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Publication numberUS2712960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1955
Filing dateJun 20, 1952
Priority dateJun 20, 1952
Publication numberUS 2712960 A, US 2712960A, US-A-2712960, US2712960 A, US2712960A
InventorsGrubb Jr Edwin G
Original AssigneeGrubb Jr Edwin G
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Wheel supported lawn sprinkler
US 2712960 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 12, 1955 E. e. GRUBB, JR 2,712,960

WHEEL SUPPORTED LAWN SPRINKLER Filed June 20, 1952 2 8Q- g s Q j M F 25 gag ti 2G 25 INVEN TOR.

Eowm G Gauss Jr.

United States Patent WHEEL surronran LAWN SPRINKLER Edwin G. Grubb, .luz, Palmyra, N. J.

Application June 20, 1952, Serial No. 294,630

1 Claim. (31. 299-47 This invention relates to portable lawn sprinklers and more particularly to a wheel supported sprinkler having a tongue for conveniently moving it from place to place.

It is among the objects of the invention to provide an improved portable lawn sprinkler which is wheel supported and provided with a rigid tongue for conveniently moving it from place to place; which may include a sprinkler of known construction and includes a wheel truck or chassis supporting the sprinkler and a rigid tongue secured at one end to the sprinkler and constituting a portion of the conduit for supplying water to the sprinkler; and which is simple and durable in construction, economical to manufacture, convenient to use, and neat and attractive in appearance.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the following description and the appended claim in conjunction with the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is a rear elevational view of a wheel-mounted lawn sprinkler illustrative of the invention;

Figure 2 is a crosssectional view on the line 22 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a fragmentary top plan view of the sprinkler illustrated in Figure 1; and

Figure 4 is a side elevational view of the sprinkler.

With continued reference to the drawing, the numeral generally indicates a portable lawn sprinkler of known construction comprising a base which includes a ringshaped portion 11, legs, as indicated at 12, 13 and 14 extending in the same direction from said ring at angularly spaced apart locations around the latter and converging to a body portion 14 spaced above the ring 11. The body portion 15 is hollow and has at one side an externally screw threaded hose fitting 16 projecting therefrom and communicating with the interior of the hollow body portion. The cavity in the hollow body portion extends through the upper end of the body portion, remote from the ring 11 and a swivel connection 17 is mounted on the upper end of the body portion 15 and carries a transverse tube 18 which is in communication with the interior of the body portion 15 through the swivel connection 17. Spray nozzles 19 and 20 are mounted one on each end of the tubular cross member 18 at substantially equal distances from the swivel connection 17 and are so directed that the nozzles and cross member are caused to rotate about the axis of the swivel connection when water is forced under pressure from the nozzles.

As portable lawn sprinklers of the character indicated are well known to the art, a more detailed illustration and description of the sprinkler itself is considered unnecessary for the purposes of the present disclosure.

A truck, generally indicated at 21, supports the sprinkler 10 and comprises an elongated base bar 22 of elongated, rectangular cross-sectional shape having legs 23 and 24 extending perpendicularly one from each end thereof and each provided near its distal end with an aperture. An axle 25 extends through the aperture in the legs 23 and 24 and is disposed in spaced and substantially parallel relationship to the base bar 22. Wheels 26 and 27 are journaled on the axle 25 one at the outer side of each of the legs 23 and 24 and are secured on the 2,712,960 Patented July 12, 1955 axle by a suitable means such as washers and cotter keys, as indicated at 23 and 29, extending through transverse apertures in the axle disposed one at the outer side of each of the wheels 26 and 27.

The fiat ring 11 of the sprinkler base is mounted on the top of the base bar 22 of the truck or chassis 21 substantially symmetrically of the center of the base bar and a clamp bar 30 extends through the base and overlies the ring portion 11 thereof so that the ring portion 11 has parts thereof disposed between the clamp bar 30 and the base bar 22. Bolts 31 and 32 are secured in apertures in the base bar 22 and project upwardly from the base bar one near each of the legs 23 and 24 and these bolts extend through corresponding apertures in the clamp bar 30 near the respectively opposite ends of the clamp bar. Wing nuts 33 and 34 are threaded onto the bolts 31 and 32 respectively at the side of the clamp bar 30 remote from the base bar 22 and serve to firmly clamp the base ring 11 or" the sprinkler between the clamp bar and the base bar of the truck to firmly secure the sprinkler on the truck.

A section 35 of pipe is secured at one end to the hose fitting 16 by a hose connection fitting 36 to provide a tongue for the sprinkler and truck assembly and a manually operated cut-ofi valve 37 is mounted on the end of the pipe section 35 remote from the sprinkler 10.

A garden hose 38 is connected to the valve 37 at the end or" the valve remote from the pipe section 35 by a hose connection fitting 39 so that the pipe section 35, in addition to providing a tongue for the sprinkler and truck assembly, also constitutes a portion of the conduit for supplying water to the sprinkler nozzles 19 and 20.

With the above described arrangement the sprinkler can be easily moved from place to place by means of the tongue 35 and when the tongue is released is firmly supported at a selected position. The flow of water from the sprinkler nozzles may be controlled in volume and also turned on and oil by means of the valve 37 and, when the use of the sprinkler is no longer required, the wheels provide a convenient means for transporting it to a suitable storage space.

The invention may be embodied in other specific forms Without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof. The present embodiment is, therefore, to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive, the scope of the invention being indicated by the appended claim rather than by the foregoing description, and all changes which come within the meaning and range of equivalency of the claim are, therefore, intended to be embraced therein.

What is claimed is:

In a lawn sprinkler, a sprinkler head having a base member, a base bar upon which said base member rests, ground engaging wheels on opposite ends of said base bar, a clamping bar overlying and engaging said base member, said clamping bar extending along said base bar, and bolts on said base bar and traversing portions of said clamping bar and releasably clamping said base member between said clamping bar and said base bar, said base member comprising a ring and said bolts being releasable to provide for adjustment of said ring crosswise of said base bar and clamping bar.

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