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Publication numberUS2714382 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1955
Filing dateJul 21, 1952
Priority dateJul 21, 1952
Publication numberUS 2714382 A, US 2714382A, US-A-2714382, US2714382 A, US2714382A
InventorsSolis Alcala Maximino
Original AssigneeSolis Alcala Maximino
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Emergency bandages
US 2714382 A
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Aug. 2, 1955 M. s. ALCALA 2,714,382

EMERGENCY BANDAGES Filed July 21, 1952 en for Wax/mine 5. fl/ca/a orney United States Patent OfiFice 2,714,382 Patented Aug. 2, 1955 2,714,382 EMERGENCY BANDAGES Maximino Solis Alcala, Mexico City, Mexico Application July 21, 1952, Serial No. 299,939 3 Claims. (Cl. 128-268) These improvements refer to an industrial-pharmaceutical product, consisting of an emergency bandage of the adhesive medical type. Said improvements consist of the use of antibiotics, either alone or admixed, in suspension or solution in petrolatum or other vehicles for the preservation thereof, placed in a small receptacle, capsule, tube, etc., of gum, gelatin, cellophane, plastic or any other material suitable for preserving their activity for a long period; which container, upon being broken, impregnates the gauze of the bandage, which previously has been impregnated with medicinal, antiseptic, germicidal or bactericidal substances, said substance or substances being applied in the bandaging of small skin wounds or ulcers.

In the past, emergency bandages provided with medicinal substances have been employed, but not with antibotics, due to the difiiculty of preserving them. Therefore one of the principal objects of the present invention is to make possible the use of such antibiotics in said emergency bandages, namely in devices constituted substantially by a strip of gauze or plastic material, provided with an active anti-infectious and/or disinfecting element and with an adhesive substance for affixing the device to that portion of the human body where it is desired that said anti-infectious and/or disinfecting element exert its activity. Said devices further comprise another strip, also of gauze or another material which protects against contact with the surroundings both the active element and the adhesive substance until the time for using such device, this additional stn'p being easily detachable.

The details and features of the invention will become more clearly evident in the course of the following description and from the drawings attached hereto in illustration thereof.

In the drawings:

Fig. l is a plan view of an emergency bandage device, constructed according to the invention, and

Fig. 2 is a profile view of the same device, illustrating the article.

Referring to said drawings, the device according to the improvements of the invention comprises: a strip of cloth, gauze, plastic material or some other suitable material 11, which is adhesive due to being provided with an adhesive substance on one of its sides; the usual medicinal application 12, of gauze or some other material, impregnated with some suitable disinfectant and/or antiinfectious substance or a mixture thereof; the capsule or other receptacle 13 of gum, gelatin, cellophane, or another suitable material, for containing the antibiotic preparation, said capsule or receptacle being secured, by stitching 16, to the adhesive strip; and lastly the protective cover constituted by the usual strips 14 and 15, which are removable and which upon removal leave uncovered medicinal application 12 and receptacle 13, to permit of using the medicament contained therein.

The term medicinal substance as used in the following claims is intended to include any anti-infectious, disinfectant, antiseptic, germicidal or bactericidal substance.

Having thus particularly described the invention, what I consider as new and desire to obtain by Letters Patent is:

1. In an adhesive bandage of the medical type including an adhesive strip provided with a bandage portion impregnated with a medicinal substance and a removable protective cover for said bandage portion, the improvement comprising an easily breakable capsule containing an antibiotic substance and sewed to said bandage portion.

2. In an adhesive bandage as set forth in claim 1, said capsule being of a material antibiotic substance in a liquid suspension.

3. In an adhesive bandage as set forth in claim 1, said capsule being of a material suitable for containing the antibiotic substance in greasy vehicle.

References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,432,541 Peck Dec. 16, 1947 2,469,064 Campbell May 3, 1949 2,579,403 Slomowitz et al. Dec. 18, 1951 suitable for containing the

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U.S. Classification604/306
International ClassificationA61F13/02
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/0203
European ClassificationA61F13/02B