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Publication numberUS2724583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1955
Filing dateJun 19, 1953
Priority dateJun 19, 1953
Publication numberUS 2724583 A, US 2724583A, US-A-2724583, US2724583 A, US2724583A
InventorsTargosh Ted, Leslie V Anderson
Original AssigneeTargosh Ted, Leslie V Anderson
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Hose apparatus with liquid mixing nozzle
US 2724583 A
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Nov. 22, 1955 T. TARGOSH ETAL 2,724,583

HOSE APPARATUS WITH LIQUID MIXING NOZZLE Filed June 19, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet l 0 Tea Targosh 25 Les/w V. Anderson INVENITOR.

Nov. 22, 1955 TARGOSH ET AL 2,724,583

HOSE APPARATUS WITH LIQUID MIXING NOZZLE Filed June 19, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Fig. 7

- Ted Targosh R V 1 Les/fa MAna'erson i Q INVENTURS.

BY min nay E United States Patent() HOSE APPARATUS WITH LIQUID MIXING NOZZLE Ted Targosh, Hamtramck, and Leslie V. Anderson,

7 Detroit, Mich.

I Application June19, 1953, Serial No. 362,786

4 Claims. (Ci. zen-1s :1 Ourinvention relates to hose apparatus and liquid mixing nozzles'therefor and is designed. as an improvement over the valve controlled hose apparatus for mixing and discharging liquids forming the subject matter of our abandoned application Serial No. 357,734, filed May 27, 1953. t

The primary object of this invention is to provide hose apparatus for connection to a primary liquid supply pressure source, suchas water, and to a secondary liquid supplying source and which embodies a mixing and discharge nozzle especially designed for mixing the liquids therein while aerating the same in the nozzle to effect a homogeneous mixture of the liquids.

Another object is to provide, in such apparatus means for connecting the nozzle directly to a portable secondary liquid supply source for carrying of the same by a hand grasping the nozzle.

Another object is to provide in such apparatus means for connecting the nozzle to a separate secondary liquid supply source remote from the nozzle with the connecting means entering a primary liquid feed hose intermediate the ends of said hose.

Still another object is to provide a spray nozzle for the apparatus embodying an aspirator mixing valve constructed and arranged for varying at will the velocity and pressure of the liquids in the nozzle in a highly efiicient manner by utilizing different portions of a venturi tube.

Other and ancillary objects together with the precise nature of our improvements will become readily apparent when the succeeding description is read with reference to the accompanying drawings.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation partly broken away of a preferred embodiment of our apparatus;

Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view in vertical longitudinal section partly in elevation illustrating the nozzle and the means for directly connecting the secondary liquid supply source thereto;

Figure 3 is a view in transverse section taken on the line 3--3 of Figure 2;

Figure 4 is a view in transverse section taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 2;

Figure 5 is a view in transverse section taken on the line 5-5 of Figure 2;

Figure 6 is a fragmentary view partly in longitudinal section and partly in side elevation with parts broken away of a modified embodiment of the apparatus;

Figure 7 is an enlarged view in transverse section taken on the line 7--7 of Figure 6, and

Figure 8 is an enlarged view in front end elevation of the nozzle of the modified embodiment.

Referring to the drawings by numerals, and first to Figures 1 to 5 our improved apparatus in the preferred embodiment comprises a liquid mixing spray nozzle 1 having a cylindrical body 3 and a front upwardly tapered spray discharge end 5 arcuate in cross-section, a primary liquid, or water, feed hose 7 connected at one end by a conventional coupling 9 to the rear end of the body 3 and provided on its other end with a coupling 11 for attachment to a water pressure supply source such as a spigot 13, and means for connecting the body 3 to a liquid storage jar 15 forming a source of supply for a secondary liquid such as a detergent, said means, comprising a cap 17 welded, as at 19, onto the bottom of the body 3 and threaded ontosaid jar as at 21.

The nozzle 1 embodies an aspirator mixing valve corn prising the following. A venturi tube 25 is suitably fixed in he body 3 b twee th c p i 9 and f o t en 5 said tube being comparatively thick and flaring forwardly from a rearcnd throat 27. vThe. tube 25 is formed with a pair of front and rear, annular, peripheral suction grooves 29, 31 thereinforwardly of the throat 27, and preferably V-shaped transversely, and with front and rear series of radial suction ports33, 35 communicating the es r pecti 1y i th in eri r of he tube 25. A pair of front and rear air inlet ports 37, 39 of a size to be closed byplaeing a finger or the thumb of hand thereoverare provided in the top, preferably, of the body 3 and which open into the front and rear suc= tion grooves 39, 31;respectively. The suction grooves29, 31, ports 33, 35 and ports 37, 39 may be .spacedlongitudinally of thetube 25 any suitable distance,

. A nd y qui r t rgent, fccdpipe 41 extends up ard y ou o h ja 5 hrough ui bl op ni gs 3, 45 n h ap 1.7 mi b 3 a n o t b t om o the rear suction groove 31, said pipe 41 having an upwardly opening ball check valve 47 therein preventing back flow into said jar.

Referring now to the operation of the apparatus described in the foregoing, when both air inlet ports 37, 39 are open the velocity of the primary liquid flowing under pressure through the nozzle is increased in the venturi tube and air is induced into said tube through the suction grooves 29, 31 and the suction ports 33, 35 to aerate the liquid in said tube. If the air inlet port 39 is closed by a finger or thumb suction is created. in the groove 31 sufiicient to draw secondary liquid up through the pipe 4 to be drawn into the venturi upstream of the throat 27 to mix with the primary liquid and the mixture is aerated by air drawn into the mixture through ports 37, 33. If port 37 is closed aeration occurs through the port 39 ports 35 and groove 31 while the flow of secondary liquid is stopped.

In the modified embodiment shown in Figures 6, 7 and 8 the body 48 of the nozzle 50 is cylindrical from end to end provided with filter screens 52 in its front end and a fiared rubber tip 54. The nozzle 48 embodies an aspirator mixing valve 56 like in the preferred embodiment. The primary liquid, or water, feed hose 58 is coupled to the rear end of said body 48 by male and female coupling 60, 62 threaded together with a sealing gasket 64 between the same.

A tubular adapter 66 is interposed in front and rear sections 68, 70 of the hose 58 the front section 68 being coupled to the front end of the adapter 66 by hose coupling 70 with a sealing gasket 72 therein and the rear section being coupled to the rear end of the adapter 66 by a hose coupling 74.

A right angled substanially smaller diameter adapter pipe 76 extends radially into one side of the adapter 66 and forwardly coaxially out of the front end of the adapter and forms part of the adapter and also part of the means for connecting the nozzle 50 to the separate remote source of secondary liquid supply having in this instance the form of a storage tank 78 provided with a valved feed pipe 80 like pipe 41 extending out of the top thereof. The aforesaid connecting means further comprises a flexible hose section 82 substantially smaller in diameter than the front hose section 68 and couplings 60, 62 and body 48 and which extends forwardly in the same from the front end of the adapter pipe 76 and is communicated with the rearsuction groove 84 of the venturi tube 86 of valve56 by a short length of small pipe 88 extending rearwardly out of said tube 86. A hose line 90 connects the pipe 80 to the rear lateral end of said pipe 76; v

The-operation of the modified embodiment is the same as described with reference to the preferred embodiment except that the secondary liquid is fed through the front hose section 6810 the rear suction groove 84 and the filter screens 52 provide fora finer spray than in the preferred embodiment. As will be noted the described connecting means in the modified embodiment provides for connecting to the secondaryliquid supp'ly'source at a point intermediate the ends of the primary liquid feed hose 58.

; The foregoing and the accompanying drawings together with the claims appended hereto will, it is believed, suflice to impart a clear understanding of our invention.

Manifestly the invention is susceptible of modification without departing from the inventive concept and right is herein reserved to such modifications asfall within the scope of the appended'claims.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. Apparatus for mixing and discharging a primary liquid and a secondary liquid from a pressure supply source and a storage source, respectively, comprising a discharge nozzle having a tubular body with front and rear ends, a venturi tube in said body flaring forwardly, conduit means connecting said rear end to said pressure supply source for flow of the primary liquid through said tube, a pair of front and rear air inlet ports in said body one of which is adapted to be closed by a finger of a hand holding the nozzle, an annular peripheral ported groove in said tube communicating with one inlet port and in which suction is created by the flow of the primary liquid when said one inlet port is closed, pipe means connecting said storage source with said groove for feeding the secondary liquid into the tube under suction to mix with the primary liquid in the tube, and a second annular peripheral groove in said tube communicating with theo'ther inlet port to admit air under suction into said tube for aerating the mixture.

2. Apparatus according to claim 1, said front end of the body tapering upwardly aind forwardly and being arcuate in cross-section to form a choked spray'end on the nozzle.

3. Apparatus according to claim 1, said pipe means comprising a tubular adapter interposed in said conduit means and a secondary liquid feed line extending into said adapter and connected to said storage source and said first named groove respectively.

4. Apparatus according 0t claim 3, said secondary liquid feed line including a right angled pipe extending into one side of said adapter and coaxially forwardly therein.

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