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Publication numberUS2712700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1955
Filing dateJan 16, 1953
Priority dateJan 16, 1953
Publication numberUS 2712700 A, US 2712700A, US-A-2712700, US2712700 A, US2712700A
InventorsSolomon Frank
Original AssigneeSolomon Frank
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Shoe with a purse or pocket
US 2712700 A
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y 12, 1955 F. SOLOMON SHOE WITH A PURSE OR POCKET Filed Jan. 16, 1953 HE; E.

INVENTOR. Fran/s 501m BY United States Patent O 2,712,700 SHOE WITH A PURSE OR POCKET Frank Solomon, Brookiine, Mass. Application January 16, 1953, Serial No. 331,644 2 Claims. (Cl. 36-1) The present invention relates to a shoe or slipper in which a small purse designed so that it is attractively incorporated into the shoe or slipper is formed. While it is not new to have a purse combined with a shoe, it has been common practice to make such purses or pockets in the sides of the shoe and not in the position and form as in the present invention.

In the present arrangement the construction is such that the pocket is neatly and practically incorporated in the vamp of the shoe just behind the section which might be called the toe cap and in front of the throat of the shoe.

The invention will be more fully appreciated from the description as set forth below when taken in connection with the drawings illustrating an embodiment of the same, in which:

Figure 1 shows a perspective view of the shoe, and

Figure 2 shows a sectional view taken substantially on the line 22 of Figure 1.

In the arrangement indicated in the drawings, the shoe 1 may be of the ordinary type, a pump, oxford, slipper, boot or shoe, and the invention is preferably applied to ladies and misses novelty shoes.

At the front of the shoe on the instep just behind or as a part of the toe cap, an ornamental design may be formed of any desired distinctive pattern. In the drawings there is shown a vamp 2 punched with a series of holes 3, showing a square or rectangular outline surrounding the piece 4 which forms the front of the purse pocket, but is in itself a part of the vamp 2 of the shoe. This may further be decorated by triangular punched out elements 5, 6, and 7. The design described comprising the outside of the purse element is only one of various designs which may be used. instead of a punched out pattern in the vamp a print or embossed decorative pattern may be used and this may be in any desired shape as for instance a part of a circle, oval, heart-shaped, leaf-shaped or any other suitable desired design.

At the top of the face element of the pocket 4 in the vamp is a slit 5 which runs horizontally cross-wise of the vamp centrally symmetrically with the center line of the shoe through the vamp. This defines the pocket opening and is of such a length that small change or the like may be inserted. This pocket opening which is cut in the vamp has a back face 8 of the pocket inserted through it. The material of the back face 8 which is inserted through the pocket opening 5 is of the same width as the opening 5 so that it extends fully across the pocket opening. The back face or wall of the pocket extends downward and covers the full area as defined by the face 4 of the pocket. A double row of stitches 9 and 10 attaches the back Wall of the pocket to the center face of the vamp. This row of stitches extends all around the sides and bottom of the member 8 to close the three sides of the pocket. At the opening 5 the back wall member 8 which is carried through the pocket opening extends slightly above the edge designated as 11 and is stitched across the vamp as indicated at 12. The continuation of the material 8 of the back of the pocket provides the flap 13 for covering the pocket. The stitching 12 slightly beyond the opening provides a clearance for the flap 13 from the top edge 11 of the pocket so that the closure of the flap will be positioned above the edge of the pocket and therefore provide an enlarged pocket opening. The flap 13 may be of any desired design to conform to the pocket and may be closed by a snap fastener member 14, part of which is attached to the section 14 and part of the flap 13. Other suitable closure means may be employed as for instance a zipper, button or tie arrangement.

One of the features in the present invention is that the pocket is positioned at a place in the shoe where the foot has normally a natural depression and further because of this the pocket space may be contained beneath rather than over the vamp itself. T 's makes for extreme neatness in design so that the shoe as a novelty is extremely attractive. This depression is just behind the metatarsal joints in the region just above the base of the toes of the foot.

Having now described my invention, I claim:

1. In combination with a shoe, a pocket purse formed with the outer face of the purse as a part of the vamp material just forward of the throat of the shoe and back of the toe cap, an opening cut in the vamp transversely just back of the throat of the shoe, a piece of material forrrnng the back wall of the purse secured to the underside of the vamp on all but the side where the opening is situated, and having a flap extending through the opening and lying over the vamp in the direction of the throat of the shoe, a row of stitching across the flap securing it to the vamp between the opening and the throat of the shoe, said flap being folded forward towards the toe cap and means fastening it down on the vamp at the front part of the pocket.

2. In combination with a shoe, a pocket purse formed on the vamp extending backwards in the direction of the throat of the shoe comprising a piece of material forming the back wall of the purse secured around its periphery on three sides and extending through an opening across the vamp and secured adjacent the opening forming the fourth side of the pocket, said material extending through the opening forming a cover for said purse with means securing said cover to the vamp.

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U.S. Classification36/1, 36/136
International ClassificationA43B23/00, A43B3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43B3/0031, A43B23/00, A43B3/00
European ClassificationA43B3/00P, A43B23/00, A43B3/00