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Publication numberUS2726837 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1955
Filing dateAug 20, 1952
Priority dateAug 20, 1952
Publication numberUS 2726837 A, US 2726837A, US-A-2726837, US2726837 A, US2726837A
InventorsJameson Robert F
Original AssigneeJameson Robert F
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Receptacle with disappearing clamp
US 2726837 A
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United States Patent RECEPTACLE WITH DISAPPEARING CLAMP Robert F. Jameson, Cincinnati, Ohio Application August 20, 1952, Serial No. 305,371

1 Claim. (Cl. 248-226) This invention relates to a receptacle with disappearing clamp, and more particularly to a device which may be in the form of a box or bag provided with a clamp, by means of which the receptacle may be clamped to a table or the like with the receptacle in open condition, and in which the clamp portion may be disposed wholly within the receptacle so that the receptacle may be closed to conceal the clamp.

While the invention is capable of a multiplicity of uses, it is intended particularly as a receptacle for bingo covers in playing the game of bingo. In the game of bingo each player is given a square of letters or numbers, the letters or numbers for each player are diierent and are diierently arranged. Each player has a plurality of socalled covers, which may be small plastic, cardboard or metallic discs.

A leader reads oi a list of numbers or letters and each player places a cover over a number or letter which has been called if it appears on his card. As soon as a player has covers completing a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row, he wins the game.

The game of bingo is often played by ladies who carry a supply of bingo covers in their purses, where they are mixed up with coins, keys and other paraphernalia. Sometimes the ladies simply dispose a plurality of bingo covers in their lap where they are apt to fall on the oor and become lost.

With these dicultes in view, it is an object of the present invention to provide a receptacle for bingo covers or the like which may be carried as a purse or box in closed condition, and will therefore, be neat and attractive in appearance.

It is another object of the invention to provide such a device which may be opened for use and which is provided with means for clamping it to a table or the like.

It is still another object to provide such a device which is arranged so that the clamping structure may be folded into the inside of the receptacle, so that when the receptacle is closed, the hinge structure is not apparent.

These and various other objects of the invention which will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon reading these specifications, or which will be pointed out in greater detail hereinafter, I accomplished by that certain construction and arrangement of parts of which I shall now disclose certain exemplary embodiments.

Reference is made to the drawings forming a part hereof and in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a device according to my invention showing it clamped to a table or the like,

Figure 2 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view on an enlarged scale taken on the line 2-2 of Figure l,

Figure 3 is a vertical cross-sectional view through the device of Figure l when the device is in closed condition, and

Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective View showing a receptacle of diierent form.

Briey in the practice of my invention I provide a receptacle which may be in the nature of a bag or a box and 2,726,837 Patented Dec. 13, 1955 rice I secure to an inside wall adjacent the edge defining the opening, a hinge, and to the hinge, I secure a O-clamp. In one position the hinge is closed with the C-clamp depending therefrom inside the bag or box, and the bag or box may be closed vand fastened with any conventional type of catch.

In another position, with the bag or box in open position, Vthe clamping structure may be hinged outwardly so that it rests against the outside of said wall and may be clamped to a table to hold the receptacle in open condition for use.

Referring now in greater detail to the drawings, I have shown in Figure 1 a more or less conventional purse frame consisting of the two Cshaped members 10 and 11, which are hinged together at 12 and 13. In broken lines, I have shown the outlines of a bag or the like, which may be secured to the frame members 10 and 11. This is a convention construction for ladies purses.

To the member 10 I secure in any desired way, one leaf of a hinge 14 with the pintle 15 of the hinge being disposed adjacent the edge which defines the opening of the receptacle. In the particular embodiment shown, the leaf 14 is attached to the member 10 by means of screws 16.

The hinge leaf 14 is secured to the member 10 in such a position that the leaf 17 of the hinge when opened out may assume a position substantially at right angles to the wall 10. To the leaf 17, I secure one arm 18 of a C-clamp, the connection between the arm 1S and the leaf 17 in the embodiment illustrated is by means of screws 19. The attachment between the C-clamp and the leaf 17 is such that in the open position of Figure 2 the connection web portion of the C-clamp indicated at 20, rests against the outside of the portion 10, with the other arm 21 extending substantially parallel to the arm 18. A suitable screw 22 passes through a threaded hole in the arm 21 and is provided with a narrow knob 23 for tightening the clamp. Thus as shown in Figure 2 the arms 18 and 21 may be slipped over the edge of the table 24 and the knob 23 may be rotated to clamp the C-clamp against the table 24. In this position as will be clear from the consideration of Figure 2 the frame work of the bag, consisting of the members 10 and 11 is held in open position adjacent the table edge so that bingo covers or the like may be placed therein for ready access.

In Figure 2 I have also shown a chain or the like 25 which may be secured at one end 26 to the arm 21 and which may be provided with a hook or any desired form of clasp at 27, so that a lady may hook her handbag in place by means of the chain 25 so as not to have to hold it in her lap.

In Figure 3 I have shown the device in its closed condition, in this Figure I have shown a simple spring type of catch 28 having a detent portion 29 arranged to engage in the slot or notch 30 of the member 10 to secure the bag in closed condition. A supply of bingo covers is indicated at 31.

The embodiment of Figure 4 varies from that of Fgures 1 to 3 only in that the receptacle is constituted of a box 40 having a hinged lid 41, such a box may be of plastic or sheet metal, wood, leather or any desired material. In this embodiment the leaf 14 of the hinge is secured to the inside of a body wall 40a and the remaining part of a structure is exactly as described above. In the position shown in Figure 4, the box is held in open position against a table or the like and when the play is completed, the new structure and C-clamp may be folded over into the receptacle 40 and the lid 41 may then be closed over it.

It will be clear that numerous modifications may be made without departing from the spirit of my invention and I therefore do not intend to limit myself otherwise than as set forth in the claim which follows.

In combination, a receptacle having a closure, and hav- Y ing a body wall anedge of which denes in part the opening in said receptacle, and against which edge said closure abuts in 'closing said receptacle, a hinge having a pintle, said hinge being secured by one leaf thereof to the inside of said wall with the pintie adjacentithe edge thereof, but

Y within the receptacle in the closed condition of said hinge and receptacle, a G-clampl secured by one'of its arms to the outside ,of the other leaf of said hingerand with the portion connecting its arms adjacent said pintle, whereby said Cfciarnp in one position is disposed wholly within said receptacle and said receptacle may be closed, conceaiing said clamp and hinge, and whereby in another position said clamp is disposed with said connecting por- Vtion against the Youtside of said wail and may be secured 4 j vto atable or the like to support said receptacle in open condition.` Y

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