; end wallsl on the rst sectionA partly spanning the ends of said recep tacle when said sections are closed to leave openings in the ends of said receptacle; two sets of bafes xed respectively to the confronting sides of said sections, those balles on the second section interposed between those baffles on the first section and the end walls thereof and forming tortuous passages at opposite ends of the receptacle when the sections are closed, said passages communicating "at one end with the openings and at the other end with that space within the receptacle between the batiies; and a mouthpiece carried by one of the baiiies on the first section and extending exteriorly of the receptacle through that end wall adjacent the last mentioned baiiie; the mouthpiece having in that end within the receptacle a cigarette-holding chuck.

3. In a holder of the character described: an elongated- Atubular. receptacle comprising a pair of longitudinal scctions hingedly connected to open and close; elements fixed to and extending inwardly from the confronting sides of said sections, the elements on one section being staggered lengthwise with relation to those elements on the other section and terminating short of the confronting side of the other section; and a mouthpiece mounted in and extending through certain of those elements on one end of one of said sections, and into said receptacle, that end of the mouthpiece that is disposed within said receptacle having a cigarette holding chuck.

4. In a holder of the character described: a tubular receptacle having end walls provided with openings; baies fixed in said receptacle adjacent the end walls, the baies being constructed and arranged to provide two spaced and tortuous passages transversely in said receptacle communicating with said opening; and a mouthpiece extending through one end wall and the baflies adjacent thereto; the inner end of the mouthpiece having a cigarette receiving chuck.

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