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Publication numberUS2723762 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 15, 1955
Filing dateApr 23, 1954
Priority dateApr 23, 1954
Publication numberUS 2723762 A, US 2723762A, US-A-2723762, US2723762 A, US2723762A
InventorsHerman Leiser
Original AssigneeHerman Leiser
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Broom and mop rack
US 2723762 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

NOV. 15, 1955 H. I ElsER- 2,723,762

BROOM AND MOP RACK med April 2s, 1954 l l l BY I/ l 'la ATTORNEYS United States Patent O l 2,723,762 BROOM AND MGP RACK Herman Leiser, New Orleans, La. Application April 23, 1954, Serial No. 425,158 1 Claim. (Cl. 2li- 65) This invention relates to an improved broom and mop rack.

It is an object of this invention to provide an improved handled implement rack which may be used for holding brooms and rnops relative to its support and just as easily used for holding the handles of garden implements in a vertical upright position. The structure of the rack is such as to provide for the ready insertion of handles of an implement therein and which may be just as readily removed therefrom.

It is a primary object of this invention to provide an improved implement handle rack of the kind to be more particularly described hereinafter wherein the handle is rmly clamped by the vertical movement of the locking disk after the vertical movement of the handle relative to the backboard of the rack, and the handle is removed by only lateral movement before the outward lateral movement.

Other and further objects and advantages of the invention will be hereinafter described and the novel features thereof defined in the appended claim.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of an improved rack constructed according to an embodiment of my invention.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation, partly broken away and partly in section of an improved elongated handle rack.

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the rack shown in Fig. 2.

Figure 4 is a plan View, partly broken away to show in section the interior of the rack.

Fig. 5 is a perspective View of the front and side of the back board removed from the rack.

Referring now more specifically to the drawings the numeral designates generally a mop or broom rack constructed according to an embodiment of this invention, the broom rack being adapted to be secured to an outer surface of a wall in a closet, a kitchen, or even in a garage to support the chosen implements in a vertical position.

The rack 10 is particularly adapted to lock a mop handle 11 or a broom handle 12 therein when the handles are extending in the vertical position relative to their support and to the rack.

The rack 10 includes a back board 14 which is made of flat material generally rectangular in configuration with a locking block 15 secured to or formed integral with one side of the back board, particularly the front side.

The locking block 15 is formed with a pair of oppositely extending triangular recesses 16 on the opposite sides thereof for the purposes and reasons to be more particularly defined hereinafter.

Side guide strips 17 are secured to the front side of the locking block 15 and overlie the recess 16 for guiding the locking members which are in the form of discs which are movable relative to the stationary locking block 15, over the inclined surfaces of said recess. The recesses are formed in such a way as to provide horizontal upper surfaces 19 at the upper ends of said recesses.

A cover 20 overlies the rack 10 including the locking block 15 with its triangular recesses 16 and the side guide strips 17. The cover 20 is made preferably of thin sheet metal or other suitable thin sheet material that would otherwise satisfy the requirements of use.

The sides 21 of the cover 20 are turned at right yangles to the horizontal at sheet of the cover which overlies the front side of the rack and the side edges of the cover are secured to the side edges of the back board 14 by nails 14.

A ange 21' having horizontal openings 22 adjacent to 2,723,762 Patented Nov. 15, 1955 2 its ends is formed along the upper edge of the cover and extends laterally therefrom, the flange resting on the upper edge of the locking block 15, substantially closing the top of the rack.

Discs 22 are supported on the rack 10 within the recesses and between the inner walls of the recesses and the sides 21 of the cover to grip or lock a handle therebetween.

With a rack formed in this manner, the handles of the tools or implements may be initially inserted between the cover and the locking block before the handle of the implement is locked in place.

Before the handle is locked in place it is initially moved upwardly within the cover between the cover and the locking devices and then as the handle is moved vertically and laterally of the back board 14 it is engaged between the dise 22 and the inner surface of the sides 21 of the cover. In this manner the handle is supported in a. vertical position in the rack and the handle may be removed by moving the handle slightly upwardly thereby lifting the disc 22 above its locking position and then moving the handle laterally of the rack within the cover 20 at which time the handle may be easily removed from the rack.

The mop and broom rack of this kind, while being particularly conceived for the availability of a mop handle and broom handle it is readily understood that a handle of a ground working implement may just as well be used instead of the mop or broom handle. The ground working implements may include a rake, a hoe or other types of implements generally used about a house, or garden.

It might be further stated that the discs 22, as shown `by Fig. 4 of the drawing, are of thicknesses appreciably less than the widths of the recesses 16 in which they move, so that by a slight forward movement of the handle 12 the handle will be moved past the disc and into the space between the cover and block 15, whereupon the handle may be readily removed from under the cover.

While the specific details of one embodiment of this invention have been herein shown and described, the invention is not confined thereto as changes and alterations may be made without departing from the spirit and scope thereof as delined in the appended claim.

I claim:

An elongated handle rack comprising a back board, a locking block secured to the forward surface of said board, said locking block having downwardly and outwardly inclined recesses formed in the side edges thereof, said recesses presenting inclined inner surfaces merging into horizontal upper stop surfaces, guide strips secured over said recesses enclosing one side of said recesses, locking discs of a thickness substantially less than the widths of said recesses disposed within said recesses and movable over said inclined surfaces of said block, a cover section having laterally extended sides, and a liange extending laterally from the top edge of said cover resting on the upper edge of the locking block, said cover being fitted over said locking block in spaced relation therewith and having openings through which the handles held in the rack extend, said laterally extended sides of the cover being secured along the edges of said back board and disposed opposite to and spaced from said recesses cooperating with said discs in gripping and supporting an article therebetween, said horizontal upper stop surfaces constituting stops against which said discs engage limiting upward movement of said discs.

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