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Publication numberUS2721556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1955
Filing dateMar 24, 1953
Priority dateApr 4, 1952
Publication numberUS 2721556 A, US 2721556A, US-A-2721556, US2721556 A, US2721556A
InventorsSamuel Zandelin Johan
Original AssigneeSamuel Zandelin Johan
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Gramophone record albums
US 2721556 A
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Oct. 25, 1955 J- s. ZANDELIN GRAMOPHONE RECORD ALBUMS Filed March 24, 1953 Jame/v s5. Zmvaa nv i i WW "W United States Patent GRAMOPHONE RECORD ALBUMS Johan Samuel Zandelin, Stockholm, Sweden Application March 24, 1953, Serial No. 344,273

Claims priority, application Sweden April 4, 1952 2 Claims. (Cl. 129-20) This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in gramophone record albums.

In previously known types of record albums or storage covers for a plurality of disc records placed in individual envelopes, the inner edges of the latter are usually adhesively connected directly or through the intermediary of a strip on to the back of the cover so that the various envelopes are pliable along their inner edges.

Such record albums or covers involve the disadvantage that the records are liable to get broken at the edge portion situated adjacent the back of the album or cover which is due to the fact that upon opening the album the envelopes will have to be bent along the back of the cover, and the bent portion thereof will be larger the closer an envelope is to the bottom cover. This may subject the records to bending stresses with the aforementioned danger of breakage as a possible consequence.

The present invention has for its object to avoid this disadvantage.

The main feature of the record album or cover according to this invention resides in that the envelopes are attached to separate hinge members pivotally mounted on a common axle disposed at the inner front edge of the cover and in such a manner that the inner edges of the envelopes are situated at a distance from the said common axle which is the larger closer the envelope is to the bottom cover. The hinge members of the cover can, to advantage, consist of a series of U-shaped flat bars or the like of different widths and which are pivotally mounted within each other on the common axle which is secured to the upper edge of the back portion of the cover, the inner edge of each envelope being attached to one of said bars. In addition, the intermediate portion of each bar between its legs may form a plane extension of its corresponding envelope and may be attached to the inner edge of the envelope by means of an adhesive strip or the like suitably folded about said intermediate portion. It would also be advantageous to secure the ends of the axle to brackets mounted on the back and/or the bottom portion of the cover.

The accompanying drawing illustrates an embodiment of the invention. In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a storage cover according to the invention in opened condition.

Fig. 2, is a cross-section view through the back portion of the cover, and

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view along line III-III in Fig. 2.

In the figures of the drawing, numeral 1 designates the bottom portion of the cover, 2 the front or upper portion and 3 a back portion rigidly connected with the bottom portion 1 and hinged to the back portion 3. Numeral 4' designates a plurality of envelopes of the conventional type for the reception of individual gramophone records. A bracket 5 in the form of an angularly bent metal plate is secured to the back 3 and bottom portion 1 by screws 6. A series of U-shaped sheet-metal bars or the like 8 of difierent widths are pivotally mounted at the ends of their legs, and nested, within each other on a common axle 9 mounted on the front or upper edge of the cover back 3 and in spaced relation thereto. The ends of this axle 9 are mounted in outer edge portions of the bracket 5. The middle portion of each bar 8 form a plane extension of a corresponding one of the envelopes 4 and is attached to the inner edge of the latter by a gummed paper strip 10 straddle-mounted about said middle portion. In the embodiment illustrated, the space between the middle portions of adjacent bars 8 (Fig. 3) is somewhat larger than the thickness of each envelope 4 which causes the envelopes 4 to be substantially parallel both when the envelopes are supported in superimposed position on the bottom cover 1 and when they are supported on the front cover 2 in its open position (Fig. 2) which also eliminates the risk of the records getting broken. The mounting of the U-shaped bars 8 on the axle 9, which in this case is formed Without heads at its ends, is carried out before securing this axle to the bracket 5. After the axle 9 together with its bars 8 has been passed through holes in the outer edge portions of the bracket 5, the ends of the axle 9 projecting beyond the bracket 5 are formed with up-set rivet heads or the like.

It will be understood, of course, that the details of the construction described in the foregoing may be changed in various ways without departing from the scope of the invention.

What I claim is:

1. In an album for storing disk records, in combination, an album cover having a bottom part, a back connected to the bottom part, and a front part connected to the back, an axle parallel with the back and the bottom part and disposed some distance above the latter, brackets secured to the bottom part for supporting said axle at the ends thereof, a number of flat U-bent hinge members having holes made in their legs adjacent the ends of the same pivotally mounted on said axle, the length of said legs and the distance between each pair of legs increasing gradually from the topmost to the lowermost hinge member, so that, when the album is closed, the various hinge members form a vertical pile with each hinge member embracing the adjacent smaller hinge member, and an envelope for a disk record attached to the fiat portion of each hinge member between the legs of the same, said flat portion forming a plane extension of the envelope.

2. An album as claimed in claim 1 wherein the inner edge of the envelope is attached to the flat middle portion of its respective hinge member by means of an adhesive strip folded around said middle portion.

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